How to trim trees – Timing and method

22 Feb, 2021

How to trim trees – Timing and method

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If you own property then you know that the responsibility for the care and maintenance of the land is yours. That means that as the homeowner and presumably landowner you either need to have certain skills to maintain your home or buy in those skills. One of the less well known skills is how to trim trees. Here is all you need to know about how to trim trees.

How to know when it’s time to trim your trees

trim trees

A large tree near a house needs must be maintained to keep it safe. When it comes to tree trimming, the saying “better to cut it short than not at all” certainly rings true. It’s crucial to trim your trees regularly. This is mainly because if you don’t, overgrown branches can cause damage to the tree’s structure, as well as your property.

When you do decide to trim your trees, however, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Signs it is time to trim your trees

If they are growing too large

The most common sign that your trees need some attention is when they become too large for the space they occupy. Then you need to know how to trim trees. If they are too tall and shading the areas near your house, you may need to cut them down.

This is especially problematic if you cook or have BBQs on the back porch or want to spend time relaxing in that area. Another reason that this can be a problem is if you had big plans for gardening. Large trees can develop large branches that block out sunlight from the plants.

When they have disease

Trees can take a long time to grow and mature. Even the best cared for trees can fall victim to disease or internal decay. When weak branches threaten the well-being of the tree, it is time to trim them away. If you don’t remove them, you risk them breaking off and causing dangerous damage.

The problem is that it may be hard to see if weak branches pose a threat. You may not know which branches are going to break until they do. It usually takes a close examination of the tree’s exterior in the winter months to see what problems you are dealing with.

Trim trees when you notice uninhibited tree growth

There are plenty of indicators that it’s time for you to trim your own trees. The most obvious of these is an excessive tree growth in the form of long, dangling branches and overgrown bushes. Most amateur tree trimmers will be able to tell that a tree needs to be pruned when they can see a problematic branch.

If you’re seeing this “problematic branch” more than once or twice, then it is definitely time to schedule a trim. You may decided to hire an arborist. This trained professional can get rid of this annoying growth once and for all without damaging the tree. Try pruning by Murrieta tree service.

Inspect after a storm

Are there dead or broken branches after a storm? If so, then you are probably due for tree trimming. A lost branch to a tree can spell disaster, particularly if it comes down on your home or the power lines. That is why it’s important to trim trees as soon as possible after a major storm. There are often trees killed during storms that fall on the ground and need to be removed.

Dead trees also make an excellent habitat for various pests and provide cover for criminals, which is why they need to be removed before they cause more damage.

trim trees
If you are growing an orchard tree maintenance must be a regular activity

Spot tree cankers

Tree cankers are a common problem in mature trees and a type of decay that can spread extremely fast and has the ability to make your tree look very unattractive. In addition, if not taken care of soon enough or correctly, cankers sometimes have the potential for causing serious damage to the health of your trees. So make the effort to trim trees to save them from cankers.

Trim trees when they are too large

Once the trees have leafed out, you’ll see more clearly see the shape of their trunks, branches, and other features. This view makes it easier to determine whether they are too large for the yard or plot of land. For instance, if the Palm tree in your yard is taking up too much of your yard space and growing in such a way that it will soon be dangerous, then Palm Tree Trimming should be considered.

Take into account how far away from the house the tree is planted. Or indeed whether or not it has grown into an electrical power line and take care of these issues before partaking in tree pruning. For a professional service go for Altamonte tree service

Poorly formed tree with unattractive shape

If the tree appears poorly formed or has an odd shape trimming can sometimes make it attractive once again! Unhealthy branches have to be trimmed to stop the spread of the condition, which will result in the elimination of the tree. The disease can infect various other trees if the unhealthy branches are not trimmed rapidly.

If you are seeing what seems like tree sickness, the tree may need some service. Get a professional in to trim trees that are worrying you.

Trim trees when you notice dead branches

Dead branches are a major safety hazard and should be removed as quickly as possible, especially if they are close to your home. Deadwood does not support the weight of the tree, therefore, putting the tree at risk of failure. This can result in extensive damage to property or injury to those around it. 

trim trees
Sometimes you absolutely need to hire a tree surgeon with the right equipment to trim trees on your property

Find a professional trees surgeon for large trees

Trees are a big investment in your home landscape. And land husbandry is an essential part of your home maintenance. As the homeowner you may find yourself planting over the years you spend on that property. They will provide shade and privacy as well as a natural amount of beauty to your property.

However, the ongoing care of your trees is required to ensure that they can continue to provide for you. One aspect you cannot ignore over the years is whether or not you need to trim your trees. Having trees that are not trimmed properly can lead to dangerous situations and hazards.

So it is important to know that the signs are indicating you should trim your trees. We hope these few tips we have shared will help- you keep your tree healthy.


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