Keeping Pets in Dubai: Regulations and Essential Tips

16 Jun, 2022

Keeping Pets in Dubai: Regulations and Essential Tips

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Dubai is a wonderful destination for holidays and work. For many people who live and work in the city keeping pets in Dubai can be important for their family and lifestyle. But whether you are a homeowner or a housesitter, what do you need to know to look after pets there? Read this blog to learn the vital facts.

Keeping pets in Dubai: What you must know

keeping pets in Dubai
Dubai is a dynamic city in which to live and visit

Going on vacation to the UAE and don’t want to leave your furry friend behind? You can take them with you, but you should know there are strict rules regarding bringing and keeping pets in Dubai.

For instance, before entry to the UAE, you need to acquire an import permit from the Ministry of Climate Change & Environment and make sure that the animal has a health certificate. Depending on the animal and the breed, there might be more paperwork.

Even after you manage to get your pet into the country, you may encounter problems with accommodation. Many hotels have their own pet rules, which in many cases prohibit them.

That’s why if you and your pet plan to be frequent visitors to Dubai, it might be a good idea to purchase a place of your own. One of the options is to buy Metropolitan properties — this way you will be sure you’re getting a decent deal.

Now let’s take a closer look at pet rules in Dubai.

Health and Maintenance Rules

Before keeping pets in Dubai you need to do some research about which pets you are allowed and where they are allowed to go. Upon your arrival in Dubai with a furry friend, you need to pay attention to some very particular rules:

1.Make sure it is legal to have your pet in the UAE

Dogs, cats, parrots, or small mammals like hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets are welcomed in the UAE. However, exotic pets are illegal to bring along. Also, some dog breeds are forbidden to enter. Among them are:

  • Different types of Terriers
  • American Bully
  • Different types of Mastiffs
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Presa Canario
keeping pets in Dubai
Keeping pets in Dubai is easy. Easier with some pets than others

The full list of banned dog breeds can be found here.

2. Registration and vaccination

Before coming to the UAE, you have to make sure your pet is registered and fully vaccinated. Moreover, your pet needs a microchip and a health certificate.

  • Cleaning and restraining

It is mandatory to clean up after your pet in the UAE as well as take full responsibility for its actions. For example, if your dog attacks someone or harms someone’s property, you will need to pay a fine of Dh500 or more.

Veterinary clinics in Dubai

If you are keeping pets in Dubai, make sure you know if they need additional procedures or vaccines after you’ve arrived. You can go to one of the numerous vet clinics in the city. If you want to choose the best one, make sure they have the following features:

  • A wide range of services offered
  • Good reputation and long history
  • Location within 30-40 minutes driving distance (for your and your pet’s convenience)

Some of the good choices are Noble Veterinary Clinic, Deira Veterinary Clinic, and Modern Vet Hospital.

Keeping pets in Dubai and getting pet Insurance

Having a pet always comes with a responsibility for the health of bellowed animals. That is why you need pet insurance, which allows you to take care of your pet without extra expenditures. You always know that it will cover your animal’s medical bills.

Unfortunately, it is not a common practice in Dubai. But there is an alternative, which means that you can buy a subscription to a chosen veterinary clinic. It helps to reduce the cost of treatment and stay among urgent clients.

Getting a pet in Dubai

If you do not have a pet yet and are thinking of keeping pets in Dubai, begin to make a plan.

But before going to an animal shop, consider giving a chance for a happy life to a dog or cat from a shelter. Licensed shelters will provide you with an already microchipped and sterilized animal. Also, your pet will be dewormed and fully vaccinated. Here are a few reliable shelters in Dubai:


One of the oldest and most popular animal shelters in Dubai is K9 FRIENDS. It has been operating since 1989. Within its walls, there are more than 120 dogs and puppies. You can adopt a pet or simply bring some food for the doggies and volunteer for a bit.


The non-profit organization which cooperates with the UAE government rescues injured and abused cats and dogs. Afterwards, they are vaccinated, neutered, and chipped. When pets are fully recovered, they are ready to be adopted by a responsible person. The founders of Red Paw believe that every cat and dog deserves to be cared for by loving people.


The temporary home for over 5,000 animals is at SNIFF. All of them were abandoned and then rescued by the organization. By adopting a pet from SNIFF, you will be able to use a comprehensive after-adoption service.

However, adopting a pet is only the beginning. Pet lovers must obey some rules while living with them in Dubai.

Places for walking dogs

keeping dogs in Dubai
You have options for walking dogs in the city and outside

In Dubai, your dog must be on a leash at all times in public places. This is essential to know if you are thinking of keeping pets in Dubai. Bigger breeds need to be muzzled. You cannot ride any kind of public transport (including a taxi) with your dog.

Furthermore, it is prohibited to take dogs to shopping malls, most parks and beaches (popular places like the Jumeirah Beach Residence and Dubai Marina’s promenade are no exception). Even so, every dog needs training and fresh air. So, here is a list of dog-friendly places in Dubai:

  • Desert outside the city
  • The Pointe
  • Burj Park
  • JLT
  • Irish Village
  • Arabian Ranches

Be careful and always check for the newest information, because the violation of rules entails significant fines.

To sum up on keeping pets in Dubai

Even though there are many requirements for pet owners in Dubai, the city is becoming more and more cat- and dog-friendly. There are more and more public spaces where you can bring your pet without violating rules and regulations.

But if you want to set your own rules for keeping pets in Dubai and in your home, you may consider buying your own property instead of searching for pet-friendly hotels.



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