How to clean the pool and remove stains properly

5 Sep, 2021

How to clean the pool and remove stains properly

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If you are fortunate enough to own a property with a swimming pool then you need to look after your asset. Every homeowner with a pool understands the need for property pool maintenance. Here is an article that offers some excellent suggestions on how to clean the pool and remove stains properly.

How to clean the pool and remove the stains from your pool

three children diving into a tiled pool
Keeping the swimming pool clean means it is safe to use for all

Photo by Jesper Stechmann

Swimming pools can be a great way to cool off in the summer heat and are a great asset to a property. However, pool maintenance is critical to ensure your pool stays clean and safe. Without proper pool care, you will find unwanted stains on your pool walls and waterline.

These stains are caused by minerals that have built up over time. For your own safety and that of your loved ones, pool hygiene is paramount. Here is how to properly clean and remove stains from your pool.

1. Stain Removal Pool

childrens legs resting on pool wall
Clean the pool and stain free to keep it safe for children and adults alike

Photo by Joe Pizzio

To remove pool stains, you can use several different methods. Most, if not all the time, using a pool chemical to remove rust or iron works well. However, if there is something else in your water that doesn’t want to budge with pool cleaning chemicals, then try other methods.

You can use pool chemicals to alter the pH levels in your pool water. This will make it harder for minerals, metals, or other contaminants that cause pool stains to stick to the surface. You can use a commercial cleaning agent like super acid if you want an easy pool stain removal solution.

According to the pool specialists at, some pool stains are stubborn and hard to remove, but there are commercial cleaning kits available that can help you solve the pool stain problem for good! Scrubbing alone won’t cut it. This is because you could be dealing with dirty water filters, poor water quality, or dirt and debris. 

2. Cleaning The Filters

Most pool owners are not aware that oftentimes, the pool filter is responsible for hazing pool water. This is a result of contaminants and debris in your pool, which will accumulate in the pool filters over time if not cleaned regularly.

It’s important to clean off this contamination. If not, it will accumulate on the pool walls and floors. If you don’t clean this debris regularly, your pool filter will eventually become completely clogged with dirt. This prevents water from flowing through the filter properly. 

repair a pool deck
A well-maintained pool is a wonderful feature in the home

Photo by Rhona Hutchinson

This is a problem that needs to be addressed quickly in order to prevent permanent damage to pool equipment such as pumps. Your pool equipment needs regular maintenance in order for you to enjoy a nice swimming pool all summer long. Pool equipment is costly, but to clean the pool with a regular maintenance schedule, you can cut the repair and replacement costs that come with damaged filters and pumps. 

3. The Use Of Chemicals

Using pool chemicals and a pool stain remover can really help to remove the stains from your pool. Pool chemicals will also help keep it sparkling clean, which is important for keeping up with maintenance in general. But you’ll need to be careful on your choice of pool cleaning chemicals, as not all will work with your particular pool, depending on the type of water used in the pool. It’s all the more reason that you should consult the pros before DIYing. You should always do a full pool chemical treatment when you start seeing signs of pool stains. 

Search for specific materials check out Watson’s pool supplies online.

4. Winter-proof Your Pool

Winter pool maintenance is essential to keep your pool running smoothly. The first step in winter pool care is draining the pool completely. This should be done at least two weeks before closing the swimming pool for winter.

The next part of good pool care involves cleaning it thoroughly. You can use a wet vacuum or manual brushing to scrub away debris that has accumulated during the past season. For pool surfaces, you should use a pool brush with soft bristles for regular pool cleaning. Then use something more rugged to scrub away any stains that may be present to ensure you clean the pool well.

clean the pool
Make sure you have the right tools to clean the pool of leaves and garden debris

5. Debris Removal

If your pool was constructed in close proximity to trees, then there are higher chances that the leaves from the trees have become a menace. The same can happen to pools in dusty areas. You can use a leaf rake or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the junk in the water. It is time-consuming, but with some patients, it gets the job done. 

A final word on how to clean the pool properly

A dirty pool can be a breeding ground for bacteria including Legionella which poses serious health risks such as pneumonia. The good news is that there are many ways in which you can clean the pool. What is more cleaning the pool doesn’t mean having to spend hours scrubbing at the surface with an old toothbrush!

These methods include using chlorine or bromine tablets, adding shock treatments every few weeks. And a final tip make sure you vacuum the leaves from around the edges on a regular basis.


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