Keep your local school in excellent condition – Here’s how

20 Feb, 2023

Keep your local school in excellent condition – Here’s how

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Remarkable though it may seem quite a number of our Housesitmatch clients are involved in teaching.  Whether they are housesitters or home and petowners they may be teaching in the UK or abroad, helping to run schools. In this article, like in our Housesitmatch community, we share ideas and thoughts on how to help your local school.

How you can help your local school to stay in excellent condition

local school
Local communities can help to support the local school

The foundation of our society and our best chance for a brighter, more successful future is our educational system. In the right environment students may achieve success in through their education. No matter how much money is available, there are ways and means to maintain the local school in good condition.  In the following article we offer a few different approaches and some helpful hints. Keep reading!


Support funding for maintenance and repairs 

This sounds like a stretch, but there’s a reason it’s at the top of the list. By donating money for maintenance and repairs, you’ll help to ensure the environment at your local school is optimal. You can push for a larger budget by addressing the school board or even the local government. You could also participate in local tax efforts. Numerous opportunities exist of local communities to help the school. Here’s a guide to help you get started:

  • Attend school board meetings and voice support for maintenance and repairs. In addition, your presence provides you with a unique perspective on the budget expenses. You can see how the funds are being managed even if there is room for refresh or renovation. In addition, it sends a clear statement to the school board that your presence and involvement will not go forgotten.
  • Contact local political contacts because they can support the school. This support will enable the money to flow into the school’s upkeep.
  • Join a parent-teacher association or other groups associated with the school.
  • Urge other community members to take a tax initiative, as together you can effect change.

Look for reliable suppliers of equipment 

It’s usually a good idea to have a dependable supplier with cheap costs who is also prepared to make a few concessions. They could provide your school equipment at a discount. Most school-related equipment vendors are more than eager to offer you the fundamentals at a considerably lesser cost than the standard retail price, and with some, you can even make an agreement and pay them off later.

Furthermore, certain suppliers of school maintenance parts are eager to become sponsors of your basketball or football team in order to promote their company.

This also implies you may lobby for a few new jerseys with your company’s name on them, like this company that offers aluminium bleachers with branding.

We recommend searching for local businesses and suppliers since they frequently have strong feelings for the school and are more than prepared to make a tiny but significant donation. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep up with price changes, collect coupons, and wait until the Christmas season (when most items are cheaper).


Encourage good habits among the students 

This one is completely free and educational. The only thing you’ll have to do is hold regular school meetings with the staff and students. Make sure to promote positive values, encourage good habits, and talk about the DON’TS  such as damaging or defacing school property. Also, one good habit is teaching the students to develop an awareness of the school’s overall state and report any issues or damage done.

You can talk about how the school is their second home and the importance of cleanliness and overall maintenance. There is no point in buying new school equipment and investing in renovation if the staff and the students are not aware of the issue. Therefore, through educational material, pamphlets and even courses you can improve awareness and inspire them. 

Involve the community more

We have previously discussed how tax proposals are an excellent approach to increasing community involvement in school upkeep. Occasionally, however, not everyone is on board.  Plus there may be other cost-effective options available. For instance, you could plan a community cleaning day during which volunteers can assist with activities like collecting litter, painting and small repairs.

On school grounds, you could also plant a community garden where volunteers can assist, organize and offer fresh food for school meals. It is an engaging concept that provides more people in the community with a feeling of purpose and belonging. The majority of individuals like being a part of something larger, therefore the more the merrier.

You may also ask a local handyman whether they’ve handled repairs for less than their standard cost, and we’re certain that the majority will be prepared to pitch in.

Fundraisers, car washes, and bake sales 

Fundraising is a fantastic chance to present new concepts to the whole community. It can also  raise awareness about the expenses of upkeep, repairs, and replacements.

And if you are having trouble raising funds, have a bake sale and include the community. Or even a vehicle wash, since this is seen by the majority to be a more suitable kind of donation than merely providing money. It’s also worth emphasizing that having a mascot to deliver to the school is an excellent approach to earning funds, as most people will donate eagerly upon seeing your fluffy friend.

Perhaps you could form a community task committee to monitor the school’s maintenance requirements and assist prioritize repairs and enhancements.

And finally, give area companies and organizations volunteer opportunities, such as sponsoring a school program or giving materials.

local school
The children are a central point for the whole community
Search the net for used things 

Not only the internet but also newspapers and social media outlets. You’d be shocked how many individuals give their furniture away or sell it for a cheap price simply to declutter. You might also speak to your school board about equipment discarded by others. An idea is to go to a flea market and maybe even hire a local radio station to discuss the schools’ needs.

You might find that all kinds of people are prepared to give and contribute.

As you can see, the options are almost limitless, and it all comes down to your determination and imagination. We are certain that many others will share your excitement and be eager to make a little gift of their own.

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