How to improve a pet dog’s health and fitness

13 Jul, 2021

How to improve a pet dog’s health and fitness

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Every pet owner worries about the well being of the animal. Dog lovers especially can get rather concerned and look for ways to improve a pet dog’s health. Here are some great ideas on how to improve a pet dog’s health and fitness for a longer life.

How to improve a pet dog’s health and fitness:

improve a pet dog's health
Getting out and about together will give you both exercise and  companionship, and can help to improve a pet dog’s health

What you can do to help your furry friend

Dogs by nature are healthy animals, that’s because they love to be active and will generally eat whatever you put in front of them. Of course, if you don’t take your dog out much and feed them your second-hand food, then they will probably end up in a rut, and affect their health in a bad way.

This guide will go over what you should think about in regards to the health of your dog, as well as the importance of exercise.

Take your furry friend to an annual vet visit

Dogs will absolutely benefit from you taking them into the local vet once a year, especially if they have any long-term issues, such as diabetes or any skin diseases. Dogs are prone to a range of issues sadly, and they can’t exactly communicate with you when they’ve got something wrong with them.

That’s why it’s useful to take your dog in for a visit, as they can check for anything that you might not be aware of. Your dog could give off some signs that something is wrong without realizing it. Keep an eye out for any change in behavior, as that will be one of the biggest signs that something is up.

A good diet will improve a pet dog’s health 

Dogs have an interesting diet, where they usually need to have protein, carbohydrates, amino fats and general vitamins, there are some vitamins they just don’t need. For example. Their body produces enough vitamin C within themselves that they don’t need to seek it from foods or any other supplements.

There will be foods to avoid, such as those within the onion family, as they can prove very toxic, as is chocolate. Essentially, you should stick to a bi-daily meal plan made up of store-bought dry food, and fresh meat, the type that’s common for humans to eat also.

Chewing on bones

Dogs love bones to chew on, but you should avoid using cooked bones, as the bones can end up breaking easier and splinting off fragments into your dogs’ mouth. This can, as you’d expect, lead to digestive issues.

Manage canine nutrition to improve a pet dog’s health

You can consult a dog nutritionist who can work with you and your dog in order to find a balanced diet that works for your breed, size and age. These experts can create a canine nutrition plan for you to follow, meaning you can take the advice and buy without it being expensive. Managing your dog’s nutrition is one way to help improve a pet dog’s health.

improve a pet dog's health
Exercise plays a big part in maintaining and improving a pet dog’s health

Grooming and bonding

Dogs will need bathing from time to time in order to keep away pests like fleas and ticks. Not only that, but it helps keep nasty bacteria away from coat, and also helps keep your home clean and stop them smelling, which helps.

You can buy specialized dog shampoo to use to clean your dog, but ensure when washing that you rinse it fully out. That’s because if you leave any excess soap, it could end up in their eyes, or making them dirtier when they leave, as dirt will stick to the soap and their fur.

Think about regular medical care to improve a pet dog’s health

Sometimes, your dogs may need extra care that you can’t supply yourself. In these times, you’ll need to consider long-term medical care, or look into vaccinations. It all depends on how old your dog is, and how long you’ve had them. If you’re adopting a puppy, it’s likely you’ll have to go and book them a vaccination in order to get them care.

For an older dog you’re adopting, you won’t know for sure if they’ve had their jabs, so you will need to visit your vet to get some tests done, and see what they have had, or will need. Aside from these initial vaccinations, your dog won’t require anything else vaccination wise.


Of course, your dog may still require medical attention and pills for other ailments, but vaccinations are done once in their lives. Your vet will be able to tell you more. Dogs are like humans in that regard they are physical active creatures. They will need constant help throughout their life, sometimes the vet won’t be able to do anything immediate but you begin a course of action together.

small dog being treated at a vet's surgery
A regular visit to the Vet can help you improve a pet dog’s health by checking all their vitals

Consider probiotics to improve a pet dog’s health

Fortunately, there are products you can buy that can assist in various issues for dogs. For example, many dogs end up with gut issues throughout their life, what you can do to assist in this regard, is to provide your pet with natural probiotics for dogs, such as the ones provided by Native Pet. Their product aims to promote good gut bacteria, and address acute and chronic diarrhoea.

