How to get a rental application accepted

24 Feb, 2023

How to get a rental application accepted

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If you are looking to rent a property you may be facing a competitive market. Many of our long term housesitters find that if they stop touring and housesitting they can face a difficult challenge to find a property to rent. Here are some top tips on how to get a rental application accepted.

How to get a rental application accepted – Top Tips

get a rental application accepted
Prepare for an application by ticking as many boxes as possible

Have you ever tried to rent an apartment or house only to have your application declined? Finding a place to call home can be difficult. This is likely due to a competitive market. What is more, because of high demand, landlords often have more applicants than they can accept. Therefore they can make it difficult for renters looking for apartments and houses.

It’s important to stand out from the competition. Prepare ahead of time and presenting yourself in the best light to potential landlords. Here are some foolproof tips to learn how to write an application that is more likely to get accepted.


How To Get Your Rental Application Accepted

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your rental application accepted:

Work On Your Credit Score

Frequently overlooked, your credit score is an important tool for getting accepted for a rental. Landlords may use your credit score to gauge how reliable of a tenant you will be. If your score isn’t in the best shape, this could signify to landlords that they should not accept your application.

Be sure to look over your credit report. Take steps ahead of time to improve your score before applying for a rental. Therefore this is best supported by following some top tips for raising your score, such as:

  • Staying on top of bill payments
  • Keeping credit card balances low
  • Limiting the number of new credit applications
  • Disputing any errors on your credit report


Be Prepared With Documentation

When applying for a rental property, it’s critical to be prepared with the relevant paperwork. Landlords will usually ask for income statements, an employment record, and references from your previous landlords. Making sure you have all of these documents ready when you submit your application is key. It is key to present yourself in a good light and show that you are dependable, organized, and honest.


Be Flexible With Move-In Dates

If you’re looking for a rental in a high-demand area, be flexible with when you can move. It may give you an advantage over other applicants. Landlords prioritize tenants with more immediate availability to rent. This ensure that the property is vacant for less time. It also reduces the time your landlord will go without rent being paid.


Be Professional

You only get one chance to make a first impression. And many landlords often judge you by your appearance and attitude. So it is important to come across as professional and considerate when securing a rental property. Dress appropriately, act courteously, and demonstrate that you are dependable. This will help show that you are serious about finding a place to live.


Write A Great Cover Letter

A cover letter can be a fantastic tool to help make your rental application stand out from the crowd. It may seem a bit outdated, however, you will f is an opportunity for you to share why you’d be an amazing tenant. Highlight any unique qualities or accomplishments that make you stand apart from other applicants.

Be sure to include your employment history, financial security, and other relevant details. Choose details to highlight why you are a dependable tenant. Show them thatlandlords can trust you to pay rent on time. These facts could help drive their decision in your favor.


Follow Up

After submitting your application, you must contact the landlord or property manager. This will demonstrate your enthusiasm for finding a new home and prove that you are taking extra measures to get your application approved.

It is important to remain courteous and professional when following up. You will find that this will maximize your chances of being accepted because you canshowing that you take the process seriously.


Get A Guarantor

If you’re experiencing difficulty getting your rental application approved, finding a guarantor may be worth looking into. A guarantor agrees to assume monetary responsibility for the tenancy in the event of failure to pay rent or accidental damage to the property.

Because landlords believe their property will be better-maintained if there is a guarantor, find one.  As a result, this will give you an edge in the rental process. Therefore, if you’re having trouble getting accepted, obtaining a guarantor may be worthwhile.


Offer To Pay A Little Extra If Possible

Create a solid rental application. It increases your chances of getting accepted. Perhaps consider offering to pay a little extra for your deposit. This demonstrates commitment and willingness to take the necessary steps to secure the property.


Final thoughts on how to get a rental application accepted

Accepting your rental application can be challenging. Therefore it is essential that you follow these foolproof tips. Be flexible with move-in dates.  Present yourself professionally. Write a great cover letter and follow up. Be prepared to get a guarantor if necessary. Offer to pay a little extra if possible.  As a result you will increase your chance of getting a rental application accepted.



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