How to maintain an old house to last a lifetime

20 Apr, 2022

How to maintain an old house to last a lifetime

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If you have always dreamed of being a homeowner of an older characterful property, read on. In this article we offer you suggestions on how to maintain an old house to last. Older properties need maintenance to retain their value and character. Here are our top tips to help guide you.

How to maintain an old house to last

maintain an old house
Managing your older characterful property is vital

When thinking of buying a house, you may feel drawn to the classic (and even vintage) character of an older home. Unlike new builds, these properties are packed with stories and history. What is more, they offer a character and personality that most sterile same-ish new builds simply cannot match. However, old homes come with plenty of issues.

So even if you get lucky and manage to buy one, be aware. There are likely to be some problems you simply must deal with to ensure that your home lasts a lifetime. Here are four things to consider in order to maintain an old house to ensure it lasts. 

Upgrade the dated fixtures 

Although worn down brass fixtures offer something unique to your old home, they aren’t the most pleasant to look at. Furthermore, many of the fixtures and fittings inside the home, including light switches and doors, are more likely to break if they are not replaced quickly. 

You can still maintain the character of your old house by finding purposely aged accessories. What is more, you can feel confident that the fixtures will remain in top condition for many years to come. 

Identify rust and rot 

Even if the home looks to be in excellent condition from the outside, there could be an array of hidden problems. If left to fester, these underlying issues will make the house uninhabitable sooner rather than later. 

Older homes are more susceptible to issues such as rust and rot. So it’s worth getting a professional opinion to replace or repair any specific hazards. Domestic experts like Toscano Plumbing can locate and advise on the next best step, while dampness experts can find potential rot within the home and take action to prevent any structural problems. 

Finish the wood 

why choose parquet flooring
A parquet floor feels luxurious and must be maintained

Wooden floors and furniture are a staple of any classic home. However, they will encounter chips and scratches as the years go by. Although this adds something to the overall look, too many scratches will make it look like you don’t know how to take care of a house. 

You can protect the wood around your home by finishing it. Experts recommend using polyurethane rather than varnish, as they believe these oil-based products are more durable and heat-resistant than varnish alternatives. 

Tear it up and start over 

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you may already have plenty of flowers, trees, and plants covering our outdoor space. This gives you a great place to start during your green-fingered adventures, but it could also damage your property. 

This is because some plants can damage your property if they are left to grow too tall or even attract animals. The weight and strain can put pressure on your home. So, while a ready-grown garden is appealing, cutting the plants down and starting all over again may be best for maintaining your property. At the very least, you get to watch the new plants thrive, making the house feel more like home. 

Your old houses can last through your lifetime 

A forever home is something everyone looks forward to buying. They want to see their kids (and pets) grow up and love every moment they have there. By finding the best ways to maintain an old house, you will retain the best memories of living there. Plus everyone who visits will have the fondest memories of your stunning characterful old house. And you will add one more chapter to the personality of the walls. 

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