Keeping a Home Organized: 5 Top Tips

28 May, 2024

Keeping a Home Organized: 5 Top Tips

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As many a homeowner will know a neat and organized home is a happy home, and we have some tips to make keeping a home organized much easier. Your home’s storage is the key to finding a place for everything!

Keeping a Home Organized: 5 Top Tips for Stylish Storage Solutions

keeping a home organized with cushions straightened and shelves tidy
Keeping a home organized means straightening cushions on sofas and keeping shelves clean and tidy

Image credit: Anastasiia Chepinska

keeping a Home Organized Means Managing Storage and Clutter

Why do you think the worldwide interior design market made $150.7 billion last year and is projected to hit $255.4 billion by 2027? It’s because a) people want their homes to look great, and b) we need a little help with that. Many of us believe that keeping your home organized is a great help for ease and comfort in life as well as our mental health.

Home organization helps with this, especially when chaos meets its match in sleek, stylish solutions. Serene orderliness is the feeling that makes you want to kick off your shoes and sigh with contentment. But how do you achieve this nirvana of neatness without breaking the bank or sacrificing style.

Stylish storage solutions, minimalist shelving units, cleverly concealed boxes, and more. Evaluate your storage needs with a discerning eye, then see which of the below storage wonders will work in your space.

Solution #1: Add rustic charm and practicality to your home with barn storage

many cat and pet carriers boxes stacked on steps with cat looking on
If you have several pets their accessories and travel boxes take up a lot of space. You need extra storage

Photo by Sara32_jabar

We’re kicking things off with a power-play for home storage: barn-style sheds. These are a very practical in keeping a home organized.

These units offer functional elegance for your outdoor space, allowing you to de-clutter the main house and store large batches of belongings. How many things do you store in your home that are only used seasonally? This is the exact type of clutter that can be popped outside in a shed, only to be brought out when needed, freeing up valuable space indoors.

Home outdoor storage space

These sheds offer spacious interiors and double doors for easy access, and most are customizable with varying size options. You are also adding value and appeal to your property should it ever come time to sell. Lots of wins!

Using this kind of external space to keep items you use less frequently, can play a big role in home cleanliness, decluttering and keeping a home organized.

Solution #2: The simple addition of baskets

Storage baskets in a room setting
Storage baskets are a very practical solution to help in keeping a home organized

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova

Before you go big with kitchen and bathroom renovations to add more storage, opt for much cheaper options. Whether your living space resembles a cozy apartment or a sprawling mansion, baskets are versatile storage solutions that are a stylish statement in their own right.

Available in many shapes, sizes, and materials, a basket suits every room and aesthetic. Use them to corral blankets in the living room, playroom toys, or entryway shoes.

But baskets are more than just practical storage solutions; they’re decorative accents that upgrade your space from ordinary to extraordinary. For example, put a charming basket under a console table to conceal shoes and toys quietly while adding a visual flair to your hallway or entryway. 

Solution #3: Bringing in some functional furniture

De-clutter your home with decor! That’s one really practical tip to keeping a home organized. With functional furniture boasting built-in storage solutions, you can bid farewell to unsightly messes and hello to streamlined sophistication.

This may come in the form of an ottoman with hidden compartments, perfect for stashing away blankets or remote controls, or a coffee table with drawers, offering discreet storage for magazines and coasters. These pieces keep your space tidy and add an air of refinement to your decor.

The journey to a serene and stylish home isn’t about the scale of the task but the intention and dedication behind it. With each storage solution you implement, whether a new shelf or a cleverly concealed ottoman, you’re taking strides toward creating the clutter-free home you’ve always dreamed of. 

Solution #4: Modern sophistication with floating shelves

neat floating shelves with crockery
Floating shelves are a great way to tidy surfaces and keep everyday objects within easy reach

Photo courtesy of Pexels

A stylish storage solution that maximizes space and adds a touch of modern polish to any room – floating shelves. The allure of floating shelves lies in their clean lines and minimalist design, which effortlessly heighten the ambiance of any space. You may be showcasing cherished mementos, displaying books, or highlighting art pieces; these shelves transform bare walls into dynamic focal points, infusing your home with a sense of curated charm.

The beauty of floating shelves extends beyond their visual appeal; it’s their versatility that truly sets them apart. Create a storage nook in the bedroom or organize spices in the kitchen. These shelves adapt to suit any room and purpose. Their ability to blend with various decor styles—modern, rustic, or bohemian—makes them a must-have for every home when keeping a home organized is important to you.

living room and office space with different forms of shelving
Keeping a home organized can be a challenge if you live and work in the same space. Shelfing units are helpful

Photo by StockSnap

Styling floating shelves is a breeze, offering endless possibilities for creative expression. Play with arrangements by grouping items by color, mixing and matching sizes, or adding a touch of greenery with indoor plants. And remember, sometimes less is more. Leaving a bit of empty space adds a sense of airiness to your arrangement and allows each item to shine individually.

Solution #5: Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) above your garage

Keeping a home organized is a smart way to expand your living space while maintaining your garage’s functionality for parking and storage is a significant investment (typically costing between $200,000 and $350,000 for a 350-500 square foot unit), but it can yield a high return. An ADU brings value through increased property value and potential rental income down the track. 

An above-garage ADU offers versatile uses beyond financial benefits. It can serve as a living space for aging parents or guests, a home office, a workout area, accommodation for adult children, and, of course, a lot more storage. 

Note: The construction process involves several key steps: working with a professional architect to design your ADU, securing pre-approved loans, obtaining necessary design approvals from local building departments, and hiring a reliable contractor. 

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