How to keep bathrooms safe – Simple Tips

28 Sep, 2022

How to keep bathrooms safe – Simple Tips

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Accidents in the bathroom are some of the most common in the home. Homeowners all over the world could reduce the risk of any problems by reading this blog. In this article we offer some simple tips on how to keep bathrooms safe. Read on to learn more.

Simple tips on how to keep bathrooms safe

how to keep bathrooms safe
Bathrooms have many danger zones to be wary of

Prevention is the most important element as far as safety is concerned. And according to research, the home is the most common place for accidents, with approximately 2.7 million people in Britain requiring a hospital visit after an accident.

The bathroom, in particular, is a major risk area for falls, slips and drowning, with a 26% chance of injury. Fortunately, you can mitigate the risk and make it a safer place. Below are a few simple ways to ensure safety in your bathroom and make it enjoyable and more comfortable.

Read on to learn some simple ideas on how to keep bathrooms safe.

  • Brighten the space

People spend a significant amount of time in their bathrooms every day. It is a private setting where you should be comfortable and at peace. If your bathroom is dark, tight and disorganised, you’re more likely to put your safety at risk.

There are easy methods to enhance lighting without bringing out the hammer or hiring a professional. For instance, aside from installing some lighting systems, cleaning and tidying up a cramped bathroom can instantly make it look larger and brighter.

This may require introducing some built-in storage and rethinking your tiles. You can install tiles with lighter colours or those with water-repelling properties to brighten your bathing space. 

  • Get in some traction

Slips and falls are all too often on slick, moist bathroom surfaces. But you can make it safer by using slip-proof materials like shower mats with rubberised, slip-proof backs and cushioned rubber mats. For new bathroom flooring, use small stone or ceramic tiles with grout lines for better traction.

Safety strips or a non-slip mat is a significantly cheaper but effective way to prevent bathroom falls. A great way to keep bathrooms safe. However, they can also pose a tripping risk when allowed to soak in too much water. So always remember to dry them out after using them.

  • Install grab bars 

Grab bars, often known as safety bars, are one of the simplest ways to avoid injuries. They are simple to install, available in various forms, sizes, and colours, and provide an additional hand when needed. A grab bar can be useful for getting in and out of the bathtub or off the toilet.

This can dramatically lower the danger of a slip or fall. When choosing, consider those you can bolt to the walls instead of those with suction cups. Suction cups are not as reliable.

  • Add seating 

Adding a bath seat to your current setup can be ideal if you don’t intend to replace your bathtub. One of its primary purposes is to simplify showering for seniors or the physically challenged. Safety chairs, though commonly linked with medical institutions or eldercare, are also accessible in modern designs.

Before buying, check the weight-bearing capability and look for a model that meets your lifestyle, space constraints, and bathroom décor. In addition to a hand shower, using the bathroom becomes much safer.

  • Reduce injury risks from slips

Be aware of the risks of slipping on smooth and wet surfaces

It is advisable to cover any sharp edges with adhesive protectors to prevent injuries from slips and falls.

You can also use a bath caddy to keep your bathroom essentials within easy reach, so you do not have to stretch too far or get out of the tub to grab what they need. And remember to clean regularly since mould and mildew make surfaces slick and pose health dangers.

  • Keep bathroom doors unlocked

Locking your bathroom doors can provide a sense of solitude. However, falls or injuries happen, and time is important when they do. A closed door, for instance, can make it difficult for you to reach out to a loved one for help and also hinder them from accessing you.

It is okay to lock the doors while outside. But when you are inside, figure out how to keep the door shut if necessary without making it too hard to get help. Open doors can also let out the air to prevent mildew and mould growth. 

  • Keep sharp objects out of reach 

Increasing the size of your bathroom allows you to be more creative with its arrangement. You can use more storage space to accommodate your must-haves.

And if you share the space with others, you won’t have to argue over who gets to use the mirror first, with extra storage space for toiletries, towels, toothbrushes and paste, and other grooming instruments. You won’t also have to worry about crowded hall closets.

However, even with a small space, you can still find ways to keep everything organised. You should also consider safety if you keep grooming tools like hot rollers, flat irons, and sharp objects like a straight razor in the bathroom. Finding appropriate storage for such items can keep them out of kids’ reach, preventing accidents. 

  • Update wiring in an old bathroom

You may want to renovate and repair your bathroom’s electrical system to avoid electrical wiring issues such as power outages and home fires, among others. You can guarantee a safe and functioning bathroom by engaging an electrician to evaluate outdated wiring and other electrical risks.

Installing sufficient ventilation and fans eliminates steam accumulation and protects walls and floors from mould and mildew damage.

Another advantage of changing electrical wiring is that you can install additional outlets and other features such as heated flooring or improved temperature control. This can make the space more functional to meet your needs, improving your experience significantly.

  • Take your time 

Be measured and careful when you are in the bathroom – take your time

This is one of the simplest yet impactful tips for keeping bathrooms safe. Today, many people are always in a hurry to go somewhere or get something done.

Unfortunately, you expose yourself to several risks, including slips and falls, when rushing yourself or your loved ones in the bathroom. Instead, try to keep things at a safer pace instead of rushing.

Your bathroom safety begins with you so learn to keep everything at a reasonable pace and teach your kids to do the same too.  

How to keep bathrooms safe in summary

Prioritising safety is beneficial for everybody. And designing your bathroom with safety in mind is useful for everyone who uses it. The tips above are a few ways to make your bathroom safer and more comfortable.


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