Not only that, but they can also create a thriving environment for healthy flora. If you’re worried about longer issues, you can bulk buy the probiotics too.


Keep dogs at home when you travel away

For pet lovers like you, your pet is more than just an animal. Your pets are your friends. They are your confidantes and family members to be cherished. This is why you would always prioritise their safety even if you’re not around to care for them yourself.  

Dog sit

If you have a dog then look for an experienced live in dog sitter who will live in your home to care for your pet while you are away. Having a live in dog sitter can help alleviate any stress or separation anxiety your dog might feel going to kennels. Dog sitters can maintain your pet’s routine and help to improve a pet dog’s health.

find a dog sitter
Finding a dog sitter to care for your pets in their own home means your pets are relaxed and have someone dedicated to keeping them company.

Find a dogsitter to help improve a pet dog’s health

If you join a housesitting network like HouseSitMatch as a Pet Homeowner you can post an advert as soon as you know the dates you’ll be away and try to find a free checked pet housesitter for this assignment. Or by using alternative networks you may also be able to find a good professional pet housesitter.

Whether you join a network or find a good pet house sitter it is basically a great investment. This investment allows you to be productive without risking your pet’s safety, and keeps pets safe at home.

Keep your dog stimulated and give them regular exercise

What some people don’t realize about their pet, is that they actually have a very delicate mental health system. You see, dogs are caring in nature, and as such, can take time to adjust to their surroundings and trust owners.

You can keep them stimulated through positive actions. Dogs will react to you if you reward them for their kindness, and you can do this through the tone of your voice, and avoiding negative actions and words.

Managing feeding routines is also important for good health

Dogs will be able to tell if you’re telling them off, and whilst it sometimes may be necessary, you should only really do so when it’s absolutely needed, in rare situations.

Otherwise, you should focus on exercising with your dog. One of the main ways in which you can do this with your dog, is by taking your dog out on a walk.

Exercise to improve a pet dog’s health

Certain breeds of dogs, and indeed dogs of certain sizes, will require different amounts of exercise and walking they can do. For example, a puppy will only be able to walk around your garden to begin with, as they won’t have the energy, strength or even the legs to be able to handle longer distances.

How much dog walking do you to improve a pet dog’s health?

Adult dogs of a medium size in general will be able to walk a quite few miles before getting tired. Try to ensure they don’t run the whole time, or they won’t be able to make it back by themselves. Elderly dogs won’t be able to walk the same distances they used to, so keep that in mind when taking them out, whilst dogs that are ill may not be able to even leave their bed. Monitor their behaviour.

However, a regular routine regimen of daily walks suitable for your dog’s breed, size and age will help to improve a pet dog’s health.

a dogsitter cuddling a chocolate labrador
Finding live in dog sitters to keep your pet relaxed at home when you go away is one way of improving a pet dog’s health if they suffer from separation anxiety

Fun ways to improve a pet dog’s health and fitness

It’s useful to have a nearby outdoor space where you can take your furry friend in times where they’re not able to wander far, whether this is through a garden space, or a nearby bit of green.

Of course, you can exercise with your dog in methods that aren’t just walking about. Dogs respond positively to games, and they will gain stimulation for their mind as well as gain exercise for them physically. Games and physical challenges can help to improve a pet dog’s health by keeping them mobile.

For example, fetch is a classic game where you can throw a stick for your dog to chase after and bring back. Your day may instinctively know how to do this, but in most cases, it will require some element of training. Other games include a tug of war, where your dog will hold something and you fight for control, be careful with their teeth in this game.

 A final word on how to improve your pet dog’s health

Mixing both games and daily walks will ensure your dog remains active both physically and mentally. They may even be able to motivate you to exercise when they get into the mood and habit of regular exercise.

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