Caring for a Cat That Just Gave Birth

29 May, 2020

Caring for a Cat That Just Gave Birth

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If you have ever owned a female cat and she has given birth in your home you will know there are certain things you must and must not do. As an inexperienced pet owner it is worth your while taking note of the suggested guidelines below on how to handle a cat that just gave birth.

The following guide details all aspects of taking care of a cat that’s just given birth. From cats giving birth for the first time to what to expect after your cat gives birth, we have you covered.

Has your cat just given birth? What to do now?

Here is how to handle a cat with brand new kittens.

handle a cat

It is an incredible experience to witness your cat giving birth. They are often not complicated and can be allowed to deliver even within the house only.

As an owner, there might be a lot of things you want to do to make sure that your cat and her kittens are okay. You have to realise that they are usually low maintenance and they can mostly handle everything themselves.

Here are a few things you should know about what to do and how to care for a cat that just gave birth.

Don’t handle a cat that has just given birth – just observe

While your cat is still pregnant, you must have consulted with your vet already and have done your own research to get tips and recommendations. Cat pregnancies usually vary from 63 days to 67 days, so make sure you use this time wisely to equip yourself with any knowledge needed.

By the time your cat is actually giving birth already, it is best to keep a close eye on her and minimise your interference. There are a few things to worry about and when you see that the cat is having a crisis, feel free to get in touch with the vet immediately.

The signs to look for are loud and in pain cries, too much bleeding, the kitten’s head getting stuck, and the mother cat trying to run away. Following the days of the birth, regularly check for the health of the kittens and recovery of the mother cat.

Don’t interfere with the birth

Unless the behavior is extreme, do not attempt to even give a hand during the delivery because it might just upset the cat. With the aftercare, do not try to cleanse the kittens yourself and give them a bath.

Caring for cats is an important responsibility especially if your cat has just had kittens but take care when interacting with cats. It is important to know how to handle a cat properly after she’s given birth at home.

As mentioned on AnimalsA2Z, a website dedicated to giving information about animals, it offers the advice that says provide the things they need close to them so they don’t have to wander far from their kittens. Keep their litter box and their feeding bowls close to them.

When it comes to food, choose something that can complement their lost nutrition so they can regain their health back and recover from giving birth. You can also give them vitamins and other supplements. Prepare a place where your cat can put their babies and lure them into a more comfortable place and let the mother cat transfer the kittens herself.

don't handle a cat that has just given birth to kittens
Don’t handle a cat that has just given birth, give them space and instead manage their environment to help them feel safe

Guard them against other animals or people

People may suffer from an uncontrollable desire to pick up the kittens because of their cuteness. Don’t handle the cat or the kittens.

No matter how persistent people are, do not allow them to take away the kittens and play with them especially with children because they might get to play with them.

If you have other animals including dogs, make sure that they don’t pick them up or lay with them because they can smother the fragile ones. Always be on the lookout.

Prioritise the needs of your cats after they’ve given birth

All your cat needs from you after they give birth is your attention and care. When you are able to take good care of them, they can take good care of their kittens themselves. When you are pondering how to handle a cat that has just given birth remember they need you to manage their environment, but not to be handled.

Ensure that their environment is safe and their needs are provided to make sure the cat recovers well and the kittens grow well too.

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