LED lighting – 8 benefits of LED high bay lighting

15 May, 2021

LED lighting – 8 benefits of LED high bay lighting

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If you’re building a large structure on a property, whether as a homeowner or an investor, you need good lighting. If your structure has very high ceilings or wide internal spaces you may be facing a challenge to light that space. Here are 8 top benefits of LED lighting and LED high bay lighting which may help you decide.

8 Benefits of LED high bay lighting

LED lighting
Lighting large and tall spaces takes careful consideration

When you need to illuminate a big area, especially the large indoor spaces, high bay lighting is ideal. It is usually the ideal option for places like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, factories, large department stores, and more.

Facilities like these are generally huge spaces, and they need to cover a lot of vertical and horizontal space. To illuminate areas like these properly, you need powerful lighting offering adequate foot-candle levels. Instead of LED high bay lighting, these lights are typically hung from the ceiling with hooks, pendants, or changes. They might also be fixed to the ceiling sometimes.

Many facilities and industries require high bay lighting to illuminate the whole area. Here are some of the most common places where led high bay lighting are used often:

  • Industrial facilities (Commonly LED high bay lighting are used here)
  • Warehouses
  • Municipal facilities like community centres or recreation centres
  • School and university gymnasiums
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Commercial places like department stores

Advantages of LED bay lights vs conventional high bay lights

LED lighting
LED Lights have many advantages not least the cost efficiency when lighting big spaces

Throughout the years, many types of lighting technologies were in use, and some still are still in use for places like warehouses and other industrial settings. The most common type of LED lights used were lights like MH or metal halide, fluorescent and high-pressure sodium.

These bulbs have their pros and cons, but LED lighting often outperforms contemporary counterparts in the most vital categories. There are also Dimmable LEDs that allow you to save more on electricity bills.

The best dimmable led lights may be up to 70% more efficient.

Like 150w LED high bay lighting from lepro that claims to be 66% more efficient with added adjustment for the brightness to save energy with the standard 1-10V dimmer.

Below are some of the advantages of LED high bay lighting and whether you should consider LED retrofit:

Energy savings

LED lights can be just as effective and last longer

Did you know what lighting costs account for almost 5 percent of a company’s overall electric consumption? In cold storage facilities and warehouses where electricity is used sparingly, 5% of total consumption sums up to quite a lot of power. Companies currently are trying to cut down on consumption to reduce unnecessary expenses, and LED lighting delivers quite the power-saving prowess.

LED lights have made giant technological development in the passing years, and the efficiency of LED high bay lights is very efficient. They are able to convert more power into light than heat. This makes them especially suitable for home lighting design, as well as industrial and commercial use.

Light Uniformity

LED lights can project more uniform light. LEDs often have softer lights, and they are able to even lit places with a good projection. It is a well-known fact that LEDs are able to distribute light better than most other counterparts, and a high bay LED lighting compared to that of a CFL, or fluorescent light, has less distortion.

Less Heat

LED lighting
LED light bulbs generate less heat per bulb

It is perhaps one of the most significant differences between a LED light, and a conventional light is that LEDs produce less heat. This helps LED bay lights keep a large facility relatively cool during the summertime.

LED high bay light vs. Metal Halide high bay light

Metal halide lights are usually seen to illuminate the fields at a balling game; if you have ever been to a balling game, chances are you have already seen metal halide lights illuminating the areas. These lights are prevalent in warehouses as they are for sporting and industrial uses. The main benefit of MH lights is their color rendering and accurate foot candle levels.

The major drawback includes long warmup time, and its expensive maintenance cost given their failure characteristics, with the flicker issue seem to affect them sooner or later.

Compare that to the long lifespan of LED lights (new LED lights last anywhere between 50,000 to 1000,000 hours). LEDs are also very efficient, wasting significantly less energy as it performs its illuminating task. The light quality is high, and the maintenance is cheap.

LED lighting vs. HPS

HPS or high-pressure sodium lights are often seen in places such as recreational facilities, warehouses, and business or industrial facilities. These are the typical places where bay lights are most appropriate. The benefit of HPS lights is that it’s cheap, has high energy efficiency with a pretty long life span. HPS beats most of the conventional light bulbs in these categories but ends up losing on all three counts to LED lights.

LED high bay lights seem to be consistently beating most of their competition in all accords. The downside of HPS lights is that it has a terrible reputation for color rendering, and it has a long warmup period.

LED lighting vs. fluorescent light

LED lighting strips are rapidly replacing old fashioned strip lighting

It is uncommon to see fluorescent lighting in industrial applications. The benefit of fluorescent lights is: they are cheap, and they have high efficiency. The downsides include the decrease in lifespan if turned on and off too frequently, the presence of toxic mercury, and a ballast requirement to keep the light stabilized. Led light once again beats fluorescent light in all of the categories.

Softer light and durable structure

LEDs are easier on the eyes, and they last a long time. They are so durable that they have reached a point where one can say they are damage-proof and maintenance-free. A fluorescent light would also usually flicker when you turn it on, unlike a LED light.

Higher quality light

LED lighting comes in all shapes and sizes

The high bay industrial LED lighting usually scores better in comparison to other bulbs. The color rendering is better, which makes it rank high in CRI or color rendering index; the ranking in CCT is also better, which is correlated color temperature and even in foot candles.

CRI measures how close the light can recreate color in objects compared to an ideal light source or natural light. The CCT describes the glow type of a bulb, whether it’s warm(red) or cool (blue). Foot candles compare the amount of light hitting the desired surface in relation to the light coming from a source. LEDs score very decently in all of them.

Good home lighting plans using LED lighting also enhances a decor or the look of the furniture you have chosen, because of the quality of light shed.

LED lighting in summary

As it stands to reason, LED lighting tends to reign supreme against most other lighting options. Whether you are using high bay or LED recessed lighting, they are energy efficient, have better durability, last longer, produce less heat and come off as jack of all trades.



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