Is your dog ready for the petsitter – Petowner Guide

16 Aug, 2021

Is your dog ready for the petsitter – Petowner Guide

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Pets are adorable and to many of us they are like family. Looking after the pets when we are away can be a challenge. However, preparation and planning will help you consider and choose options suitable for our pet. Whether you choose a live in dogsitter, or dog home boarding we can help you get ready. Here is a guide for pet owners to help get a dog ready for the petsitter.

Petowner Guide – Get your dog ready for the petsitter

ready for the petsitter
Some petsitters prefer particular breeds of dogs

Are you looking for tips to get your pet ready for the pet sitter? Read this article for the necessary steps to make the whole process go smoothly and easily.

Hiring a dog sitter can be an anxiety-inducing situation for the sitter, the pet, and the pet owner. You want to be comfortable handing over your pet to someone else. That’s why your sitter must know exactly what to do after they arrive at your home. If you want to make sure your dog is having a comfortable, fun, and worry-free time with your sitter, you need to get prepared beforehand.

Pomeranian, Shiba Inu, Chow Chow, or deer head Chihuahua, whatever pet you might have, this article will show you the necessary steps you need to follow when you are getting ready for a petsitter. Let’s go through the discussion below to understand the necessary steps.

Petcare preparation

Prepare ahead of time and consider what information is important to know about a dog ahead of time. When you are inviting a new pet sitter into your home for the first time, make sure you go through the following steps:

Schedule a meet and greet

To get your dog acquainted with the new sitter, there’s no better way than a meet and greet. A meet and greet is a well recognised method of helping people and pets to get ready for the petsitter.

The meet and greet will help the sitter get a better understanding of your dog as well as your home, and they can be more comfortable from day one. You can also meet the person face to face and make sure you and your pet feel comfortable with them.

Make your expectations clear

If you are anxious about the level of care your pet receives, make sure to let the sitter know what your wants and needs are. If your dog needs a lot of attention, and the sitter does not seem willing to meet its needs, consider searching for someone else who is more suitable.

There are several dog sitting companies to choose from, so make sure the one you use is up for any challenge your pet might present. Giving clear expectations will help them better care for your dog and the preparation will help you get ready for the petsitter.

Have your questions ready

Dogs are our best friends and family members, so it is understandable if you are a little nervous about leaving your pet under someone else’s care. Thus, it’s important to ask questions. Maybe you want to know the number of walks they will give your pet or the number of dogs they are looking after in their home if they offer pet boarding on Rover.

Remember to ask them about their prior experience. It will help you to make sure that they are truly right for your pet.

ready for the petsitter
Prepare enough food for the duration of your trip

Getting your dog ready for dog boarding

It can be an interesting pup-cation as well as a confusing time for your pet when you send her to the pet sitter. Once the door closes behind you, your pet might get separation anxiety. Usually, it happens on the first day of the first time with that sitter. To minimize this situation, the sitter generally has some tricks up his sleeve.

You can help them to get through the process more smoothly if you prepare and share some information about your pet beforehand. Simple tips like how to cheer it up or what it likes to play with can help alleviate the separation blues. They will also help you get ready for the petsitter.

Dog boarding

While preparing for dog boarding, you can take some additional steps besides communicating well with the sitter to make the whole process easier. Remember to go through the steps below to ensure your pet’s safety as well as his comfort. These steps will also help you and your pet get ready for the petsitter:

