Keep pets safe during home renovation

3 Jan, 2022

Keep pets safe during home renovation

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Every pet owner worries about how to keep pets safe during home renovation. With some pets it is easier than others. But whichever pet you have there will be issues to deal with like excessive dust, and noise and vibrations that will upset your pets.

How to keep pets safe during home renovation

keep pets safe during home renovations
Most pets will be shy of the noise and disruption in your home

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When your home is undergoing renovations, there will be a massive impact on everyone in the household, your pets included. Bear in mind; this is going to affect them too. While renovation works can be a big undertaking at the best of times, making sure your four-legged friend is safe and comfortable while the work is carried out should be just as important as the rest of the family.

So what exactly should you do if you have pets when having renovation work completed?

Plan ahead of your renovation

Sounds simple enough; after all, you will have already planned this thoroughly and will know what to expect. But will your tradespeople and your pet understand what is going on? The appearance of strangers, especially ones using machinery and creating destruction at first, can be unsettling for any animals within the home.

Keeping pets safe during renovations starts with preparation

Where possible, allow your pet to become familiar with those coming to your home; if you can conduct interviews at your home, then your pets can meet them at this point. This can avoid any protective or potentially aggressive behaviour.

Experienced contractors such as Blossom Avenue Kitchen Showroom will likely have encountered these situations before and can work with you to create the best experience possible. Ask about their working routine, what products and tools they will be using and if they are safe for pets, along with their experience working in homes with pets too (and if anyone doesn’t like dogs).

This can give you a feel for the contractors themselves and the potential impact this can have on your routine more than expected.

Create a space to keep pets safe during home renovation

In addition, you should provide a safe environment for your pet during the construction period. Ideally, that will be the place where your pup sleeps or eats. If this is not possible, it is best to move your pets creature comforts in small steps. That way they will have time to adjust and become acclimated to the new surroundings.

Opt for a room that’s as far away from the renovations as you can get away with.

Invest in some new toys or puzzle feeders to keep your animal’s mind from becoming distracted by the disturbances.

It is preferable to create a space where your animal can come and go freely. Your pet may become anxious about being locked in a room if they’re accustomed to having the run of your home and outside the territory. If you have to confine your animal, try to keep it as brief as possible.

If your entire house is being renovated and you’re away at work during the day, or if there’s absolutely no way to keep your animal and the construction site separate, consider boarding your pet with a friend or boarding it at kennels for the duration.

Keep them occupied

When the work starts, try to keep them outside the house as much as possible. Of course, this isn’t always realistic. However, the more time they have away from the renovation and the more worn out they are, the less they will be bothered by changes.

Try extended trips to the park, longer walks, time out and about running errands. You can also try making more of a fuss of them. All these can be great distraction techniques. They will help to reassure your dog you have their best interests at heart. Plus, the happier they feel, the less anxious they will be, which can only be a win-win situation all around.

Make a fuss over your pet so they know you love them

Stick to routine

This might be contradictory to the above point, especially if you don’t usually take your pet with you everywhere, but you still need a routine in place.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and this is no exception. When the events in their world are predictable, they feel safe and secure in their own skin. Renovating your home can throw all of that out the window, causing chaos and stress for your canine companion. Maintain as much consistency as possible in your dog’s daily routine while the renovations occur.

If your dog will need to be fed or sleep somewhere else in the house during the renovations, make arrangements for this now. 

With all this change happening around them, keeping to their regular schedule can instil a sense of normality and help them relax more.

Keep them safe

It isn’t always possible to contain your pet. However, while it can be fun to see them exploring the new space under construction, there will be potential hazards. Always keep an eye on where they are and what they are doing when not contained within the home’.

Power tools, accessories, paint, debris can all be harmful to your pet and any contractor if they get under their feet. Be wary of where you allow them to roam. Even though it is their home, too, if you don’t feel safe being in the area, your pet won’t be secure, and you need to manage this issue to ensure their health and safety when in the worksite.

Clean up as much as possible

Mess and renovation come hand in hand. Everyone knows this. Nut as much as you can keep the area clean and tidy or keep your dog well away, especially if they like to explore with their mouths or rush into situations excitedly.

Your contractors will do most of the clearing up. However, there will always be little corners of mess missed or another layer of dust settling in places due to final finishes. Being as productive as possible can remove contaminants from your home and away from your pets before they get the chance to explore it.

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Final notes on how to keep pets safe during home renovation

Pets will be affected by everything going around them. This makes it particularly important to keep pets safe during home renovation. A renovation means changing elements all around the home include the smells and appearance with new people coming and going.

Pets will be worried about loud noises they don’t recognise. What is more they will worry about not being able to roam around the home as freely as before.

All in all, planning what is likely to happen around your pet allow you to protect and prepare your pet. It will be a happier experience for your dog if you minimise any impact as the project progresses. It will all be worth it in the long run. Put steps in place to protect them they will be less traumatised by the experience and you can both enjoy the end results.


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