Keep home fresh all year – 5 Top strategies

15 Jun, 2023

Keep home fresh all year – 5 Top strategies

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It can be a challenge for homeowners to keep home fresh year round; this is especially true in Winter when windows and vents tend to be shut. Read on to learn our top five strategies to help you maintain a fresh home regardless of whether or not your windows and vents are open each day.

A breath of fresh air – 5 Strategies for keeping a home fresh year round

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Keeping a home clean and fresh smelling throughout the year takes effort and routine cleaning and management

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Home environments that promote relaxation and revitalization are essential, which means creating an inviting home space should always be top of mind for you – this year and all year-long! There are simple strategies you can employ all year-long that ensure an inviting space that feels fresh, clean, and revitalized – like using our helpful tips below for making year-long living spaces truly delightful!

Ventilation and Air Circulation

Ensuring clean indoor air requires regular ventilation by opening windows during mild weather. This is a sure way to keep home fresh. You can also try installing ceiling or portable fans to circulate air throughout your living space. You can also try purchasing and using air purifiers to increase indoor quality further or growing peace lilies and spider plants to filter it further and help minimize unpleasant odors in your environment.

Regular Cleaning and Decluttering

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Keep key cleaning materials to hand and replenish your supplies to ensure you are always ready and routine cleaning is maintained without interruption

Maintaining cleanliness in any home is vitally important to create an inviting, clean, and relaxing space for its inhabitants. Keeping home fresh will rely on this activity as a routine throughout the home. 

Set a regular cleaning regime so all areas remain tidy and you keep home fresh and air sweet smelling:

  • vacuum carpets regularly to remove allergens;
  • sweep floors as required for hard surfaces (veins);
  • mop hard surfaces regularly so as to rid of dirt, allergens or unpleasant odors;
  • maintain upholstery curtains bedding on an ongoing basis so as to minimize dust build-up while taking steps towards repairs before they deteriorate further!

Decluttering is key to creating an inviting living environment, so remove items contributing to clutter in order to simplify cleaning and make everything easily accessible. Consider categorizing and organizing all your belongings before seeking storage solutions that allow them to all fit nicely in one central place.

Odor Control

Keep the pet eating and sleeping areas clean and fresh with bowls washed on a regular basis

An unpleasant aroma can quickly overpower any environment. And to combat this effectively you must identify its sources and address them directly, with a counter attack on the smell. Then always ventilate to keep home fresh. 

Routine maintenance to keep your home fresh smelling

Routine tasks such as emptying garbage bins regularly or deodorizing fridge interiors regularly may help eliminate unpleasant odors Try using baking soda or vinegar natural odor absorbers in key positions like in the fridge, or near pet eating and sleeping areas.

Counter attack on nasty smells

These strategies may help eliminate animal waste odors. Meanwhile using candles, diffusers or natural air fresheners like citrus peels and fresh herbs add fresh aromas help to leave air clean and fragrant.

Alternative options

As one new alternative you could try a weed odor eliminator might provide even further fresh aromas while leaving air clean and fragrant throughout.

Integrate Natural Light and Greenery into Your Home

Integrating natural lighting and greenery into your home offers multiple advantages. Opening curtains or blinds during the day to let sunlight in can not only brighten up a space but can also kill bacteria, reduce dampness and boost mood – not to mention adding some positivity into your space!

Indoor plants not only add aesthetic beauty but also significantly improve air quality! Plants release oxygen while taking in carbon dioxide – creating an enjoyable living space and providing needed oxygen when necessary! By adding plants indoors you not only add aesthetic beauty but also boost quality!

Temperature and Humidity Control

Pet-sitting tip - keep dogs cool - Basset hound cooled by fan
Keep a home well ventilated year round if you can

Proper control of both temperature and humidity within your home is integral for creating the ideal living environment. In warmer months, air conditioning or fans should help alleviate excess humidity that might otherwise result in musty smells or mold growth, while insulation and heating systems create cozy warmth without producing dryness or mustiness.

Final thoughts on how to keep home fresh throughout the whole year

Homemakers who dedicate themselves to maintaining an inviting living environment throughout the year can do just that with some straightforward yet effective strategies.

Ways to keep home fresh year round include adequate ventilation, regular cleaning and decluttering sessions, odor control measures and adding natural lighting and greenery. By doing this, they will create an environment which uplifts spirits while simultaneously improving wellbeing overall.


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