Keen traveller? Top memory foam pillow for airplane trips

30 Jul, 2021

Keen traveller? Top memory foam pillow for airplane trips

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Every keen traveller guards particular chattels with which they must travel. Many full time housesitters who travel internationally will explain to you that above all they must have this or that item to be able to sleep wherever they are.  A memory foam pillow is something many of our full time housesitters have quoted as an item they simply could not live with out. Here’s why…

Here is the most comfortable memory foam pillow for airplane trips

keen travellers
Travelling can be tiring, sleeping while on board is one solution

Long airplane rides are sometimes an exciting experience. They often mean that you’re on your way to see a new, fun place, or on your way back home to see loved ones. Some of us genuinely enjoy being on a plane. 

Many of us, however, also get a bit of anxiety when it comes to planes. Though we know that they’re a safer way to travel than cars, the concept of being up in the air is understandably stressful.

Whether you love flying or hate it, we all know one thing to be true: it’s not the most comfortable place to be. But if we’re going to be spending a good amount of time on a flight, we would love for it to be as comfortable as possible.

Luckily, there is a way to get comfy on those long flights. And we know just the thing to do it.

Why is it hard to sleep on planes?

If you’re the keen traveller that goes on flights for more than three hours, take a nap. If you have a full day in front of you once you land, it would be nice to come out of the airport feeling refreshed and keeping that jetlag to a minimum. Plus, a nap is just a good way to pass the time on a plane.

But sleeping on planes isn’t the most comfortable. You have to hold your head at difficult angles, try to lean your head on the window, or even use the fold-out tray in front of you. All of these positions will leave your neck with cramps or aches. Not exactly restful, right?

We understand the literal pain of sleeping on planes which is why we dreamt up the perfect thing to keep your neck in a comfortable position for you to sleep on the plane.

How can a travel pillow help you?

If you’ve spent some time on a plane, you’ve definitely seen at least one or two people with one of these plush, crescent-shaped contraptions on their neck. But what is it, and how does it help?

These u-shaped cushions are known as travel pillows. They are designed to hold your head in place, keeping space in your neck between your head and shoulders. This keeps your head from rolling around and getting stuck in those awkward positions that we all dread.

keen travellers
It is not so hard to carry a memory foam pillow today

Why is this memory foam pillow the best option for airplane trips?

Unfortunately, as our keen traveller tells us, not all travel pillows are created equal. Some airplane pillows are made from foam beads that squish around, making lots of distracting noise and not allowing your head to be truly supported. 

Some are inflatable, so you have to put in the work of blowing it up before you use it. If you’ve ever tried to sleep on an air mattress, you know how well that works out. Not well.

This memory foam pillow for airplanes is just the thing your flight experience has been missing. It has every special feature that you could dream of to create maximum comfort for your plane ride.

Here are a few of the special qualities that this memory foam pillow has to offer.

High-quality memory foam

The best thing about this airplane pillow is the material. This memory foam pillow is made from 100% memory foam that supports your head where it needs it while providing cushy comfort elsewhere.

It’s heat-reactive so it holds its shape, molding to the contours of your unique head and neck. It’s also thick and dense enough to quickly bounce back when not in use. This prevents that deflating type of effect that cheap foam pillows suffer from.

Adjustable drawstring for comfortable fit

Everyone has a different sized head and neck. You need to make sure that your airplane pillow is right for you. This will prevent it from slipping and sliding around when you’re trying to sleep on it.

The adjustable drawstring that is attached to this ergonomic memory foam pillow allows you to secure your pillow perfectly in place, keeping it snug but not tight around your neck.

Get high-quality sleep with a high-quality travel pillow

The next time that you go to board that long flight, think about how to elevate your experience.  Listen to what our full time keen traveller who is also an international housesitter says.  That despite having to carry their portable world with them, the memory foam pillow is a vital part of that world. By adding a high-quality memory foam travel pillow to your flight routine can create a high-quality flight experience for you. It leaves you feeling better than ever when you hop off the plane to enjoy your trip.



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