How to find the best catsitter – Top tips

20 Feb, 2023

How to find the best catsitter – Top tips

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Cat owners around the world know that felines can sometimes be remarkably independent and robust. Meanwhile other cats can be super sensitive to changes in their environment or routine. We all want the best possible care for our pets. That’s why when you go away on holiday or a work trip you need to find the best catsitter for your particular feline. Petowners and cat owners in particular read this article to learn our top tips.

Top tips on how to find the best catsitter

cat minding
If possible allow the catsitter to meet your pets ahead of time

A nice cat sitter should know how cats are different from other animals. They can tell when everything is going well and then again when something might be wrong. We sometimes have to go on trips or leave our kitties for a couple of days or even weeks at a time.  When you’re away from your cats, you don’t want to worry about how they’re doing. On the contrary you want peace of mind. You might need to ask someone to watch your cat for you  or better still find a catsitter. Using a cattery, is usually expensive and it doesn’t suit all cats. You might live in a place where there are a lot of professional pet sitters. Learn more about things a good cat sitter should have.

Alternatively, you could try having a catsitter come to your home to care for pets for free. Try


They pay attention to details 

A good cat sitter should pay attention to all the little things. Does your cat need special care or medicine while you’re away? Make sure that you both understand what to do. Ensure the cat sitter cares enough about details to ensure the steps are done right. If your cat must get its medicine every day at 2 p.m., see if the person doesn’t care about the details or if they seem interested and worried. That is a good place to start.


Remind you to take care of your cats when they need it

This may seem crazy, but we had twice when people asked their relatives to check on their kitties. You predicted it: such cat sitters “forgot” to check in for several days in both situations. In one case, the cat’s health got worse and worse. This is not what you want to occur. Even though we’re all busy, there’s no reason for this. Make sure the person you’re asking to help is organized and not likely to “forget” about such a big commitment.


Experienced with all types of cats

find the best catsitter
Some catsitters have more experience than others

Your selected cat sitter must ideally like cats. They should know how to deal with all types of cats, like the ones that are quiet and shy, the loud ones, and the ones that are a little bit aloof. It would be best if you tried to find someone nice at reading cat body language and can talk to each cat on its terms. Watch the cat sitter with your cats. You probably know a lot about your cats. Therefore you’ll be able to tell if the person will be a better match.


Knowledgeable about cats

An experienced cat sitter should know how cats are different from other animals and can recognize when things with cats are okay and when something might be wrong. This knowledge usually comes from working with and watching cats for a long time. A person who knows much about cats can pick up on things like this. You don’t want to take a risk because it might result in nothing. If I had to pick between two friends to care for my cats, I would choose the one who knows and cares the most about cats.


They have a good reputation and reviews

Review their references when you can hire a good expert cat sitter. Find out what professional groups they belong to. Are they part of an organization? Are they friends? Insured? Are their clients happy with them? See what you might find out! Check out to learn more about what it takes to be a professional pet sitter.


A final word on how to find the best catsitter

Lastly, if you ask a friend for help, think about what you can do for them in return! Offer to view their pets when they leave or bring them a gift from your travels. Finding a good cat sitter is worth a lot. What are your thoughts on cat sitters, whether they are professionals or not? What should a cat sitter have? What worries you when you go somewhere? You can find the best cat sitter following these questions.



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