How to spruce up a property for a fun update

23 Mar, 2022

How to spruce up a property for a fun update

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If you have been living in your home for a while, the space, the walls, the furniture can all become invisible to you. Every homeowner feels that from time to time. What’s the answer? You need to try and make a little effort. Don’t worry it’s not hard to spruce up a property you care about. Read on to learn some easy steps you can take to bring a fun update to your personal living space.

Spruce up a property to make it more fun and contemporary

spruce up a property
Create a modern living space to generate new energy

The home isn’t just a place for relaxing and unwinding, it is also a perfect place to have fun. Although it is important to keep a balance, implementing fun and exciting features into the home can help you have more memorable times. You can use these features to host parties or keep yourselves or your children entertained. 

With these ideas, you can spruce up your home and make it more exciting and fun for everyone in it.

Add a games room

There is nothing more exciting and entertaining than a games room. Although not every home will have space for an entire room, most homes will have at least some space to dedicate to games. 

For instance, you could get darts equipment for a small corner in your kitchen, whereby you, your children, and your guests can play darts of an evening. 

If you can add a games room, then you could create space for adults and for children. Having separate spaces will ensure that everyone can have a game to entertain them. They make for great hosting spaces too, which is ideal if you enjoy having people over.

Add some luxury features

Adding luxury features to the home is bound to make it feel and look more exciting. For instance, swapping out your old sofa for something grander and more stylish can transform your space while also making it more comfortable. 

Some other luxury ideas for the home to spruce things up:

  • Loft conversion: if you have an empty loft space, why not transform it into another room? Here, you could add another living space, games room, bedroom, or bar. Turning an abandoned space into something usable will guarantee to make your home feel more fun.
  • Accessories: there are so many simple accessories that can elevate the home, which can help it appear more fun and exciting. These include ornaments, lights, and artwork.

Using these amazing luxury decor ideas, you can easily more your home look and feel more exciting and stylish.

Outside seating can spruce up a property

home gardening safety
Find space for outdoor seating to create an alternate living area

Adding outside seating is a great way to make your outdoor space more usable and inviting. It is a great space to sit and relax on a warms summer day or host a party. 

Should you lack space to sit outside, then you will likely not spend enough time in your garden. Therefore, adding outside seating will ensure that you make the most of your garden. 

Mixing up the seating options – a table and chairs and beanbags – will ensure that everyone has a comfortable and convenient place to sit.

Modern tech will update your living space

There is no better way to spruce up your home to make it more exciting than with modern tech. Simply adding modern automatic lights and mobile device-controlled speakers can make your home feel like a part of the future. 

Modern tech can elevate a home and make it feel a lot more convenient. It will excite the children and simply make your home feel more modern. 

New interior lighting

The lighting in your home can change how your home looks and feels. Simply adding a new light shade or making your light bulbs brighter can help your home feel more modern. 

Changing your lighting can make your home brighter in the evenings, which is ideal for entertaining. 

Furthermore, adding automatic or hidden coving lights will make your home feel more modern and hotel-like.

An outside play area

If you lack the space for an indoor play area for your children, then why not use your garden? Adding shelter and warmth will mean that your children can play outside all year long. 

An outside play area is a great way to make more use of your garden. Instead of trying to find a space inside the home, your children can have more space and freedom outside. 

If your children are young, then ensure that the play area is safe and child-friendly. Using the right materials and toys will make sure that they can remain safe while having fun. 

Accent colors will always spruce up a room

To enhance the look of your home and add a bit more fun, it is a good idea to use accent colors. This can be through paint or decorative objects. 

For example, you could add a bright feature wall to a neutral room to make it appear more exciting. Or, you could add colorful cushions or art around the home to add pops of color and excitement. 

Bring the outdoors in

Should you want your home to feel more natural and sustainable, then it can help to bring the outside in. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Use more plants. Adding more plants to your home will help your home feel more natural and exciting. Real plants can help to improve air quality in the home too, which will help it feel fresher and cleaner. 
  2. Open your back doors more often. Instead of keeping your back doors closed, opening them up and adding a shelter will ensure that your home stays dry yet you can allow the garden to feel as if it’s a part of the home. You can make the garden more accessible, which will help you create that outside-inside feel.
easy home makeover
Introduce new plants to your room to add freshness

Rearrange the furniture

If you are bored of how your home looks but you don’t want to make any interior updates – such as paint or new items – then it might work to rearrange the furniture. 

Doing so will help a room feel brand new. Simply changing the position of your sofa can make your living space feel more fun and convenient. Doing this in every room can totally change the look and feel of your home, which will make it feel fresh and fun. 

Let the light in to help spruce up a property

Letting more light into the home will make it feel fresher and more exciting. Instead of rooms feeling dull and uninviting, you can add more light and make it feel more welcoming. 

To let more light in it can help to:

  • Remove window coverings. If you do not require complete darkness in a room, then removing the window coverings will help to let the maximum amount of light in. 
  • Use minimal colors. Using minimal colors for your window coverings will ensure that they pass more light through, which will help to increase the amount of light that enters your room.

Makeover your furniture

Should you feel bored with your home because of your furniture, realise that you don’t actually need to renew it. Instead, you can makeover the pieces that you have to make them feel brand new again. 

For instance, an old chest of drawers might be hindering the appearance of your bedroom. You could sand them down, repaint them, and add new handles to make them look new again. 

Upcycling the pieces that you already have can make your interior look completely different. Small projects like this really can help to spruce up a property. Hence, it can help it feel more exciting without spending a lot of money.

Quirky art

use a feature wall
A stunning painting will help to make your feature wall

Adding character to your home with quirky art is a great way to make it feel more exciting and fun. You could add pieces that you have created yourself or found on your travels. 

Adding a piece of quirky art to each room can add personality to your home and make it feel fun again. 

More living room comfort

The living room is a space that is mostly used for relaxing and socializing. Therefore, it is a good room to focus on if you want to make your home feel more fun. You could create a movie setup if you enjoy spending your watching films. To achieve this, you could rearrange your sofa, add blankets, and install more modern tech to enhance your viewing experience. 

Or, if you like to read, relax, and unwind in your living room, then you could add a reading chair. That way, you can make your living room feel more convenient and usable. 

Deciding how you like to use your spaces and making them more comfortable and convenient will help your space feel more exciting.  Think carefully before you spend time and money. It is the best way to spruce up a property.

Add a great entryway

Arriving home each day to an exciting entryway can help your home feel more welcoming and homely. Hence, if your entryway is currently lacking fun, then transforming this space can transform the entire look and feel of your home. 

To make your entryway feel and look more exciting, you could gravel your driveway and add a pathway. Making your driveway accessible will help you park and unload more easily, which will enhance convenience. Then, adding a clear pathway can help your home feel more welcoming when you arrive home. 

Repaint your doors

Moreover, repainting the door, adding plants, and outside lights can make your entryway feel more homely and inviting. A simple paint job and new flowers can completely change the appearance of your home.  

Using these ideas, you can easily spruce up a property, in particular focus on the look and feel of your home. Simply adding artwork, rearranging your furniture, and adding games areas can change how you feel about your home. It is important to make your home as fun as it is relaxing so that you can make the most of your home.


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