Increase the value of a home before selling – Here’s how

2 Aug, 2021

Increase the value of a home before selling – Here’s how

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Selling up and moving home can be a challenging and as well as a rewarding experience in life.  With careful planning and a few simple steps every homeowner can make the experience more rewarding, by increasing the value of their home before selling. Here are some top tips.

How To Increase The Value Of Your Home Before Selling

increase the value of your home
Take steps to increase the value of your home before selling to a new owner

Selling a house is a complicated process that requires time and resources. The more valuable the home, the easier it is to find potential buyers. While preparing your house for sale can be a daunting task, there are ways to make it easier for yourself. Having your realtor suggests some ways to attract potential buyers will help you sell your house faster. This includes staging the home and making sure it is in good condition before showing it off. The extent to which you prepare your home for sale should also consider your budget. Some details will cost you more money upfront but may give you a better return in the end, like new paint or appliances. You will learn a few of the top ways to get your house into prime shape before you market it.

How To Sell A House Faster

The goal of most people selling their homes is to get a quick sale for a reasonable price. However, it is possible to get a swift deal at a great price if you are willing to invest a bit, according to We Buy Any House

These fixes can range from substantial investments like solar panels to minor such as repairing the walls. Nevertheless, if you are merely thinking about selling your house whatever the condition, certain companies can assist you in a quick exchange by offering a cash sale.

These are great if you are in a hurry, but if you have more time, you should follow some of the recommendations in this post, and you might add a significant amount to the value.

Eco homeowner

Add Energy-Efficient Features

This step has two primary benefits:

  1. You will increase the value of your house.
  2. You will increase the speed at which you sell.

Taking the first point, by investing in some features such as using solar panels, installing a smart thermostat, or replacing your windows with more energy-efficient ones. These are just a few of the things that you can do to make your home more efficient and sustainable while saving money at the same time! While the investment can be substantial, your house will increase in value substantially.

increase the value of your home
Some of these ideas are simple and will increase curb appeal

Further benefits come if you are looking for a faster sale, leading to the second point. By installing some energy-efficiency features, you will immediately make your house stand out from others. In most cases, this leads to a far quicker sale from interested buyers. In addition to financial savings and increased property values, there are many other benefits of increased home energy efficiency, such as a reduced carbon footprint and doing your part to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

Ensure the security of your property

This is an often overlooked aspect of increasing value, but by adding in some high-quality security measures, you can find that the value of your home rises quite a lot. In addition, if you live in an area with a lot of crime, it could influence whether or not people buy. No matter what your property is, it would be best to make sure that it is safe and secure. Taking security measures might seem like an obvious step, but it is common to neglect security measures. You have several options when it comes to keeping your property secure, including:

  • Install an alarm system: These can vary in price, but you should opt for a more comprehensive approach if you have the budget. If you have a realtor assisting you with the sale, you can ask for their advice on which system tends to be the most appealing to buyers.
  • Install a physical fence: A fence is a physical barrier that lets people know they cannot trespass onto your property. You can use this in conjunction with the following suggestion.
  • Install motion sensors: You can also get motion sensor lights and alarms for the perimeter of your property. These will let people know when they have wandered too close to the border of your property so that they can back off before any problems arise.
  • Improve door locks: This step does not need to cost too much, and if you already have good locks, you can skip them. However, if your locks are getting old and don’t look secure, you could upgrade them around the house.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

increase the value of your home
Increasing your curb appeal will pay dividends

When considering the price of a house, looking at curb appeal is crucial. It can tell prospective buyers how much you care about your home and will automatically increase the value in their minds. Fortunately, it is also one of the more straightforward things you can do, and you can often do it yourself to save money. There are many things you can get started with, ranging from landscaping to painting the exterior.


This step involves both your front and back yards, and with a little bit of effort and creativity, you can improve your curb value. You can opt for a professional landscaper to come in and get things looking fantastic, but the truth is that you can do some basic landscaping on a budget. If you want to add plants or flowers, look at nurseries near you and see if they have any sales going on or coupons available. You can also buy them from grocery stores or hardware stores! Make your home look move-in ready by keeping the lawn neat, keeping the grass cut, and arranging flowers.

Paint The Exterior

This step is only needed if your exterior walls are looking slightly tired. Suppose this is the case, you can buy some paint and get painting. Although you opt to do this step yourself, it is probably wise to hire a professional. This is because it will be the first thing buyers see, and you want it to look amazing. Moreover, you might have to work at heights, which can be dangerous, and you may need the advice of a professional when it comes to choosing weatherproof paint.

A final word on how to increase the value of your home

You can utilize many techniques to boost your home’s value, and by doing so, you can endure a speedy sale for the price you want. It can also give you some fresh ideas about the things you will do in your new home.



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