Keeping cool this Summer – Top Tips for the Family

7 Jun, 2021

Keeping cool this Summer – Top Tips for the Family

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When the hot weather strikes each Summer every homeowner wishes they could cool their home. If you have a family the need to stay cool and unflustered becomes all the more important. Here are some top tips to help you and your family stay cool this Summer season.

Top Tips For Keeping The Family Cool in the Summer

keeping cool this summer
Keeping cool is important in hot Summer weather

The ultimate guide to keeping cool this Summer for you and the family: from water fights to window coolers and everything in between 

It’s hard to be filled with joy when the Summer months hit. The longer evenings mean we get to spend more time with friends and family. The sunny days make travelling, exploring, and adventuring infinitely more fun. Not to mention the fact that the kids get the school holidays off. It’s one of the times of the year when we get to spend a lot of quality time with them.  We can’t get enough of summer. 

However, we will be the first to admit there is a huge downside to the Summer months – the heat. A heat that doesn’t end when the sun goes down. A heat that is there when we wake up and when we go to bed. 

Keeping cool this Summer

Over the last few Summers, we have researched every keeping cool tip we could find to the test. Below you will find the 5 most effective hacks that will help to keep you and your family cool this Summer.  We’ve tried everything from personal fans to ice in our socks, and we’ve even tried putting our clothes in the freezer overnight. Today we’re going to share with you top picks from all our hard (and sometimes embarrassing) work. 

Follow our tips and this will be your coolest and best Summer ever. You can thank us later. 

#1 Stay hydrated (it’s more than drinking cold drinks) 

One of the simplest ways to stay cool and fend off illnesses like heat stroke is to stay hydrated.  With your little ones, you will want to stick to cold drinks. Water is the best option, however, we understand that kids can be fussy. Why not try freezing their squash or making ice cubes out of fruit juice. 

Alcohol is going to dehydrate you and do more harm than good in the long run. So swap your beers for a hot cup of tea. This might sound counterintuitive, but this is what people do in countries like Egypt and Turkey. 

Drinking the hot drink raises your body temperature and makes the air around you feel cooler. 

#2 Invest in a window cooler 

2 years ago we put a window cooler in the window of each bedroom in our house. There hasn’t been a night since where we have regretted this decision. 

A window cooler will suck all of the hot air out of your room and replace it with cool air. Over time the cool air that it is pushing out will cool the temperature of the rest of the air in the room. 

They are a very effective and low-cost way to keep bedrooms cool at night. This site helped us pick out the perfect coolers for our home –

keeping cool this Summer
An air conditioner can be a good investment if you live in a warm climate

#3 Water is your best friend (dust off your super soakers)

Water will be your best friend during the summer months. Why? Because it will help you emulate one of the body’s natural cooling systems. 

We sweat so that our bodies can lose heat as the sweat evaporates off our skin. Wearing wet clothes or shooting each other with super soakers can have the same effect. 

Getting your body wet and allowing it to dry off is one of the best ways to keep cool in the summer. 

You may also want to break out a paddling pool in your gardens so your little ones can dip in and out of it whenever they get too hot.  

#4 Sunscreen! 

Burnt skin radiates heat and being in a warm environment only makes it hurt more. No matter how tempting a bronze and glowy tan is, it’s important to wear sunscreen throughout the sunny months. A tan from a bottle will make you look just as good and won’t damage your skin. 

If you are following our previous tip and spending a lot of time in the water then make sure you invest in waterproof sunscreen. Water will actually refract the sunlight, making it stronger. So when you are underwater you are likely to burn more quickly, but you don’t notice because the water is cooling your skin. 

keeping cool this Summer
Keep hydrated especially in warm weather

#5 Shade and Circulation 

The two things you will appreciate the most in summer are shade and circulation. 

The shade will keep the hot sun off your skin – helping you to keep cool and prevent you from burning. 

Circulation will help you to keep your rooms cool. It will also create something called wind chill. This tricks your body into cooling itself down as it rushes past your skin. 

It is important to consider all these pointers while you are keeping cool this Summer. If you are taking a holiday and going away from home then plan to find housesitters.


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