Keeping pets at home with no garden – Top Tips

21 Jul, 2022

Keeping pets at home with no garden – Top Tips

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It is clear that the best house for most pet owners, is one with a garden. But depending on where you live and your finances then this might not be possible. Therefore, you have to look for ways to make their lives and yours, better. Here are a few ideas to help you with keeping pets at home with no garden.

Adopt some for your living space and both you and your friend will benefit.

Make life better for you and your pets at home without a garden

pets at home with no garden
If you keep pets at home with no garden but have a balcony – create a safe outdoor space for your pets

Trying to make your life and your pet’s life better in a home without a garden doesn’t need much money, or effort. In this article we offer a number of simple ways you can adapt your routines and set up to make the most of your environment. This will benefit you and your pet in due course.

Create more light in every room

Natural light is an important part of our life cycle. People who work at night tend to understand that better than others. This is mainly because they face the difficulty of having to remain awake when the sun goes down. And then they have to sleep when the sun is up in the day. When you spend a lot of time inside the house, and it is the same for your animal, then you must make sure that natural light comes into all the rooms. This will help you both adapt better to the natural rhythms and daily cycle of life.

Of course, cats tend to be more awake and active at night than dogs. But if you own a cat, and it sleeps with you, then you know that they can also go through this part of the day sleeping calmly.

pets at home with no garden
Make sure you have plenty of natural light in your living space if you keep pets at home with no garden

Special touches to improve apartment living with pets

You might live in a high rise building. Sometimes these apartments or flats have facade systems, made of glass from floor to ceiling. In this case you certainly won’t have a problem letting in the natural light that you need.

If that is not the case, then consider getting aluminium window systems. They are the best way to modify your walls, since they can be adapted into any format that you may need. You can also play around with window shapes. For example why not have a round window in one of the rooms.

But most of all, the new aluminium windows are treated so that you get the best thermal efficiency out of them. This will help you save on your energy bill, all the while enjoying the sunlight coming in. What is more new working windows mean you wont worry about the cost of keeping your home fresh.

Place cushions everywhere – Encourage independence

If you keep pets at home with no garden consider that they need a living and a recreational space. An animal that lives inside the house at all times, often follows you everywhere going with you from room to room. We see more dependency with these pets than the ones that can actually go outside independently.

If this is the case in your home, try to ensure that they can be comfortable in every room. This will help to encourage their independence. Although cats tend to choose the location where they want to lay, more than dogs.

However, if you leave comfortable cushions for them all around the home while they are young they will form independent habits of finding those cushions, choosing where they go independently.

Pets love to make cushions their own personal spaces – leave a few for them in each room

Dogs certainly will. However, they become possessive. So don’t wash them too often. They like the scent that they leave behind. It is part of the comfort of home, for them.

Adapt the balcony so you can both enjoy It

If the location you live is warm enough to sit outside year round, take the time to make the balcony a useable space. Go there at least once a day. Take your pet. It can become a great place to be if you have pets and no garden.

Make the best of it. Recreate nature around you if you have space. Keep plants and flowers in baskets. They can be suspended or sit position on the balcony floor.

Keep a comfortable chair on the balcony for you. This way you will be tempted to go out, as often as you can with your pet. Create a nice space for your dog or cat, as well. Leave a bowl of fresh water outside, so that your pet can go sit by itself, whenever it feels the need to get a bit of fresh air.

Ideally if you have enough space place a table or desk, where you can work. If you are someone that works from home this also gives you a fresh and interesting alternative environment for your work routine. Don’t miss out on natural light even if you have to work in the day. 

Create a playroom for your pet at home

This might be the hardest part if you keep pets at home with no garden, but to create a playroom is very useful for you and the pet. If you have the space to do so make a point of doing this. It will make keeping pets at home with no garden much better. Animals need to exercise as much as they can.

If you don’t have a backyard where they are able to run, then you should at least create an environment where they can play with their favourite toys. You don’t need much to keep them entertain, even by themselves. All home pets tend to have their favourite toy.

It can be a small doll that they will throw around, or rolling balls that make noises. Just ensure that there is enough space for your pet to actually move around. 

Maintain walking routines – Essential for dogs

Dog walking routines can become a key part of the day when there is no direct access to a garden at home

Living in an apartment is simply a place to be. And many pets can get used to a life with no garden for immediate access. However, for dogs walking routines can become essential and a critical part of their day.

Dogs are intelligent and need stimulation in many ways. So maintain your dog walking routines to ensure they get exercise and that they too can enjoy the variety of life outside your home.

Keeping pets at home with no garden – The work arounds

Not having a garden may not be optimal when living with an animal. However, keeping pets at home with no garden is not impossible by any means as you have just read. You can adapt the living space to let in natural light with helps both you and your pet.

You can create particular routines and habits in your pet to help them gain independence and enjoy the comfort of the whole living space on their own. You can also create a safe outdoor space on a balcony if you have one. So as we you can see, there are ways to make your life and theirs, better in many ways even if you live in an apartment with no garden. 

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