Meet MuttMate! For dogs, dog sitters and dog lovers all around the world…

9 May, 2015

Meet MuttMate! For dogs, dog sitters and dog lovers all around the world…

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Dogs, dog sitters and dog lovers around the world meet online for walkies!

It’s estimated that there are over 9 million dogs in the UK alone, with 24% of all UK households owning one of these lovable pooches. But wouldn’t it be nice to meet some of these like-minded dog lovers and their dogs in your area? Especially for walks! Especially when you are dog house sitting or petsitting in a new area…

Then let us introduce you to MuttMate. This new online networking site allows you to safely do just that! MuttMate, is free to register and is available internationally, with a great collection of dogs and dog lovers from a range of local communities and in over 20 different countries. Allowing you to access this community -wherever you are in the world, helping you meet new doggy pals!

Canine friends meet online doggy fashion through their dog lovers

The site enables you to share advice, information and connect with other dog mad owners in your area or any area around the world for that matter; it’s a social network dedicated to doing just this. Find out new and interesting walks, attend local meet-ups and form new friendships in a strong community of dog lovers. Or make a plan to meet new dogs and their owners in completely new areas where you may be visiting on holiday. MuttMate helps you and your beloved dogs make new friends and walking companions just by meeting online – it’s easy!

Dogs running down the street one dog holding the leash of the other

MuttMate shares our own similar ethos, allowing individuals to collaborate online safely and securely. Its friendly and accessible to use, we do really recommend it. So join the pack and make some doggy pals!

Check it out at

And if you need dog-sitters for your dogs REGISTER at FOLLOW THIS LINK

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