Looking for a new mattress? How to find the best one

27 Oct, 2021

Looking for a new mattress? How to find the best one

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Whether you are a homeowner or renting a home having a comfortable bed is essential. We all need a good night’s sleep. And making sure bed and mattress are comfortable is a great start. So if you are looking for a new mattress, read this article. Here we offer some great tips on how to find the best one for you.

Looking for a new mattress?

Bed and mattress hunting: Know how to find the best beds

looking for a new mattress
Consider your health, comfort and style when looking for a mattress

Don’t be too intimidated by the actual task of buying a mattress or even just searching for one. It’s quite the non-challenging one. As long as you know what to keep in your head the entire time you’re out and about in the store scouting for a mattress that catches your attention. Then you should not have an ounce of doubt in your head since you should already have some sort of mental checklist to remind you what you should keep an eye out for.

Mattress facts to remember

For you to find a highest rated mattress in the store, then you’re going to need to remember quite the number of factors that go into making a mattress amazing. Don’t get too stuck on the thinking that if a mattress is expensive, then everything else that comes in the mattress is also worth the price. You’d best believe that there are mattresses out there that cost you more than what you’d want and can barely even last half a decade!

But with proper research, you can even find some great hotel mattress brands affordable for everyone, if you like the feeling of a luxury hotel for your bedroom. When researching, pay attention to details such as the density of the foam layers, natural fibers like wool and silk, cooling technology, and edge support capabilities. Additionally, remember to read reviews from past customers; this feedback is invaluable when selecting the perfect mattress option.

Think of the features you like when looking for a new mattress

Imagine that people love sleep so much that they would create many types of mattresses just to elevate their comfort when they sleep at night – the thought doesn’t seem too far-fetched, right? Well, because it’s a thing. As a result, there are more than three types of mattresses that you can find in the market. Still, most of the time, stores almost always stick to accommodating only the three common types of mattresses that people want.

First of all, the traditional spring mattress is probably the first imagery that comes into your head when you think about a mattress. It has a layer of coiled metals which make it very durable. There are memory foam mattresses that offer everything soft and squishy. Finally, the hybrid mattress is a happy mixture of the traditional spring and memory foam mattresses.

The mattress size your lifestyle needs

looking for a new mattress
Consider the size of bed and mattress for your home

This is also an essential factor when deciding what mattress you should get. Mattress size contributes to your overall comfort when sleeping. More space to wiggle about means you don’t have to worry about falling off the bed subconsciously! You can’t say that you’re getting the best sleep of your life if your sleeping space is bang-on-the-center where you can’t even flip to the left or right without fearing you’ll fall off the sides.

It would help if you also considered your lifestyle when choosing a mattress size for your home. First of all, do you need space for more than just you? Do you have a partner that just adores sleeping next to you, or do you have a child that loves squeezing in between you and your lover? Don’t get anything too big, though. You wouldn’t want the bed to be spilling out the sides of your bed frame, now would you? It would just look weird.

Find a bed mattress that suits your health

This is quite the factor to consider when mattress shopping. You’ll probably want to consult with your healthcare provider to see if there’s anything you need to consider in a mattress. For example, does your back need more support than usual? Does your sleeping style and pattern affect your muscles and joints? How can your choice of mattress help? These are important factors when looking for a new mattress.

Well, your health history is something that you should know, especially when making a long-term investment like a mattress. For example, if you’re the type to sleep on your back, then maybe you’re going to want to get a mattress with a moderate firmness to give your back the proper support it needs. Likewise, suppose you have allergies to things like dust or dead skin. In that case, you’re going to want to avoid getting a mattress that’s excellent at absorbing those things from the air.

The mattress firmness you want

Getting a mattress that’s too firm for anyone’s liking isn’t the most brilliant move at all, right? Don’t even think that getting the firmest mattress in the store means it’s the best! It would end up hurting you more than actually making you feel good when sleeping. Too firm of a mattress wouldn’t provide you with the pressure relief you need when sleeping, so your joints are just going to hurt.

Adversely, getting a mattress too soft wouldn’t give you any of the spine support that, well, your spine needs. Every time you get into bed, it would just be too soft to resist your body weight fully. You’d just end up sinking to the centre, where your back is greeted with the hard metal or wood of your bed frame. Choose your firmness levels appropriately!

Final tip on looking for a new mattress

Remember, when you are looking for a new mattress don’t get too caught up in the price of a mattress.

The price shouldn’t be your main priority, but it should still be one of the factors that you should consider. Try checking some online buying guides and mattress reviews and comparisons like Ecosa vs Koala mattress comparison to know the type of mattress suited for you and your family.

It would be best if you came up with your plan or checklist before even coming into the store so that you could just hop into the store and dip out as quickly as you can!



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