How to make a home safe and sound – Top Tips

28 Oct, 2021

How to make a home safe and sound – Top Tips

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Owning a property carries real responsibility. As a homeowner you are responsible for the physical state of the property. Knowing how to keep home safe and sound is important for the health of the building and the well being of all the residents. Read on to learn our top tips on how to maintain a safe and healthy home.

How to make a home safe and sound – Top Tips

home safe and sound
Regular physical checks help you maintain your home

Our homes may not be as safe as we think. There are a lot of aspects of home living that may be detrimental to your safety, and if you are not looking in the right areas or taking the right precautions, they may even be fatal. Prevention is your best bet to keep yourself and loved ones safe, but you have to know what you are preventing and what you are looking out for. Here are a few things you can do to keep your house sound and safe.

Essentials of home maintenance – Check signs of wear

Check for mould

Mould can be deadly. The spores that are produced by the mould can get into the air, into your lungs, and can cause illness. The best way to get on top of your mould situation is to look for it. Look in crawl spaces and damp or dark corners of your home in cellars, basements, and attics. There can also be mould forming where there is moisture like bathrooms or near swimming pools.

If mould is discovered, call a mould removal expert and have it taken care of immediately. After the removal, find ways to prevent the mould from returning so that you don’t have to worry about this in the future. 

home safe and sound
Check for mould on a regular basis, the spores can enter in surprising ways

Test the building structure

One of the fundamental checks to keeping a home safe and sound, is to test the building structure. Would your home be able to survive water damage if there were a major storm? Do you own your apartment and you have water tight windows? Having a company perform CWCT water testing on your home and windows can alert you if water is getting into your home. Not only does water create mould, but water can weaken the structure of your home.

If there is a high wind storm or if there is a massive rain storm, your home or apartment windows could simply crumble causing irreparable damage, injury, or death. Ask your management company if your building has had this test done, or you can have it done in your home as well. Check for weaknesses so you can get it fixed right away. 

Inspect your foundation

Foundations can weaken as time goes on due to wear and tear and age. It may be in your best interest to call a home inspector and make sure the foundation of your home is sound. Flooding waters or construction can sometimes cause cracks and weaknesses in your foundation, and it’s best to have those problems solved as soon as possible. 

Another storm or construction project can cause parts of the foundation to break away and that can make your home unliveable. Check everything to avoid having to stay somewhere else or have huge damage occur to your home. 

Check your roof

make home safe and sound
However new your roof check it on a regular basis

While the inspector is checking your foundation, have them check your roof. If your roof needs repair and it’s not fixed. It can collapse or let in water that can permanently damage your home. If it’s the cold weather season, a heavy snowfall can also cause your roof to collapse. When necessary, have your roof fixed immediately to avoid anyone getting hurt. 

In summary – keeping home safe and sound

Most of these suggestions are checks you need to conduct on your property on a regular basis. Some are very straightforward, others may require professional support.



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