  1. Update your pet’s tag and ID – You must ensure that your pet’s identification and tag are updated. It’s a good rule to practice even while you’re at home, and it’s more important when you’re leaving your dog with a sitter.
  2. Check the collar – Make sure your pet’s collar is safely secured around his neck. It must have an ID tag that has his name and current emergency contact information. If your pet has a microchip, let your sitter be aware of it and make sure all the information on the file is up to date. The is critical when you get ready for the petsitter.
  3. Pack goodies for your pet – When you are sending off your pet to the sitter’s home, make sure to pack the goodies that he loves most. Just because he is away from home doesn’t mean he must miss out on the things he loves to be surrounded with.  Pack his yummy treats, favourite toys, and a comfy pet blanket or bed to make your pet feel comfortable at the new place.
  4. Give feeding instructions – Food is another vital preparation as you get ready for the petsitter. While packing your pet’s food and treats, make sure to include a short note. Outline clearly when and how much he eats or receives treats and dental chews. If your pet takes any medication or vitamins, providing the exact schedule for administering is necessary.
  5. You might have discussed this already during the meet and greet, but a little note at drop-off will help ensure everyone is on the same page about your dog’s daily requirements.
  6. Provide emergency contact info – Make sure to leave emergency contact info in case your sitter is unable to reach you during an emergency. Make a note of your vet and the animal hospital you prefer. Provide the phone number and name of a family or friend as a secondary contact.

Getting your dog ready for housesitting and dog sitters

If you are welcoming the pet sitter into your home, you won’t have to worry about your dog getting used to new surroundings. But it might still be confusing as the sitter is new to him, especially when you are not there. So prepare ahead of time and provide a dog sitting checklist. It will help you make a plan regarding what info to leave for pet sitter.

We always recommend inviting the sitter to come one or two days early. It is a good way to consider how to get your dog used to a pet sitter.  That way both the dog and the sitter can get used to each other and routines will feel natural when you are away.

You can manage your dog’s uncertainty. Spend more time introducing the sitter yourself to your pet before the stay. Your association with the sitter will only be positive to the dog.

Take the house sitter on a tour of your home. It will help him to know where to look for the key items that your dog loves. To give your dog a happier house sitting experience, a house sitter must be familiar with your home. Inform them of your pet’s needs in detail, especially feeding and exercise routines and medication if any.

ready for the petsitter
A housesitter’s role is usually to care for the pets and the home

Preparing for housesitting and house sitters

Preparing your home is also important when getting ready for the petsitter. When you are preparing for house sitting, make sure you go through the additional steps below:

  • Ensure access to your home – There are several ways to do this. You can leave a key in a lockbox, give your sitter a spare key. Or alternatively, provide them with the door code if you live in an apartment or home with direct access. If you live in a high-rise, your sitter might need to grab the key from the concierge or leasing office. In that case, remember to give written notice to the leasing office that you will have a dog sitter.
  • Note down your house rules – Write down your house rules and leave the list to the sitter to make things go according to your preference. Note down the important things, including your dog’s feeding schedule, backyard potty breaks, or the number of required walks. Make sure to write down the things your dog may or may not do around the home such as sleeping in the bedroom, sitting on the couch, etc.
  • Select an easy location for food and dog supplies – Keep your pet’s food as well as supplies like their dog leash in a central location. That way your house sitter can find them easily when it’s time for your pet’s feeding and walk. Make it an easy-to-locate spot. Provide them with easy access to the items that your dog might need while you’re away. Keep the necessary things such as first aid supplies, medications, your dog’s raincoat, or towels for muddy paws in a good place to find them when needed.
  • Provide the name of your Vet – To avoid any risks, in case of an emergency, make sure to provide contact information of your vet. It will be helpful for both your sitter and pet should any medical issues arise. Even if your dog isn’t currently sick, make sure you inform the pet sitter of any medical history that might be important. Let your sitter know if your dog has a history of diarrhoea or vomiting, chronic lameness. Even if there are any ongoing or occasional symptoms let them know. What’s normal for one pet could be a big deal for another.

A final note to help petowners get ready for the petsitter

You may have various arrangements for pet care as a pet owner. Whether you welcome a sitter into your home or drop your pet off with your sitter for boarding in the sitters home. You will want to provide your dog with a successful, safe, and fun experience. In all instances, communication and preparation are essential. So make sure you are following the steps above to make your and your dog’s time worry-free and peaceful.

They will help you get ready for the petsitter. Best of luck!


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