How to improve home security – 8 Top Tips

27 Oct, 2021

How to improve home security – 8 Top Tips

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Every homeowner should worry about how to improve home security. Today many of us are already mindful about opportunist thieves and the threat of a robbery or damage to our home when we are away. Here are eight top tips to help remind us of easy ways to keep our home safe and improve security at home.

8 Tips to improve home security

improve home security
Get a dog and let people know

Have you ever wondered why burglars pick that one house to rob rather than any other? Apart from the homeowner’s bad luck, chances are that they saw something in that house that made it look like an easy mark. Burglars and thieves have keen eyes and they take notes about everything before making their move.

In this article we have mentioned some tips to keep burglars away by improving security at home. After reading it, if you think your house is under-protected you can start right away. Improve your home security with our top tips and tricks to prevent your house from standing out as an easy approach to the burglars.

Talk to your neighbours

You need your neighbours to help protect your home from burglars. So, talk to them, and build a healthy relationship with them. If some stranger tries to get into your house while you’re away or at work, they will be more attentive and won’t overlook suspicious activities.

Install a security system

The presence of a home security system and window sensors is a deterrent to burglars or thieves. Additionally, if you have fitted the cameras in the right places, you can get plenty of evidence to catch the criminal. You can also use the footage to prove the burglary to your insurance company.

If you are looking for a durable system to boost the security of your home, some of the top home security companies in the market can help you out with it. From hassle-free installations to easy accessibility, these companies have got you covered.

Change routines – Don’t always follow a regular schedule

Most burglars pay attention to the schedule of people to identify when they are away from the house. If the burglars catch you leaving and coming home at the same time everyday, they will know your schedule and make a move when you are away.

It’s unlikely that you can change your work hours, but an occasional return home at mid-day could help. You can also ask your friend or neighbour to drop in for some time.

improve home security
Close windows, especially downstairs and especially when you are out

Lock your doors and windows

Make sure that your doors and windows are locked when no one is home. Additionally, don’t leave anything like a ladder, or a water drum in your lawn that a burglar can climb to reach the windows of the upper storeys.

Make it look like someone is home

It’s been observed that the majority of break-ins take place when thieves think no one is home. Every burglar’s primary motive is to snag something without being noticed, so they usually avoid homes where it appears someone is present. Now, you can’t be home all the time, but you can make it look that way.

There are programmable lights that you can set to go off at certain times. You can turn on the smart speakers to play radio, music, podcasts, etc. There are also some TV light simulators that replicate the glow of flat screens and use very little energy. Therefore, you just need to make the burglars feel like there is never a time when they can guarantee that no one will be home.

Find housesitters to improve home security

improve home security
Sitters at home can care for pets and property

If you are going away from home and intending on leaving your property empty, don’t. Find housesitters to move in and keep the home occupied. Housesitters will improve home security for you when you are away. This way you have a living security system in place, and people who can manage any extreme weather situation should it arise.

Looking for an ideal petsitter

If you have a pet at home then looking for a petsitter can also help you maintain security at home. Depending on the assortment of pets you have you may be looking for a specific skill set.

Pet house sitter to the rescue

To make this transition even easier for you and your pet, consider finding a pet house sitter. These individuals work by solely looking after your pet inside your home while you continue to make the most out of life outside. The services of a pet house sitter can be very beneficial as it doesn’t require your pet to travel from your house, reducing their stress and anxiety.

Change the door locks

If you are moving to a new house, change the locks on the doors. It is one of the top home security tips from police officers. You may not know who has lived in your house before, and whether they gave the keys to someone. So, it’s better to change the door locks as soon as possible.

Use the curtains

Thin voiles or no curtains may look stylish, but they are a thief’s dream. You can simply block the view by fitting opaque, thick, or black-out curtains. You can also add automatic curtains that go up and down at a fixed time or modern integrated blinds. These curtains are convenient to use and can also be controlled by using IR remote controls, wireless tabletops, or keyboards.

Reinforce the main doors

You can reinforce your doors to make them strong enough to withstand a lot of force. This will also help you to improve home security.

To do so, use a metal sleeve around the lock of your doors or an extended steel strike plate. You can also add  screws in the strike plates and hinges. This measure will help in defending against kicking attacks.

A final word on how to improve home security

There are several other precautions that you can take to secure your home. However, the only way to keep your home safe and secure is to be prepared, proactive, and take action whenever needed.

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