Keep pets healthy and warm in Winter

17 Jan, 2023

Keep pets healthy and warm in Winter

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If you are a pet owner and concerned about their welfare in cold weather read on. In this article we offer top tips on how to keep pets healthy and warm in Winter.

How to keep pets healthy and warm in Winter

keep pets healthy
Wearing a dog coat can keep your pet warm in cold weather

Dry winter skin is not just a human cold-weather problem. In fact, experts say that domestic animals, especially dogs, experience dry skin conditions that manifest itself in many ways, such as brittle hair or dandruff-like flaking. Dry skin can be uncomfortable for pets, and they usually end up scratching themselves frequently throughout the day.

Though scratching is normal for pets, excessive scratching can lead to serious wounds and infection. Thankfully, here are three ways to counteract the negative effects of harsh weather elements on your pet and keep them healthy and comfortable throughout the winter season.

Food and Diet to Keep Pets Healthy

The right nutrition will help keeps pets healthy.  Some pets enjoy the chilly season and like to cuddle up with you in a cozy blanket. Feeding them the right food in the right amounts is important especially during bone-chilling cold weather. Similar to humans, most domestic animals need the right nutrition.

That’s the right ration of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats and water to prepare themselves for the Winter. Besides proper nutrition, it is also recommended to adjust the portion sizes for your pet, essential to keep pets healthy. Remember they must work harder and burn more energy in order to stay warm during Winter.

A study states that pets need about two to three times their normal caloric intake as temperature starts to fall.

Winter Pet Clothes

keep pets healthy
Some pets need cold weather protection

Sometimes, our furry friends’ extra layer of fur is not enough to stop winter’s relentless effects. For this reason, making them wear appropriately thick clothes is crucial to give them the warmth they need without hampering mobility over the course of their active and busy life.

Aside from jackets and coats, a good pair of winter boots can encourage our four-legged companions to walk in the frigid snow and go out for the exercise they need.

This is particularly helpful for pet owners of slender breed or short-haired animals as their body mass is not equipped to handle extreme weather conditions. Not only will these winter coats and boots give your furry friend extra warmth, but it will also ensure that your pet stays healthy throughout the winter season.

Moisturize Their Skin

With the frosty weather starting our home heating system kick in. Using some dog-friendly and skin-soothing products should be on the top of your mind this winter season. One helpful tip is to apply petroleum jelly on their paws and in-between their toes before going outside for a walk. This helps to avoid skin irritation.

It helps keep their paws moist by creating a layer of protection on the skin. It works by locking in its natural moisture at the same time. While petroleum-based products are considered to be non-toxic for most pets be careful. Ingesting large amounts of it may lead to diarrhoea and vomiting.

Other alternatives for petroleum jelly include coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, and other vet-approved products in the market.

From flaky skin to chapped paws and everything in between, the Winter season can pose major health risks to our four-legged friends. To address this, it is advisable to incorporate a well-balanced diet with an optimal ratio of nutrients into their daily lives.

Also make sure they have warm clothing to help them conserve their body heat and an additional layer of protection. Keeping their skin moisturized can also significantly cut down on any skin irritation. It provides a much-needed relief through the winter months.

How to keep pets healthy and warm in summary

There are some good best practice tips for how to keep pets healthy. It starts with the food and nutrition. Make sure you follow best practice guidance for your pet, and adjust the nutrition and portions for the Winter season. Also some pets need a little Winter clothing to keep them warm in cold weather, especially if you are going outside.

Another top tip is to moisturise your pet’s skin, especially the paws, it is good to protect the pads of the paws.



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