Keeping a healthy garden – 10 Top Tips

28 Apr, 2020

Keeping a healthy garden – 10 Top Tips

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Many homeowners with gardens find regular maintenance routines to keep their gardens well presented. If you are a new homeowner you may still be working out your maintenance routines. Here are some excellent top tips to help you keep a healthy and presentable garden.

Keeping your garden healthy can be easy with a regular routine

10 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

Gardens make your backyard look better. On top of it, you can grow vegetables and fruits which can help reduce the trips to the grocery store. However, maintaining a healthy garden can be a struggle to some. If you want tips on maintaining healthy-looking grounds, here are 10 ways to do so. 

1. Use fertilizer and compost manure 

Ensuring you maintain healthy grounds starts with having a healthy and fertile soil composition. Poor soil will always result in having unhealthy crops. To get the soil healthy and fertile, you need to use fertilizer and manure. Check your soil with an expert to determine the right type of fertilizer to use on our garden. 

It is advisable to use organic compost manure to not only keep the soil fertile but also healthy. Organic manure introduces humus and organic material and organisms to keep the soil loose, aerated, and healthy. The trick is to use compost manure that is ready to as to avoid introducing pathogens and pests to your garden. 

2. Deal with pest and diseases 

Pests and diseases are the most notorious agents in making a garden unhealthy. As a result, they give all gardeners a nightmare. To deal with pest and diseases, ensure that you check the plants that you introduce to your garden prior to planting. This will help you identify plants that are infected with diseases and infested with pests. 

Furthermore, you are required to regularly check for pests and diseases and undertake proper measures to get rid of them. You should also use organic means to control pests and diseases such as planting plants and introducing insects like the ladybird which help keep off harmful pests and diseases. 

Spring time can present all kinds of new challenges with insects and rapid growth

3. Undertake regular pruning 

You should undertake regular pruning of the plants and trees on your grounds to ensure they are healthy. Pruning helps in the removal of dead stems and leaves. Pruning shears will always work fine especially when dealing with small twigs and leaves. However, in case you have larger twigs and leaves, you need to get loppers for the job.  

4. Clean leaf falls

Leaves tend to fall off from the plants with time. As a result, they tend to make the garden untidy and unhealthy as they could spread pest and diseases. Therefore, is important to regularly clean leaf falls to ensure that the garden stays healthy. You can use a rake for this purpose. You can also use a leaf blower to instantly clear off the pile of leaves in your garden. However, using a leaf blower can be a bit tricky if it is your first time. If you are invested in a gas-powered one, starting a gas leaf blower may include following carefully the required procedures.

5. Avoid crowding of plants and trees

When you have a small garden you may be tempted to crowd the plants. However, it is recommended to maintain appropriate space between the plants. It is important to note that the spacing of crops in a garden is much smaller than that used in farms. Manage the planting of all your plants and trees to ensure they are not too close. is a licensed professional for tree services that can help you assess your soil for fertilization on your garden. They also cater to bush shaping, tree trimming, lawn care, and landscaping that can transform your garden aesthetically but still serve its purpose. 

6. Water your garden plants 

Water is life to all living things. Your plants need to be watered especially in regions with less rainfall and during seasons when there is low precipitation. Mulching will also help to maintain soil moisture during dry seasons. 

7. Undertake proper planning before planting 

Planning the design of your grounds before planting is important. Therefore, you should plan the spacing, the crop variety to plant, and the way you will arrange them in your plot. After undertaking proper planning, you will be able to make the decision on the time of planting and how well to space them. Furthermore, planning ensures that the plants planted are healthier instead of unplanned planting. 

Making a plan to incorporate flowers can have quite an impact

8. Incorporate flowers in your garden 

You should always incorporate flowers to your garden even if it is mainly laid to produce vegetables. Flowers help to promote the aesthetic value of the garden. Furthermore, they increase the number of bees in your garden and other pollinators. These pollinators help in pollination of plants within your garden.

9. Fence the garden and create pathways

You should incorporate raised beds as they promote the productivity and health of your grounds. Once you create raised garden beds, you need to create designated paths to allow movement around the property. This will help in reducing the transmission of pest and diseases. Furthermore, they also make the management of the plants and property easier than if you are making do with a few ill fitting pieces. You should also add a beautiful wood fence around your garden to avoid unwarranted access by other people and pets. This will keep the garden healthy and safe from outside interference.

10. Get the right tools 

To manage our plants effectively, you need to find the right garden tools. The right tools will make your work easier, they help you achieve success with the tips given above. 

Get just the right tool for pruning


In conclusion, a healthy garden is productive and much tidier. You should always work to maintain your grounds if you are to get the best results out of it. A happy gardener is the one who maintains a healthy garden. Follow the above tips and guidelines and you will definitely be a happier gardener with a healthy garden. 

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