How to keep home safe when you are away

18 Oct, 2021

How to keep home safe when you are away

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If like every homeowner you worry about leaving home and security when you are away, read on. In this article we discuss how to keep home safe when you are away. We offer some excellent top tips and easy steps you can take for home security.

How to keep home safe when you are away

It is very common that when we leave for a holiday, or perhaps go away to see family, our home remains empty. If you are planning such a trip this article is for you. In this blog we will show you how to keep your home safe from burglars.

So that you can fully enjoy yourself and, of course, that you can make the most of those well-deserved rest days without worries, we will leave you some tips so that you can keep  home safe while you are away.

Of course home insurance and a home warranty is always good to have for added security on all levels. 

keep home safe
Keep your home secure and your possessions safe

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Leave signs of presence

A very important point is to leave signs of presence in your home. You can do it in several ways, some of them are leaving blinds half down, programming the lights to turn on and off, leaving clothes hanging, everything you can think of.

The important thing is that it gives the feeling that there are people inside the house. In this way you will be able to scare away anyone who intends to enter without permission.

Close everything before leaving

It is an essential measure, which although it seems very simple, it is common for people to forget it. You must make sure that everything is completely closed before leaving, the door, windows, interior patios, everything that needs to be closed.

It is advisable that you check the entire house before leaving so that you do not forget any possible route of entry.

Notify an acquaintance

If you have a trusted neighbour, or a friend, the important is to tell them that you will be away for a few days, that will help you to keep home safe. At least they will be aware of your absence.

In addition, it is also a good idea to leave them the keys to the house and ask them from time to time to take a look and also to collect the letters from the mailbox.

Don’t leave accessible messages 

It is advisable that you do not leave a message on the answering machine saying that you will not be at home. The same applies to automatic email responses, or to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. You will be able to share photos of your vacations when you are back home.

Do not put the address on the keychain

It is a preventive measure to keep home safe, it is a protective measure not to put the address on the key rings. In this way, in case the keys are lost, the house will not be so vulnerable.

If they are lost and the address was on the key ring, the ideal option is to change the lock as soon as possible, especially if you are going on vacation. This is one way of protecting your property.

Leave nothing of value out and visible

It is advisable that in order to keep your property safe you put valuables away. That means that you do not leave any whatsoever valuables or cash on display inside the house.

By doing this and taking care, if intruders enter to steal, you will avoid bigger troubles. If you have a home safe that is the best option, but if not, remember to keep things locked away in a special cupboard or a hiding place

Prune and maintain the plants 

feel at home
Use indoor plants to breathe life into your décor, and obscure the view into your home from the windows

If you have a garden at home, it is advisable that you ensure that the bushes or bushes are always pruned. Or, that when you are on vacation someone takes charge of cutting them, since it is the main hiding place that thieves are looking for.

They can clamber in and out without anyone seeing – high bushes give protection! 

Lower the phone volume

It is something very simple that will make a difference. This is because if you turn down the volume on the landline, it will not ring constantly without an answer, which would turn out to be a clear indication that no one is home.

Remove the spare keys

Another important measure you can take to keep your home safe is to remove the backup copies of your home keys hidden in the typical places. For example, if you have backups hidden in places like in a flower pot or under a tile, you should remove them from there.

Although they may seem very hidden places, they are usually in the first places where those who want to enter your home look.

Talk to the police

Another great idea to keep your home safe is to talk to the local police. They will be in charge of advising you and giving you advice so that you can keep your home safe. In addition, knowing it can even increase the patrols in your area. It is not difficult to stay safe, but it does take a little bit of work.


If you are going away for the holidays and your home will be empty then you need to find homesitters. Homesitters are live in property sitters who will also look after your pets and garden.

The most important thing is that they keep the property occupied and keeping pets safely at home and maintaining all pet routines.

Find housesitters

Housesitters will stay in your home and will look after you property and pets. The most important factor is they will keep your property safe because it appears occupied. Empty properties are vulnerable especially in the holidays.

Join a housesitting website

upgrade the front door
Manage the appearance of the door to make it look occupied

The reason online networks like exist is to facilitate matches between home and pet owners and checked sitters who can help you care for your pets and property when you can’t. What is more they care for your property and pets for free!

 Free house sitters and pet sitters

These networks are easy to join you simply register online, create a profile and then create an advert which describes your dates for the assignment, your pets and what is required.

The network will then share your assignment advert with the registered sitters and then they apply.

While this is not a fool proof way to find a sitter it can help you save a lot of money because largely these housesitting websites offer free housesitter if you can offer free accommodation. If that doesn’t work out then try the following top tips.


A final thought on how best to keep home safe

There are many precautions you can take to keep your home safe. The trick to keeping your home secure is to prepare and take action. Be proactive to protect your home, your pets and your possessions.

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