How to Improve Home Water Quality

4 Dec, 2020

How to Improve Home Water Quality

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Many of us take home water quality for granted. As home owners or simply urbanites who live in developed countries we turn on our taps at home and imply expect clean water to come pouring out. Yet in reality we know it’s not as simple as that. And even today we need to be mindful of what might be coming through our faucets and how to improve that water quality. Here are some ideas …

home water quality
It pays to be mindful of the quality of water in our homes

We take water for granted. Water is the most important resource in the world. This is what keeps life going. It is what keeps healthy bodily processes moving. It is a great solvent and it is irreplaceable in everyday hygiene. We need water for everything. Every step of our daily lives depends on the water somehow. Even our cars need it. With such importance, shouldn’t we be a little more concerned with the quality of the water we consume? 

We spend billions upon billions of dollars as a society on individually packaged “bottled water“. Why not give that same detail to the water in our home? We should be paying the same attention to improving our home water quality. In the end, focusing on the home is always going to be more cost-effective than buying individually packaged water. Plus, the health benefits go beyond just the drinking aspect. If you’re interested in bettering the quality of the water you consume, read on. We have some major details to discuss.  If you want to eliminate water hardness problems without the use of chemicals or minerals, salt free water softener is the way to go. Check waterfilterspot for the recommended water softener system.

Filter Out Iron Deposits 

Deep wells are how the world still gets its water. Yes, there are densely populated cities with their district standards. But wells still make up a massive chunk of the sources for individuals outside of said cities. People like to talk about how wells are “cleaner“ because they come from the ground. There’s a strange modern notion that if it’s from the ground it must be clean. Wells and other groundwater sources have been shown to have high concentrations of iron. According to the Water Tech Advice Guide, Iron can come from the pipes that pump the water up, or even the ground itself. Having high concentrations of iron isn’t necessarily a good thing. It can accumulate and cause some pretty strange problems. It’s best to get ahead and filter out that which is unnecessary. Just because it’s from the ground doesn’t mean it’s clean.

We spend huge sums of water on bottled water

Fight Contamination 

No matter where your source of water is, it’s still a good idea to filter it before it reaches you and your family. This is because the contamination of Wells, as well as spot contamination of individual plumbing lines, can make you or your loved one sick. This is when many people are forced to face up to managing their home water quality. That’s not a gamble that many people are willing to make, and for good reason.

One cannot predict the severity of an infection. In previous generations, things like cholera and E. coli outbreaks were caused by contaminated water. The ground isn’t necessarily static. It’s porous enough for fluid to seep and spread. With that fluid comes the potential for pathogens. We don’t know what kind of nasty’s are seeping into the well. All we can do is make sure that whatever is outside doesn’t get into the water source. 

Filter City Water to Improve Home Water Quality

Even with city water, you have your drawbacks. Municipal water is often treated with chlorine, fluoride, and a whole host of other chemicals that are meant to kill off bacteria. Now, well and unfiltered sores definitely can carry nasty bacteria and viruses, some people don’t want to consume these heavy treatment chemicals. That’s okay. Individuals are allowed to choose what they consume. Having a secondary filter that takes out these hard metals and treatment chemicals creates the multi-level filtration system that you and your family deserve. Let the city take care of the big bad bugs. You can take care of the treatment chemicals. Everybody wins.

Making sure that your water sources say seems like a no brainer. Yet, we are inundated with rhetoric such as “we drink from the hose and we are fine“. Don’t listen to that. Why would one want to stick to subpar water quality when they could affordably provide superior drinking, bathing, and even washing experience? To each their own. Nonetheless, cleaner water is always better, so manage your home water quality. It pays off.


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