How to find a common app topic for admissions essays

5 Dec, 2019

How to find a common app topic for admissions essays

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Writing an essay has never been an easy task for most of the students. A common app essay is no different since it requires the student to express high writing skills for them to be able to convince the admissions panel. If you are a student either on the road as a digital nomad or at home, have you been wondering how to write a common app essay since no one will teach you how to do it? Well, the good news is that you can get plenty of examples from the internet from which you can learn how to write your common app essay. Below are some of the tips that you can use to find the best common app topic.

Writing Application Essays

What Are Application Essays

Application essays are those written with the aim of getting an admission to a particular college or university. Custom Essay Order provides plenty of custom application essays from which you can learn more about what they are. If you are seeking to join a higher learning institution whether to attend in person or remotely, then writing an application essay is unavoidable. It is through such an essay that an individual is able to show their interest in joining the institution as well as the provision of clear and precise reasons as to why they should be chosen to study in that school.  People have been writing application essays, and therefore, you should not be worried much about the kind of essay that you write. You can check out some of the available examples to get an insight into how to go about it.

How to Topic Brainstorm Ideas

Choosing the right application essay can be challenging since you need to choose a topic that will definitely amaze the panel that will review it. Most of the common app prompts provided might not turn out to be easy for every student. Hence the best thing to do is to brainstorm the various topic ideas in order to come up with a prompt that you fully understand. Imagine writing an essay regarding a topic that you do not understand. This means that there are high chances for your essay to be low quality, and in turn, you might miss a chance of being admitted to the institution. The brainstorming process involves the direct and indirect interpretation of an essay topic to come with the best ideas that should be included in the essay.

Choosing Your App Topic

Topic examples

You must be worried about how to choose the best essay topics for college students. Well, this should not be a worry to you anymore due to the availability of multiple topics on the internet from which you can choose from. The topic examples will provide you with an opportunity to choose one which you are familiar with. As a result, writing about such a topic increases the chances of coming up with a good quality application essay. As well, this means that your chances of being admitted to the institution are high.

The topic should be interesting and informational

The main aspect of the topic is that it should enable you to write a captivating essay. Therefore, choose a topic that is interesting in order to be able to keep the reader motivated to read through the essay. A boring essay would not guarantee you an admission chance because the chances of the involved parties reading through the whole essay are few. In addition, make sure that the topic is informational. This will enable you to provide as much details as possible about yourself. Remember that an application essay is a tool used to market you to the institution. It is similar to resumes which market you to the employer. A professional cover letter writer would give you ideas on how to write an informational and interesting topic.

app topic
Think carefully about your app topic

Ask your friends which App topic they might like

It is advisable to ask your friends which common app essay topic that they might like. The chances are that the common topics will allow you to write an interesting essay. The chances are high that a lot of people have written essays from such topics and granted a chance in the higher learning institutions. From the list provided by your friends, you can brainstorm to come up with the topic which interests you most. All that you want is an impressive essay and, this cannot be achieved without choosing the right topic.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Most of the college essay topics might seem easy to write about, but you should note that the way in which you write your essay matters most. You might have a good topic but end up writing a poor-quality essay. Similarly, you can make a boring topic interesting. Therefore, while writing the essay, avoid making it unnecessarily long since this would reduce your chances of being admitted to the institution. The panelists have thousands of essays to review, and they might not have the tie to read through long essays. As well, ensure not to provide unnecessary details in your essay. Be precise and clear in every information that you give. Also, do no use complicated words but rather make your essay simple.

Use passive voice

There are plenty of essay outline templates out there which you can use in order to write the best essay possible. In addition to a good essay is the choice of words and the voice used to write. Unlike resumes, an application essay is written using the passive voice. This is where the subject is acted upon by the verb hence helping to show the interest in the person that experiences the action. The passive voice can help you write an essay that perfectly describes your interests in joining a particular institution.  If you don’t have enough skills for using passive voice, you can ask for college essay writing help.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when writing your App Essay

Avoid sameness when considering an App topic

Your college essay ideas need to be precise and presented in a logical manner. Following a certain order while writing the essay will make it easy for you not to repeat ideas. An essay full of repeated ideas is boring. It is best to make it unique from what other students have been writing. Always remember that you are not just writing a common essay but creating a tool that will market you to a number of panelists. Hence, avoiding sameness is the key to writing a unique and appealing essay.

Concisely, the above tips will help you write the best application essay possible. Remember, you are not writing an essay for grading purposes, but rather, you are communicating about yourself to a panel. The aim of an application essay is to market your interests and abilities to the institution, and hence, you need to make them as clear and precise as possible in order to stand a higher chance of getting admission in the midst of a thousand applicants.


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