How to select the perfect housekeeper

15 Jun, 2021

How to select the perfect housekeeper

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Are you a busy working professional, homeowner with kids and pets to organise? Then you will likely need a housekeeper to help you. But how to select the perfect housekeeper is an art in itself. Read this blog to learn our top tips to make your selection a good one.

Looking for a housekeeper but not sure how to start?

how to select the perfect houseikeeper
A good housekeeper is worth a lot to a household

Let’s face it, life is busy, and we all need a hand around the house from time to time. With a demanding job, kids, and all the bits and pieces, it’s nigh impossible to get to everything, so perhaps you need to find ways to select the perfect housekeeper.

However, it’s essential to have a maid you can trust. So, how do you find the right person for your needs? It’s a lot simpler than you think. When looking for your ideal maid or housekeeper, follow these simple rules.

Here’s how to being to select the perfect housekeeper

1. Evaluate Your Cleaning Requirements

The first thing you need to do is work out what tasks you need help with and how often you need a maid to come in. Do you need someone full or part-time?

You may prefer to consider using a cleaning company, such as Singapore cleaning company, rather than hiring an individual. Companies offer training to their staff, and so the work can be of a higher standard.

Or, you may prefer to see the same friendly face every day. The choice is a personal one, so do some research and give it some thought.

cleaning tools and trolley of a professional cleaner
When you select the perfect housekeeper you need to ensure they are equipped for the job in hand

2. Calculate What You Can Afford

Look at your household budget and work out what you can afford to pay a home helper each month. If you are on a tight budget, it may be best to get a part-time maid once or twice a week. Using a cleaning company is an ideal option in this case. This may be how you manage to select the perfect housekeeper.

3. Chat to People in Your Networks

Ask your network for how to select the perfect housekeeper, someone will have ideas. Word of mouth is often the best way to get recommendations for housekeeping companies or private service providers. Talk to the people you know who use housekeepers. Chat to other working Mums at your school, the people in your book club, etc., to find out about the best options around.

How to select the perfect housekeeper candidate

Keep a respectful distance so that the housekeeper can do their job

1. Interview Candidates

Be sure to meet with housekeeper candidates before you engage them. Never employ someone after just chatting over the phone. Even if you choose a cleaning company, make sure you meet with a representative first and explain and show them what you need to do.

2. Choose the Person That ‘Feels’ Right

Whether it’s an individual or a company, it’s best to trust your gut. Choose the person that you feel comfortable around and that you feel you can trust. Just because someone has a great resume doesn’t mean they’re the best fit.

Someone you really like who has a great attitude and work ethic can always be trained to perform unfamiliar tasks. The synergy is the most important.

3. Establish Expectations

Once you select the perfect housekeeper, make sure to tell them what you expect them to do and how you want it done. You cannot be upset with someone for doing tasks in a way you disapprove of if you haven’t told them what you prefer upfront.

4. Provide the Right Tools

If you aren’t going with a company, you’ll need to provide your housekeeper with the tools of the trade. Without the equipment and cleaning solutions, it will be harder for your maid to do the job properly. You can chat with them about what they need and what items they recommend or prefer.

Don’t go overboard, but make sure there are enough of the right items for each cleaning job around the house.

what a house sitter does includes cleaning the property
Provide the products for the housekeeper to clean

5. Communicate Often

Communication is key in many areas of our lives, and your relationship with your housekeeper is no different. If your needs change from day to day or week to week, be sure to tell your maid so that they always know what they are expected to do.

A final word on how to select the perfect housekeeper

As you can see, the right housekeeper for your needs can be found and developed with the right approach. Don’t rush into things — be sure to take the time to run through all the correct steps.


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