Long term view of home investments

21 Jun, 2023

Long term view of home investments

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Taking the long view on home investments and installations as a homeowner can give you a better perspective on the return on investment. If you have bought a property and plan to live in it for some time to come then it makes sense to add the features and convenient installations that will make it a long lasting home for you and your family. Read on to learn our top tips on how to take the long term view on home investments.

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A home is, in itself, an asset you can appreciate. A good home can provide you with comfort, the chance to raise a family and the willingness to make warm memories, but it’s also a good financial decision, often providing you with an asset cheaper than market-rate rental payments in the surrounding area for a similar-sized property.

However, while homes can increase in value over time simply because of their location and the general market, it’s true to say that investment in its functionality, design and care will have a huge impact too.

That said, it’s not as if you’ll just invest in your house so it offers a more competitive resale, but also because you have to live there too. As such, taking a long-term view of home investments and determining their value based on actual projected value and comfort, security or utility is helpful to say the least.

In this post, we’ll help you make that distinction more easily, and hopefully provide a framework you can use to move forward with that in mind:


Energy Efficiency & Renewable Home investments

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Roof top solar panels are increasingly popular home installations

Energy efficiency and renewable investment have to be among the most pressing and important to make in your home. This is because investment in renewables, like solar panels installation, will pay for itself over time in saved energy expenditure.

This, coupled with the reduced emissions you put out as a result of harnessing the power of the sun, and your property will have become fundamentally more supportive of the environment.

Taking a long-term view, there is no downside. The upfront expenditure is also easy to onboard with, as quick and easy installation, and sometimes even government grants can help you install solar into your household more easily. 


Underlying Structural Integrity

It’s always helpful to take measures to improve the structural security and integrity of your building, especially if you’ve noticed issues or plan to extend upwards or outwards. This will provide the foundational framework you can use for future plans, and it also helps you avoid a nasty surprise unnoticed by the previous homeowner later on down the line.

For example, it may be that you’ve been planning to renovate your attic space into more of a bedroom. This is one of the most popular home investments. However, the roping system hasn’t been renovated or altered for ten years.

It may be that you’d prefer to enact a more solid metal roof to secure its structural integrity, protect it even further from environmental pressures, and to properly format the underlying structure so internal renovations can proceed.

That kind of long-term investment shows a vision for your home that you can then capitalize on.


Constructions With Long-Form Warranties

Just as buying a better-quality pair of boots can help you avoid having to replace them later on and thus spend more, opting for servicing with strong warranties can be ideal. It may be that you’re tired of having to replace your driveway every five years due to crumbling tarmac.

In this case, you might utilize a driveway specialist that can offer you a fifteen-year warranty on an epoxy resin driveway and also offer you a custom aesthetic design as part of that. Not only is that worthwhile but considering the payments you may have made with replacements and other maintenance fixes like water runoff, that can be an ideal investment to make.

On top of that, if a company is very comfortable in offering such a long warranty, there’s a good chance that the material used will last for a longer while than that. For instance, our example of epoxy resin driveways can last up to 25 years with good maintenance and proper care.


Home Automation Investments

Home automation may seem like a novelty now, but with the continual standardization of certain fixtures like doorbell cameras, you may realize that setting up your home to be compatible is ideal. And so these are among the most common and accessible home investments today.

One of the most popular home investments today is the installation of broadband in your home. Setting up a better router network around your household can make your internet-abled automated appliances gain good connectivity from anywhere in the house, and also provides the grounding for you to set up media centres where you need them – such as a television and games console in your growing teen’s bedroom.

Home automation may also be as simple as investing in gates that open with remote control, giving you the chance to make your home convenient and secure in one fell swoop. As better technology comes out, you will have set the stage for its adoption. After all, not all home investment is a grim measurement of the value of each purchase, you’re allowed to have fun too.

With this advice, you’re sure to take a long-term view of home installations and investments, to your eternal benefit.

A final word on your home investments and installations

Whether you are toying with the installation of a faster broadband in your home, or significantly more substantial home investments like a house extension, take the long view. A longer term perspective on your investment and the time and energy invested in making these changes to your property will feel and pay rewards not only when you come to sell but over the years you live in your property. You will get the full benefit in both ways.


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