Improve your home gardening – 3 Top tips

31 May, 2021

Improve your home gardening – 3 Top tips

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Many homeowners grow to love gardening, whether or not you start with any home gardening experience. Learning to improve can be a pleasurable pass time outdoors in the fresh air. Here are out top 3 tips on how to improve your home gardening to deliver better and more productive results.

3 Ways to Become Better at Gardening

improve your home gardening
Many of us dream of a rose garden – But how many succeed?


Gardening as a hobby is unique because many people have taken an interest in it. One major reason for it is the therapeutic effect it has on us. You could spend hours in your garden tending to your plants and let the stress melt away from your body. But there are very few people who continue to pursue it with the same passion when they started it. 

The interest of people who take up gardening dies down very quickly because they are unable to see the results, in this case, their harvest. Hence there is a severe dip in motivation and enthusiasm.

That’s because while gardening is enticing as a hobby, it requires a certain amount of knowledge and effort to yield favorable results.  Landscaping your home can help add appeal to the garden and give you more aesthetic ambiance the whole way, but let’s get back to the garden.] Here are some easy tips with the help of which even a beginner can become very good at gardening. 

Learn from the experts

You could sign up for some gardening courses both online and offline and learn from the experts. Besides, you could also follow blogs and websites like, which talk about gardening tips, tricks and help you hone your skills.

It would also help if you could watch a few YouTube tutorials and listen to podcasts on gardening, to understand the different soil types, manure, and temperature ideal for each plant type.

It would also be great to talk to your friends, neighbors, and relatives who have been into gardening for a long time. They would be able to give you more location-specific, crop-wise, and soil-wise tips. If you live in the Fresno and Madena counties of California you could try the Madera tree and gardening service.

Start small to improve your home gardening

improve your home gardening
Be careful not to over water new plants

One of the main reasons people quit gardening as quickly as they have hopped on to bandwagon is people aspire to have big gardens. Big gardens mean there is an equally proportionate amount of time that has to be spent in order to reap the benefits. Various pieces of research state that it takes almost 100 seconds to maintain per square foot of garden per week.

This means people will have to spend approximately 40-45 minutes to the water, prune, weed out any unwanted plants, harvest, and take care of them. 

Enthusiastic gardeners must definitely spend this time, if not more, to reap the benefits of their hobby. But what happens in most cases is just the opposite. They buy the seeds, put them inside a pot, and end up watering them daily or keeping them in a shady place instead of a sunny place.  When the same process is followed for all plants, many will fail to prosper.

This kills the interest of the enthusiast, and they may not take it up with the same fondness as they took to it earlier.

Plant What You Will Eat

Well kept plants tend to be more productive

Most people are not sure of what to plant when they take up gardening. One of the main things to be kept in mind while starting gardening is to not plant what is easy. But it is important to grow something because ultimately, you will be using it. This itself will certainly give a sense of joy and ownership to what we are doing.

It will also keep us curious and help us look forward, and most importantly, make us work for a favorable outcome. 

Some plants have a year-long life cycle, while others have a relatively shorter lifespan. It is important to be cognizant of the fact that while some plants may be year-long producers while others may be producers for a shorter life span.

One must know to take advantage of the plants to the fullest possible stage where they are the most delicious. After that, it is important to let them go to plant new food when they are done. 

Improve your home gardening – The wrap

These are just the three ways to become better at gardening, and there are many more ways as well. It is important to know and realize the fact that one cannot always be successful when it comes to gardening. Also, one cannot be an expert at the very first attempt. So it is important to cut yourself some slack when you do not get the desired results.

Besides these, you may also consider talking to your plants and playing music for them at regular intervals. 

Research indicates that this helps in stimulating the growth of plants.  Such tips can be essential when you are home gardening and you have only your own tools and skills to hand. Also, one must take a step back, revisit the mistakes that they did and only remember the mistakes so that they can take these learnings and move forward.

Also, one must be aware of his/her own environment and surroundings so that they can grow crops that will fit their climatic conditions.


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