Living room update – Contemporary styles

13 Jul, 2022

Living room update – Contemporary styles

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There comes a time after decorating your home that every homeowner begins to feel a little bored of their chosen style. Consider all the styles and decors you’ve pulled together. Is it time for a living room update?

6 Styles for a living room update

living room update
Living rooms are busy and where families spend a lot of time

It’s only natural to want some stylistic changes after a few years and a living room update is a great idea. Daily we draw inspiration from the media and all sorts of places. You may even find inspiration by visiting friends’ houses.

When it comes to your own living room, it can matter more than for most rooms. It is the space you tend to see most often. When you are relaxing at home you may spend your down time after work with your family.  That’s when looking around you realise you need a living room update.

Even by making some very simple changes you can make a huge difference. Investing in new living room decorations can sometimes not be enough. Read our list of compiled living room updates you can make without spending a lot of money:

Modern radiators

Sometimes when it comes to the radiators within your living room, it may feel as though they are a necessary eyesore, particularly if you live in a climate where they are required frequently throughout the year. However, this does not have to be the case.

A great way to make your radiator stand out is to opt for a cast iron radiator that can make a beautiful focal point in the room due to the intricate designs available. Many cast iron radiators can have ornate patterning, and it is also possible to paint over the metallic finish with specialised paint if you choose to go with a brighter colour.

Given the metallic finish of cast iron radiators, they do not rust easily if looked after properly. This style of radiator requires an oil every few months; however, this ensures that the rusting and wear of your radiator are avoided.

If you prefer a more modern radiator style, installing a tall vertical radiator may be a good idea. This, in turn, will blend with your room whilst providing a great heat source. There are also tall vertical radiators with mirrored surfaces that will help reflect more light into your room.

living room update
Look for ways to refresh the look and feel of your space

Skirting boards

Adding skirting boards to your room can provide a beautifully refined finish, particularly if your room has decorative wallpaper or bright paint on the walls. Skirting boards can pull a cohesive look together for your room whilst simultaneously providing a necessary stop-gap between your floorboards and walls. This stops the potentiality of a gap which can gather dirt and dust that can be difficult to clean out fully.

Most commonly, many skirting boards are kept within neutral tones of white or wood; however, the colour possibilities are endless with good wood paint. This can be a great way to spruce up your living room without major changes.

The ceiling

A great way to make your living room more interesting is to consider painting your ceiling. While opting for a neutral colour is a classic decorative move, it may be time to try something different. This change can be as subtle as you would like, with a good way to change things up being to consider a light pink or other pastel shade of colour. This can add more warmth to your room. Alternatively, you can use a dark or bright colour to draw the eye upwards. You can add more style to your living room by choosing a different colour from the norm.

Another interesting idea is to consider adding Cornicing to the edging of your ceiling, alongside a traditional Ceiling Rose to go around the base of your light fitting. Although regarding the Ceiling Rose, the best results are typically when your lighting fixture is in the centre of the room.

Living room fireplaces

leather furniture
A fireplace adds something to the home atmosphere

Even though you may have a fireplace in your living room that is not connected to any chimneys, it can be a transformative centrepiece in any room. Many great electrical alternatives can provide the necessary heat to your room.

This period feature has been lost over time, with many modern homes not requiring one; however, adding a fireplace can make a house feel more homely. A fireplace can also provide a great opportunity to add more decorative items onto the top of it, further showcasing your personality.


Door handles

A subtle way to show consistency within your living room and home in general, is to edit door furniture. Replace any worn or plain door handles with sturdy, ornate ones. You can make a statement by choosing an alternative style or finish across all the rooms in your house.

However, when choosing your living room style, it is a good idea to consider all the room fittings. Match your light switch fittings, window handles, and even all your cupboard handles to your chosen style. You can also replace your handles on pieces of furniture. Swap them for other styles. This can give your current furniture a new lease of life.



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