Keeping pets is good for you – Here’s why

24 Feb, 2020

Keeping pets is good for you – Here’s why

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Many of us have considered keeping pets at home, or indeed have enjoyed pets at home for both company and entertainment value. As a pet owner aside from needing to plan ahead to ensure you have good house and petsitters when you have to go away, there are only benefits. Moreover, did you know that keeping pets at home is actually good for you for a variety of reasons? Read this blog to learn why.

Why keeping pets is beneficial for you

keeping pets
Keeping pets is good for you for a variety of reasons

Have you ever considered buying a pet but were unsure if you are really ready to take on all the responsibility? And then there is the pet care and finding house and petsitters when you are away.

While having a pet definitely can be a lot of work, there are also a lot of benefits that come with them. In that sense, it makes all the responsibilities worth it. Not only will the pet provide a ton of health and well being benefits for you, but they will also improve the lives of everyone around you as well.

If you need a little more convincing, here are several reasons why keeping a pet is beneficial to you:

Pets Offer Companionship

Stroking cats is calming and reduces blood pressure

Humans, scientifically speaking, are social beings. We need interactions with others in our daily lives to captivate us and keep us sane. That’s why many of us keep pets at home for company and entertainment value.

For some of us, however, finding this interaction can be difficult. If you live alone and find that you are lonely, having either a cat or a dog can be a fantastic choice. Having a cat is known to be therapeutic helping to calm anxious people, and reduce blood pressure.

Keeping pets creates positive interactions

According to an article at, West Highland white terrier dogs, Golden Retrievers, or many other dog breeds can help give you the interactions you need in your life. Dogs are very affectionate creatures and can help you feel the love and care you need in your life.

The amazing thing about dogs as well is that their love is unconditional and no matter what, they will run to you as soon as you walk in the door after a long day of work. If you are lonely and seeking some form of companionship in your life, keeping pets is a positive force. Look into getting a dog. It will help you feel right at home with their presence, companionship and unconditional love.

Some cats like to be walked and create an interesting talking point

They Will Make You a Social Magnet

By simply walking down the street with your dog you instantly become noticeable and draw attention.. You’ll certainly be noticed by other dog owners. Dogs do that for you.  As your dog runs or tugs on the leash to meet and greet other dogs on the street, so you will have contact with other owners. 

People will come up to you to talk to you about your dog and so also to get to know you.

If you are sociable, or looking to make new friends, having a dog or walkable pet can give you that extra boost. Having a fun dog to walk is an easy way to start a conversation with fellow dog walkers. 

They Help Reduce Stress

While dogs can provide companionship, they also can reduce your stress and help you to live a much healthier lifestyle. Scientific studies have shown that spending time with your dog reduces stress levels and blood pressure, which in turn reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

This is due to the affection a dog gives you and the affection you give back to the dog. Not only are these furry creatures a ton of fun to be with, they also help to make your life that much better and longer. This is one of the biggest benefits towards getting your own pet.

Keeping dogs help to keep you active

Keeping pets like dogs will ensure you stay active

If you find that you are living a sedentary lifestyle, a dog can definitely change your physical routines for you. Keeping pets takes energy. Dogs have a ton of energy and require walks and playtime daily.  If exercising is a struggle for you, getting a dog could be a solution. With a dog you’ll be going for regular walks by necessity for you and the dog.

In addition, games like fetch and chasing your dog around the garden can burn more calories than you think. It can make a real difference in your lifestyle. Don’t underestimate the amount of exercise you can get from having a dog. Many people have ended up losing weight simply by owning and caring for these beautiful creatures.

Dogs need regular walks which in turn means you stay fit

Dogs and cats are often considered beacons of unconditional love, well dogs for sure! And if they are well cared for, and lead healthy lives, they’ll improve your life too. If you’re feeling lonely your pet will provide companionship.  Your pets can make it really easy to get to know new people. By simply walking the dog, or cat, it is easy to start a conversation with fellow pet owners.

And if daily stress is proving a challenge, a dog can help. Because you need to maintain their routines, in so doing you escape your own thoughts for a time each day.

Finally, a dog can provide you with an extra boost of exercise and activity. With all the benefits of having a pet, why note consider keeping a pet.

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