Leather furniture care and maintenance

8 Dec, 2020

Leather furniture care and maintenance

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When you finally find your forever home, and start to choose key items to place in your living space, how often do you consider leather furniture. And as a homeowner you may have worried about investing in leather but fear not. Heed these few simple pointers of the care and maintenance of your leather pieces and you’ll enjoy them for many years to come.

leather furniture
Leather furniture adds something to the home atmosphere

How To Clean and Care For Your Expensive Leather Furniture?

Leather furniture exudes elegance and class. Contemporary, modern, or rustic, leather furniture blends well with every décor style while creating a distinctive look and lending an unprecedented appeal to your home. The only fly in the ointment is that cleaning and caring for leather furniture is back-breaking. Although counted amongst the most durable and low-maintenance options for home furnishing, cleaning leather furniture comes easy only to those who know the right way for caring and cleaning the expensive leather upholstery. 

If you haven’t yet discovered the right way of caring for your classy Gamma furniture, let us put an end to your arduous quest. Here are some easy ways to clean and care for your expensive leather furniture:

  • Clean leather furniture regularly 

Leather is counted amongst the most long-lasting upholstery, given it is cleaned regularly. If neglected, it starts to appear worn out. 

To ensure that your most prized possession basks in its eternal beauty, spare some time from your busy routine and clean it. Cleaning leather furniture once a week is ideal, but if you use it way too much, cleaning twice a week is recommended. 

Here’s a breakdown of the correct cleaning process for your leather furniture:

  • Using a soft cloth, brush off all the dust and dirt from the surface of the upholstery. To clean dirt lodged in hard to reach areas, use the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe the surface of the upholstery with a damp cloth. Make sure you use distilled water because tap water, which is rich in chlorine, hampers the finish of the leather. Perform a patch test to see how your leather furniture reacts to it.
  • Once every 2 or 4 weeks, clean your sofa with a good quality leather cleaning product. Instead of relying on all-purpose cleaning sprays or wipes, invest in good quality leather cleaners. They will that efficiently clean the upholstery without harming its texture, color, or finish. 
  • Once cleaned, let the furniture dry naturally.  
leather furniture
Accidents will happen so manage spillages carefully
  • Condition the upholstery regularly 

If your leather furniture is soft and supple, credit it to the natural oils present in leather. To restore these natural oils, regularly condition the surface of the upholstery with special leather protection creams. 

Leather conditioners work by nourishing the material and also fortify it against stains caused due to spills. Moreover, with a protective layer covering your leather sofa or chair, you won’t have to worry about the dyes that tend to seep into the leather from clothes. 

  • Buff the surface 

Buffing the upholstery with a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth helps in retaining the natural shine of the leather. Moreover, if your leather furniture has many unsightly scratches, regular buffing will help in reducing them. 

  • Keep your leather furniture away from direct sunlight 

Keeping your leather sofas or chairs in direct sunlight or near any heat source is a guaranteed way of inviting cracks on the leather surface. Heat causes dryness, which ultimately leads to cracking. So, place your furniture away from windows, air conditioning units, radiators, or fireplaces. 

If you can’t prevent your furniture from sun and heat completely, minimize exposure to enhance the shelf-life of your leather furniture. 

  • Deal with spills like a pro 

No matter how hard you try, you cannot completely avoid spilling food, wine, or other liquid on your expensive leather furniture. But, you can be prompt and save your furniture from getting permanent stains. 

If you spill something on the upholstery surface, be quick and blot it with a clean and dry cloth. Do not wipe the surface at any cost as it can make things worse. Prompt blotting prevents the spillage from seeping into the surface. 

Use leather cleaners to deal with severe spillages. 

Choose your favourite furniture in your forever home

Leather furniture maintenance essentials

As already mentioned, leather is the most durable of all the other upholstery options. Take proper care of your leather furniture using these tips and keep your furniture forever new. 


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