Improve quality of life at home – Improve air quality

16 Feb, 2019

Improve quality of life at home – Improve air quality

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It’s a little known fact that air pollution in your property can be just as harmful as it is outdoors. It certainly can affect your quality of life, health and wellbeing of the inhabitants. The average homeowner spends 88% of their life indoors. Air quality inside your home is something we should hear about more often and does affect our quality of life. With some basic knowledge and preventative maintenance, you can take simple steps to enhance the air in your home for your own benefit and that of your indoor pets.

quality of life
Improve your quality of life – air quality matters for you and the pets

Improved quality of life for you and your pets

Few people consider the air inside their home as a potential threat.  However, with pollution becoming more of a threat outside especially in urban areas it makes us want to protect our home environments, to optimise our quality of life where we live.

Keeping cats and keeping dogs

If you keep pets at home, and they live in the home with you, you need to manage cleaning routines carefully.  Some cats and dogs shed a lot of hair and that can affect furniture surfaces and air quality.

Pet care

Whether it is just you who is looking after the cats and dogs, or you have live in petsitters, manage the cleaning routines.

Pet care and cleaning up at home

If you have pets or indoor animals at large in the home it is doubly important to clean your rugs and carpets weekly for health reasons. Also, it is a good idea to use an artificial grass patch which would be perfect for potty training. Just pick a corner of your house for it, and with some training, your dog will start using it in no time.

quality of life
Cleaning carpets and floors is important with pets at home

Here are 5 easy ways you can use to improve your quality of life through better air in your property:

Inspect your air ducts

Hire an expert and engage in preventative maintenance to ensure that your air ducts are circulating clean and fresh air.

Your air ducts distribute cold and hot air throughout your property, giving you a comfortable atmosphere in each room. However, poorly installed and unmaintained ducts can distribute pollutants from one room of your house to another. With time, dander, mold and even dust can build up in the ducts, generally reducing the air quality.

You should stay on top of your HVAC maintenance to get the best out of your system.

Upgrade your AC filters

Air conditioning systems are constantly working to give your property that ideal temperature throughout the year. They help to improve your comfort through improving the quality of air in your home.

But while they are rotating through all the air, they filter out most of the air pollutants to help manage the respiratory health and wellbeing of all residents.

Why upgrade your AC filters?

In the long run, their air filters can fill up and even stop working. When upgrading your filters, ensure that you check the size as well as the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of the AC filter. The higher the MERV rating of your system, the more effective your filters will be.

Improve air quality rating to improve quality of life

Experts recommend filters with a MERV rating of 11 to enhance air quality in your home or business premise. MERV 11 is best for pets  for health reasons, since the strong electrostatic charge captures almost all pet dander. It also filters out mold spores, lint, dust, debris, pollen, smog, and smoke from your air. Besides, the MERV 11 AC filters work, 30 times more efficiently and also last three times longer than standard fiberglass filters.

Purchase indoor plants

quality of life
Plants in the home improve the air quality

Though a simple step to improving a healthy environment it is often overlooked as a simple and affordable option. Buying indoor plants can improve the quality of air in your home and enhance the décor of your living space.

Small plants help manage pollutants

Small plants such as lilies and ferns, and even towering palm trees are usually the best options when it comes to pulling pollutants out of your home’s air. There is no doubt the addition of a few well placed plants can improve your respiratory health and so your quality of life.

Keep your carpets and rugs clean

Considering the quality of life throughout your home, carpets and rugs do more than making your home more comfortable. They typically act as health inducing air filters themselves, trapping debris, and other dust particles in their fibres.

Keeping pets indoors

If you have pets or indoor animals at large in the home it is doubly important to clean your rugs and carpets weekly for health reasons. Many people measure quality of life by the quality of air in your home. Take steps to improve the HVAC efficiency of your filtering system.  Care for them and they will continue working for you while enhancing the quality of air in your home and so your quality of life.



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