Keep home clean and fresh when you have pets

30 Dec, 2021

Keep home clean and fresh when you have pets

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If you are a pet owner and the pets live in your home with you you will understand this particular challenge. How to keep your home clean and fresh when the pets live in your home with you. Here are 6 top tips to help you manage your home, your pets and their odors.

6 Tips to Keep Home Clean and Fresh when You Have Pets

keep home clean and fresh
Cleaning is a challenge when the dogs are in and out all the time

It’s not always easy to keep your home clean and fresh when you have pets. Regardless of the type of animal you have in your home, they will make some level of mess at some point. It’s important to take precautions and understand the steps you can take to help keep your home clean and fresh. Let’s look at six of the things you can do to keep your home cleaner when you have pets.

1.      Clean Your Pets

One of the main things you should know when trying to keep your home clean and tidy is that the cleaner your pets are, the easier this is to do. Regularly bathe and brush your animals to ensure they aren’t shedding excess hair or leaving other dirt around your home. It’s one of the easy ways to try to keep your home clean and fresh when you have pets.  You can take them to a groomer every few weeks or months for a luxury clean.

2.      Restrict Access to Certain Rooms

Some pet owners find this difficult, but one of the ways you can keep your home cleaner and fresher is by restricting access to certain areas of the home. For example, keep your pets away from the room where guests would usually go or don’t let them access your bedroom. This will help you to avoid having to clean even more.

Bathing and grooming a dog regularly could be your answer

3.      Replace Furniture

Some types of furniture are more pet-proof than others and are easier to clean while keeping animals in your home. For example, leather furniture can be easier to clean and wipe, while fabric or fleece materials can make it much more difficult to tidy up after your pets. When you first buy a pet, you might want to consider whether there are certain items in your home that you should replace or remove. Looking for good home deals makes updating a room affordable, and can result in some pet-proof items that last a long time.

4.      Tackle Odors

shedding pets
Some pets will always shed hair and leave their mark

Most pets will create some sort of odor in the home. It’s always a challenge to keep your home clean and fresh regardless of the pet. So it’s critical to take steps to fight this. You can use air fresheners or scented candles which will help your home to continue smelling fresh even when you have pets living there. Another thing which can help tackle smells and odors in the home is to keep some of the windows open slightly or create other forms of ventilation in the home.

As well as the smell, the mark caused by your pet is a tricky one. Because your pet can mark all around the house, you can’t easily locate the mark. Particularly when your pet has urinary incontinence, is in heat, or even is just overexcited, you certainly don’t want to discover smelly spots every day at work. Prepare some washable diapers or belly band for dogs to prevent urination issues. This will save you time and make your day more productive.

5.      Clean Your Pets’ Accessories

It’s very important to clean your pets, but it’s also important to clean any accessories and other items they use. If they have been using toys and other accessories such as bedding and blankets for a while, consider replacing them and buying new items. Keeping old toys and accessories or not cleaning them often enough can be one of the main causes of pet odor and untidiness around the home.

keep home clean and fresh
Dog toys can add up over time. They too need cleaning

6.       Invest in a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the things which will make your life much easier while you have pets in your home. A good vacuum cleaner can help you to look after the interior of your home even if you don’t have pets. However, if you’re looking after animals, you should consider the type of vacuum cleaner you buy. Some vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to target hairs and fluff on the carpet which can result from having animals in your home.

Having animals in your home doesn’t automatically mean it will become impossible to keep things clean and fresh. By taking some simple measures to prevent additional mess, you can still retain a clean and tidy home at the same time as having pets.



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