Long-term travel, made affordable

26 Apr, 2013

Long-term travel, made affordable

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Ideas for long term travel, and what to do to make it affordable…

Long term travel gives opportunities to learn, explore, and broaden horizons. Here Rachel Morgan Trimmer Founder of the Career Break Site offers ideas on making long term travel affordable

Long-term travel is a wonderful opportunity for those who can do it and those who can afford it. And when you talk to the lucky few who manage to take a career break you realise its not just lolling about on a beach, chatting up locals or eating weird snacks from street food stalls. You have a whole world of options for you out there and a number of ways you can make an extended trip more affordable. Here are some things you can do on your travels which will look good on your CV, help your personal development, and could even lead to a new career!

1. Write a long term travel blog

Whether you do it just for fun or to earn some money, a long term travel blog is a great way to hone your writing skills, discipline yourself and create a record of your trip.

2. House-sitting to save money on accommodation

Long term travel offers other opportunities, for free accommodation by house-sitting. Not only can house-sitting save you money while you are travelling it can help you get to know the country you are visiting from a locals point of view. Moreover it can help you rationalise and make practical the affordability of extending your trip.

3. Document your long term travel  – record your trip in film and photography

Again, you can do this just for your own benefit, or use it as the starting point for a new career.

Long term travel and a view of a lake in New Zealand


4. Long term travel allows you to learn something new

Languages, sports, cooking, martial arts, dance – theres bound to be a course to suit you, whether you want just a one-dayer or to train for months. Or maybe even try learning a new sport.

Playing kickball

5. Work during long term travel

You’ll earn enough to keep on travelling and you’ll get some good experience while you’re at it! If you find a good method of working virtually then you have a portable income.

6. Long term travel volunteering

There are many volunteer programmes you can access on the web. You’ll learn useful skills that will look great on your CV, plus you’ll be giving something back.

7. Make a list for your long term travel

Give your trip a theme or purpose. For example, you could take a daily walk somewhere new, go to every museum you can find, or eat your way around the world!

8. Do some research ahead of time to optimise your long term travel

If you’ve ever wanted to know about a country’s history or culture, nows your chance to find out! While the main sites are often a must, try and seek out a new angle, a fresh perspective on the country and cities you are visiting.

9. Think (and plan) your long term travel

If you’re not sure yet what you’re going to do when you get back, take some time to think about what you really want to do, then you can plan your next steps. Whatever you do on your travels, make sure its something that you really want to do. And you’ll never regret it!

This article was written by RACHEL MORGAN-TRIMMER, founder of The Career Break Site. For more on long-term travel, visit The Career Break Site.

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