Last minute house-sitter Maidenhead UK

14 Apr, 2016

Last minute house-sitter Maidenhead UK

Once in a while we are asked to help in a crisis to find an emergency house-sitter or specialist pet-sitters within 24 hours. Recently one of our housesit adverts read – Last minute house-sitter Maidenhead. This usually occurs because someone has been taken to hospital unexpectedly – either the owner or a relative living far from the pet owner or an unexpected journey is involved. And of course the pets must be cared for, and usually no one else in the family can step in at the last minute.  That’s when we have been called in to help.

Urgent request – house-sitter Maidenhead

One of the advantages of running a managed house-sitting network where we try to meet and connect with as many of the members as possible is that we can usually keep tap on where sitters are active and if they might be available.  Finding dog-sitters to care for your pets in their home can be a great relief, especially if the arrangements are last minute.

Two dogs waiting for house-sitter to give them a treat
Duke and Bonny waiting for a nighttime treat. Routine is important

Such a situation arose recently where a new homeowner registered on behalf of her mother who is suffering from Alzheimers and was unexpectedly hospitalised. Tiggey, the daughter stated in her profile that she needed to find a reliable house-sitter who was available for one month starting as soon as possible, explaining that her mother had been admitted to hospital unexpectedly and her two dogs were at home needing care and attention. Although Tiggey has two other sisters they are all full time professionals, living at some distance from the house and have fur and human families of their own to care for. Finding the right house-sitter she was convinced was the right answer for the dogs and the house while her mother was in hospital. Then she and her sisters could focus on their mother and her care as well as their own families and homes.

Tapping onto her laptop she happened across the website and read some of the Trustpilot testimonials  and sitter profiles. Before long she had registered and created a housesit advert stating how urgent the situation was and that the dogs really needed someone experienced and reliable to cherish them in their own home. Her housesit advert emphasised the need for a last minute house-sitter Maidenhead UK.

Maidenhead, an attractive house-sitting location

The house is located in Maidenhead so she was hoping someone wanting a convenient location, only a one mile walk into the town centre and the River Thames would be happy to take up the opportunity of caring for the adorable dogs even at such short notice.

house-sitting in Maidenhead with the historic railway bridge painted by TURNER in 1844
Maidenhead Railway Bridge by Turner, 1844

The town is over 400 years old and boasts a Victorian railway bridge designed and built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, although there has been a bridge crossing the River Thames at this point since the year 1280. There is a wonderful strip of the River Thames that runs through the town lined by parks and historic pubs over looking the river. There is also a main line train station into London Paddington Station.

David a new house-sitter, local to Maidenhead

Enter David, a house-sitter only recently registered with HouseSitMatch. We had met a couple of times, first because he wanted to find out more about house-sitting in order to assess his suitability, and then he had explained to me his motivations for house-sitting, wanting to cut his accommodation costs and indulge his love of dogs. As a recent graduate he can’t afford to keep a dog at the moment.  He explained that if he could secure a couple of local housesits and he enjoyed the experience he would be keen to go further afield, however, he doesn’t drive so he would need to be located at walking distance from the shops or public transport.

I explained that it can be a challenge for single men to find housesits if they are new to this life and don’t yet have an online review or 5 star rating with any of the housesitting platforms. But I assured him that we have helped many new sitters make successful introductions to this housesitting lifestyle and I felt sure that with his pet care experience and gardening skills experience, some good references from employers and friends we would find him a suitable housesit to get started. Then if he did a good job and he secured his first 5 star rating as a house-sitter on HouseSitMatch he would go on to other exciting housesits around the country and perhaps further afield.

The unique HouseSitMatch house-sitting review system

The HouseSitMatch 5 star review system is bespoke and can be trusted, and each review is tied to a particular housesit and each house-sitter and homeowner involved in the housesit. The review cannot be changed by anyone once published, nor can it be edited by copying and pasting from another site. They are therefore authentic reviews that reflect the real experience of each member involved in a housesit. We try to emphasize that good communications are critical for a successful housesit, and the reviews can be the litmus test for this.  We are here to help our members have the best experience possible.

The dogs show David the dog-sitter a great deal of affection - house-sitter Maidenhead
The dogs take to David the dog-sitter straight away

Meet, greet and the house-sitter moves in

The next day Tiggey arranged to meet David, our new ‘house-sitter Maidenhead’, where he met the dogs for the first time and they instantly took to him. She then she started to ask him a whole series of questions, and after a while when she felt sure the dogs were very happy with him and he with them, she completely surprised David by asking if he could move right in! He said yes, and started his house-sitting life in Maidenhead that very night!

The gardening needs a great deal of care and to be brought back under control. This Spring it has been left to grow a little wild. David, the new ‘house-sitter Maidenhead’ seemed comfortable and even excited, he enjoys gardening and often helped his previous landlord maintain the property. So care for the dogs, the property and garden would suit him very well indeed and will save him a month’s accommodation costs.

If you would like to register as a house-sitter like David follow this link 

If you need a house-sitter and would like to register as a homeowner follow this link

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  1. David Cox

    Thank you Lamia, the blog looks awesome.

  2. David Cox

    Thank you Lamia, the blog looks awesome.

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    Good job David 🙂

  4. Bragi Jonsson

    Good job David 🙂

  5. Bragi Jonsson

    Good job David 🙂

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