How to decide on a dog breed to suit you

21 Jun, 2021

How to decide on a dog breed to suit you

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Many dog and pet owners think carefully before deciding on the type of pet. And if you are considering a dog then you will need to think about how to decide on a dog breed to suit your life. Some people dream of a particular breed because of childhood memories or the life they imagine. Take a moment to think and consider your options, and how they suit your life. Read on before you decide on the breed of dog for your next pet.

Dog Breeds: How to decide on a dog breed

how to decide on a dog breed
Small dogs have a portability advantage

Are you planning to get a dog but not sure which breed would be the right choice for you? Read this article to help you decide.

Is this your first time getting a dog or have you had furry friends before? No matter which group you belong to, getting a new pet is always exciting. On the other hand, if you are new to pets then it can be a big deal for you. Learning to take care of an animal can be a challenging proposition.

The good news is, when it comes to dogs, there is a breed for everybody. There are plenty of different types to choose from. You can opt for dog breed selector quizzes online to see which dog would match with you. Let’s see how we can help you find your perfect best friend.

There are some simple yet important factors you should consider before choosing from the hundreds of dog breeds out there.

Size of dog

Dogs come in a huge range of sizes, from teacup size to as big as a bear. Size matters and it does affect how to decide on a dog breed for your pet. If you have already made up your mind about the size of the dog you want to get, the choice becomes easier. However, if you are confused about it, then a medium-sized dog, such as a bulldog or a golden retriever, might be best.

Large dog breeds need a lot of space to grow. They also need a good quantity of food and other supplies. If you are going for a large dog, make sure you can provide them with these facilities. The dog could be injured if it’s kept in too small of a space and develop diseases and bad health if not provided the right nutrition.

Small dogs, on the other hand, can be mishandled or stepped on if you are not careful enough. Also because of their small body size, they are more susceptible to cold.

healthy lawn
Large dogs need a certain amount of space inside and outside

Dog breed activity Level

Do you want a quiet dog to cuddle with on the couch or do you want a very energetic one that you can play with outside for hours? The activity level should be a major influence in how to decide on a dog breed. It will affect how you look after them and how they treat your home. Their energy level will depend on their breed, but every dog needs exercise. Make sure you take your dog for walks and play with them from time to time. If you think you cannot manage more than two walks per day to do their business, you should go for a lower energy breed.

If your dog is constantly barking, being destructive, or showing other behavioral problems, it may simply be bored and need more exercise. Too little exercise can even lead to diseases like arthritis in dogs. But worry not! With the right amount of exercise and attention, your pet should stay happy and healthy.

Health and maintenance

It is essential that you groom your dog regularly to keep them healthy and clean. Some breeds need more grooming than others. For example, poodles and Afghan hounds’ hair grows very fast, so they need to be groomed frequently. Breeds that shed a lot need to be groomed often too. Additionally, dogs that have droopy ears are more likely to catch ear infections, so frequent ear cleanings are a necessity for them.  Dogs that drool a lot are also prone to infections. You’ll see their owners carry a “slobber cloth” so that they can wipe any excessive drool!


You should think about age carefully before choosing a dog. Puppies are easier to train but need the most attention. You have to be very patient with them. Initially, they will have accidents inside, chew on your belongings, and basically mess up your house. You need to calmly give them proper training so that they grow up to be good dogs.

An adult dog might be a very good choice. The dog has already matured and is likely to have received basic training and be housetrained. By this age, they are also likely to have developed the normal characteristics of their breed, so you will have a good idea of what to expect.

Dog breed varieties

Size, activity level, behavior, food, and grooming all depend on the breed of the dog. And no doubt they will all influence how to decide on a dog breed to suit you and your family. Purebred dogs are very popular, but they are expensive too. Mixed breed dogs are more common and lower in price range and will provide you with the same friendship.

If you have a preference for how your pet should look or behave, you can choose from hundreds of different dog breeds. However, do understand that maintaining some breeds is way more expensive than others. Even if you like how they look, you should not get an expensive breed if you can’t provide for their needs. A lot of people tend to keep pets as luxury items, which is extremely unethical.

Let’s look into some of the most popular pet dog breeds.

Labrador Retrievers

This breed is the number 1 choice in the US. They are very active and friendly and require less grooming. They want to please their owners and hence are easy to train.


If you are looking for a calm, medium-sized friend, a French Bulldog would be an amazing choice. They are quiet dogs and can be trained easily.


These dogs are loyal and sweet and are fairly low maintenance. Having a moderate energy level, these big boys can even be used as rescue dogs.


Want a friend for your kids? Collies are great with children, very active, and grow to around 24 inches tall.


If you live in an apartment and don’t have much room for a big dog, perhaps a pug would be the right choice for you. These small bundles of joy are somewhat active and easily win the heart of everyone, especially children.


Popular as good security dogs Rottweilers can also be very well tempered.  They are smart and can be well trained, which makes them good to have around. Anything Rottweiler is a good place to find out more about this breed.

A final note on how to decide on a dog breed

Excited about becoming a new dog owner? That’s fabulous! Now that you know what you should keep in mind before choosing a dog, we hope that you can give a dog its fur-ever home and find a best friend for yourself as well. Happy petting!



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