How to properly care for your pet lizard

21 Sep, 2020

How to properly care for your pet lizard

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Many homeowners have pets. Not so many have exotic pets, though many consider that option. Are you planning to get a pet lizard? If so you may not be sure  yet about all the steps you need to take to ensure that your lizard is content and healthy. Consider that there are many things that come into play.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a basic understanding of the most important parameters when it comes to having a lizard at home as a pet. 

pet lizard
With some careful planning you can enjoy having a pet lizard

What Pet Lizard Are We Talking About?

First things first – it’s important to note that as much as every dog breed needs certain specific things in order to be appropriately tended to, it’s the same with your pet lizard. Before you get a pet lizard, consider the following.

Different types of lizards are generally going to behave differently, have different personality types, defence mechanisms, as well as daily needs. No matter if you are new to keeping reptiles or if you just want to expand your household with another pet lizard – the research is the key. 

Are you new to keeping a pet lizard?

So, if you are getting your first lizard, it’s extremely important to know what you are getting into. Regarding what we have previously stated about the different characteristics of different lizards, some of them can really be more difficult to handle than the others.

That being said, experts from Reptile.Guide has summarized all that you need to know when it comes to choosing the right pet lizard. Basically, the most important factors are care, size, lifespan, and temperament. 

If you don’t consider all of these factors and proceed to choose the lizard based on their color and overall looks – it can potentially be very difficult.

Your Lizard Needs Space!

exotic pets
Choosing a pet lizard is becoming increasingly popular

Like any other animal, lizards shouldn’t be constrained in a tiny place with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Hence it’s very important to plan accordingly even before getting your pet lizard. Their habitat is probably the most impactful parameter when it comes to their happiness and overall health.

Therefore, it should never be overlooked! So, be sure that you provide your lizard with a fun, spacious enough environment that supports all of their needs.

Setting up a Terrarium

Now that we have covered the basics regarding the space that a pet lizard should live in – let’s go into a bit more detail. Again, a different type of pet lizard species means different types of conditions, so keep that in mind the whole time. Overall, the most important factors when it comes to terrariums are temperature, humidity, and lighting. 

The temperature

It is a well-known fact that reptiles are cold-blooded animals. This includes your pet lizard!

reptile care
It is surprising how popular lizards can be as reptile pets

That means that they are unable to regulate their body temperatures on their own. This is basically why it’s so important for you to get the temperature right, and why the heating source is critical. Most reptiles need a constant temperature that depends on the type of reptile, along with basking areas that are hotter than other spaces in the terrarium.


Different species require different humidity levels in order to maintain their health, so it’s very important to tend to that. You can control moisture levels through ventilation, temperature, as well as with the introduction of water into the atmosphere. Basically, the easiest way to raise the overall humidity level is to spray the air with water as frequently as necessary or by providing a source of standing or running water.


This is yet another factor that varies greatly by species, so be sure to do your research. If the species that you are getting requires basking – you are going to need special lamps, as well as correct positioning. In some cases you’ll need specific light bulbs.

housesitting a menagerie
Some lizards were pretty big and need more space

Dietary Requirements

While many common pets can be fed with food that is more varied and, well, common, the thing with reptiles, in general, is that they really need specific food in specific time spans in order to meet their dietary requirements. So, be sure to know what does your lizard need and when before getting it!

On the bright side, many reptiles don’t eat every single day since they really don’t move around all that much. So they generally require less maintenance in that regard than mammals.

Be Sure to Have an Exotic Vet Nearby

Last but not least it’s extremely important that you plan in case of an injury or sickness of your lizard. Many people tend to overlook this before buying a reptile. Just because in general, we tend to look at reptiles as such different creatures we rarely think about these things. However, your pet lizard can get hurt and can get sick. So look up the vets in your area and prepare!

pet lizard
Ensure you can contact an exotic pet vet where you live

When it comes to all the things mentioned in the text above, the keyword that binds everything is ‘research’. So, while being intuitive can sometimes work out, lizards can be more difficult to read. Hence you should take your time to plan for this pet. Do your research on all the necessary topics regarding taking care of your pet lizard and everything will turn out fine!


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