Great reasons to keep pets at home

5 Sep, 2021

Great reasons to keep pets at home

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As every pet owner knows minding your pets yourself is a joy. However, when you have to find pet care for your pet friends when you go away that opens a set of challenges. The questions most people worry about are around whether or not to keep pets at home, or to find an alternative outside the home? In this article we describe the main reasons for petsitters and to keep pets at home when you travel.

Read on to consider all the sides of this argument and make your decision about what’s best for you and your pets.

Keep pets at home with a live in house sitter and petsitter

keep pets at home
Keep pets at home and they stay relaxed in their own home

Keeping a happy pet at home is a wonderful and fulfilling part of life. Some people who hesitate believe that there are advantages and disadvantages of having a pet. Nonetheless, they are obviously great companions. Plus they can help you teach your child to care for other beings. Moreover, many pets give back through a demonstration of affection and a friendly presence. So in one way the pets care for you.

Trusted pet sitters

When it comes to us caring for our pets when we are away, we have options. Many of us prefer to keep pets at home. Some of us prefer them to go somewhere else. However, pets staying in their own home with someone to care for them has advantages.

Is it good to keep pets at home?

Why do we keep pet animals at home? It’s hard to say whether keeping pets at home is good or bad. But here are some points to consider.

The advantages

If you have young or senior pets, or you need care for multiples then there are advantages for you to keep pets at home with a sitter.

  • The animals can maintain their routines – both feeding and exercise
  • Pets are usually more relaxed if routines are maintained even when the owners leave home for a time
  • If pets are relaxed then separation anxiety can be reduced
  • It can be much cheaper, with by petsitters and housesitters who live rent free in exchange for petsitting

The disadvantages of keeping pets at home

From another point of view here’s why we should not keep pets at home

  • You may have someone living in or visiting your home when you are not there
  • They may be confused by the fact that they are still at home but you are not

Trusted pet sitters

keep pets at home
Often make their own rules in a home, choosing where they prefer to sleep

The live in petsitter

Most pets are creatures of habit that’s why it makes sense to keep pets at home. They need to know that today is the same as yesterday and they will be fed, and can sleep when they want and there are familiar smells. Dogs and cats need very regular feeding routines.

However, some don’t do at all well with any change especially in their food or sleeping environment. With a live in petsitter you can prepare a briefing document to ensure that the routines are maintained as well as possible to minimise any disruption.

Trusted house sitting and petsitting arrangement

Inviting checked petsitters and house sitters from an accredited house sitting website  into your home is a trusted form of petsitting and housesitting. It gives you peace of mind to enjoy your holiday or business trip knowing that the sitter is experienced in petcare.

Where you find your house sitters is equally important.

There are many online sources offering to connect you to sitters for free. But what does free mean. Is the housesitter free? and is the website access for free? There are free house siting websites, however, they tend not to offer checking or security management.

In an article entitled Free House Sitting Websites or Free House Sitters we have debated the benefits and disadvantages.

Petsitters from petsitting and house sitting websites

Choosing to have a live in petsitter can bring great peace of mind. When you choose a petsitter from a petsitting and house sitting website like they are not professionals, however, they are usually very experienced in home and pet care.

You can brief them how you want, they can get to know the pets before you leave. And above all they can care for your pets in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

What is more, some petsitters wont charge you a penny for their pet sitting services. Instead they will ask for rent free living while they care for your property and pets.

Alternative pet care to keep pets at home when you are not there

There are options to use both professional and amateur resources to keep pets at home when you are away. The options vary significantly and will suit different pet owners for different reasons. Take a look and consider which is more suitable for you.

Top 7 pet minding options

The pet sit

1.Dog walkers –

Dog walkers are often asked to collect their pet charges from their home and to talk them on a walk. This is usually an activity of short duration, and gives the dog healthy exercise and stimulation during the day if you are unable to do this.

If you are working out of the home all day then you may need a dog walker to exercise and stimulate your dog so they are not cooped up in the house all alone while you are out. Dogs are social creatures and need activity and companionship.

Fees are often charged by the hour.

2. Doggy day care –

if you prefer to have a full day’s companionship for your dog, then consider doggy day care. It works pretty much like childcare at another premises. You deliver your pup to the venue, often with their own food and you are charged on a daily basis.

The activities usually include play and companionship with the other dogs at the doggy day care.

Fees are usually charged on a daily basis.

3. Cat feeding services –

If you have cats then you may only need cat feeding services. This will usually take place when the feeder reaches your house according to their schedule, however, they will often take in to consideration any specific timings you request. Fees are usually per feed.

4. Professional pet sitters help you keep pets at home –

Many people prefer to use professional pet sitters to care for and keep pets at home. These services are usually well managed with pet insurance in place.

However, the costs of a professional pet sitter can add up considerably over the number of days and weeks you are away from home. Fees usually charged by the day and by the pet and the chore.

5. Free pet checked sitters and house sitters

If you have used a petsitting and house sitting website before you’ll be familiar with the concept of free pet sitters and house sitters. By joining such a website you would gain access to a network of pet sitters and house sitters.

Publish the dates when you need a sitter

You can post an advert with dates, a general location and some descriptive text about the pet care and home care required while you are away.

Sitters will apply securely through the site and you will be able to message them also securely via the site. You can then arrange to meet either virtually or in person and agree terms of the house sit.

Earn reviews as host or guest

After you have completed the pet sit or housesit you can review each other. Money never changes hands by mutual agreement. It is a collaborative exchange of services.

Free house sitting websites in question

There are free house sitting websites, however, they may not suit everyone for specific reasons.

The price to join a paid for house sitting website should be a small annual fee to cover professional checking of members, administration and security on the website. If these charges are not being levied on the free housesitting site you may well ask how are these services being conducted?

And more importantly, are they being managed to protect the online site and data?

So before you choose a free housesitting website or free housesitters, consider the options. And check the reputation of the platform.

keep pets at home
Keep pets at home with a petsitter

6. Kennels and Catteries

Another popular option is the use of kennels and catteries. This is where you would take your pet to the kennels and book the pet in for a stay that covers your trip or holiday. The dog would mix with other dogs and will be fed, watered and monitored by the owners of the kennels.

The same goes for cats although they may be held separately for the duration of the stay.

There is a price to pay per night for each option and the price will depend on the quality of the venue.

7. Pet hotels

Usually a pet hotel is a more upmarket option. The pets are catered for more carefully and will likely have their own room and toys etc. There is usually more interaction with the people who work at the pet hotel to ensure the pets have more company. You need to plan well ahead and it is a very different experience for when you keep pets at home.

The price reflect the quality of care and is charged per night.

A final word on why it’s best to keep pets at home with petsitters

There is a wide range of options available for pet minding to help you plan your trip. Some of these options allow you to keep your pet at home where they are familiar with the smells, the home layout and all their own routines.

It can help to minimise any separation anxiety they may feel when you keep pets at home. This helps especially if young or senior pets. Several of those options involve a daily cost or per chore charge and a cost per pet. These can add up to significant charges over the year.



Join a professional service that offers access to help you find free checked live in petsitters and housesitters, for a moderate annual fee. These petsitters will help you keep pets at home safely and happy in their daily routine.


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