Looking for housesitters – 10 Great tips

21 Sep, 2022

Looking for housesitters – 10 Great tips

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If you are a homeowner and like to travel away from home, then likely you are looking for housesitters. If you have a holiday home or you have pets you may also need checked and vetted petsitters to care for them when you are absent. Read on to learn how to find affordable home and pet care for when you are not there. .

Looking for housesitters? Here’s how to find them

looking for housesitters
Finding a good housesitter who will care for your pets and property gives peace of mind

What is a house sitter?

A house sitter is someone whom you choose to care for your home and pets while living in your home. Their duties can vary and expand according to your requirements, their skill sets and amenability.

It is good to know that while you are away on holiday you can have peace of mind knowing there is someone there to keep your home safe. Start by looking for housesitters to help you.

How do you find house sitters and pet sitters to help?

But how do you find the sitters already checked and with home care experience? Look no further, we at Housesitmatch.com can help you to find suitable sitters that are already checked and with experience.

These days there are a range of housesitting platforms like Housesitmatch that offer wide access to pre-checked house and petsitters through a managed network.

Advantage of a housesitting platform and network

Using a housesitting platform to start looking for housesitters can save you a great deal of money. You may have to pay a small annual fee to register, however, once you have created a profile the rest is easy as they say.

Looking for house sitters

The best part about the housesitting arrangement is that no money changes hands. The house sitters will housesit and petsit, for free in exchange for free accommodation. It’s a win win for all including the pets who get to stay in their own home undisturbed.

improve home security
When you are looking for housesitters to be in your home, you are hoping they will care for your pets and keep the property occupied

Step by step of using house sitting websites

  • First step – Join as a member of the housesitting platform – You will need to register and pay the small annual fee. For Housesitmatch registration fees follow this link. Usually there are security measures like asking you to use a Username to veil your real identity.
  • Get ID checked – On a well managed site there is likely an ID checking procedure as part of your registration. Once you have been through the standard ID checking procedure, the checked sign a symbol of online trust displays on your profile. It says to other members that you are a collaborative member of the community. At Housesitmatch we use an in-depth ID checking system that asks for 3 forms of ID of every new member.
  • Then you create a profile – When you are building your profile, remember to include lots of appealing details, and share attractive features of your property, location and pets to attract applicants.
  • Create an attractive housesit advert – By creating a strong advert you draw attention to your housesit assignment. Make it as strong a proposition as you can so you create the best opportunity to find  housesitters to care for your property and pets. If you are promoting a second home, perhaps a holiday home, then think carefully about all the attractions of this particular location. Think like a tourist and consider what might appeal to first time visitors.
  • Include relevant and practical information – There are some very useful check list facts that you should always consider when promoting your assignment and looking for housesitters. How far is your home from the nearest public transport, and name the nearest airport. Does your home have any attractive features like characterful architecture, a swimming pool or air conditioning.  Are you close to a city or town with fun places to visit.
  • Describe your pets if you have any that need pet minding – What kind of pets do you have and what ages are they? Are they healthy? Will they need medication? Do they need regular exercise and if so how much? Do you need specialist experience to care for your pets? Some pet owners have exotic pets like snakes, and not everyone is happy to feed a snake it’s daily mouse, so you need to be open about these requests.
  • Say if your property needs any maintenance – Do you have a garden? Does your drive way need tending or raking? If this is a Summer housesit will there be much gardening to be done if any?
  • Review all your applications with an open mind – When y9ou are looking for housesitters, some may come from your local region. And, others may even come from abroad. Consider all the applicants carefully, the best ones for your particular assignment may come from the furthest possible location, try to get to know as many as possible before deciding.
  • Interview all the applicants to find housesitters who are a good match – Make time to interview as many of the sitters as you can. There are many free virtual tools you can use today to meet people face to face on line like ZOOM or Skype. The real time discussion you have between you can be very helpful to help you find housesitters you can trust.
  • Review your housesitter after the housesit assignment – After the housesit assignment is completed you must remember to review your housesitter. On Housesitmatch the system will automatically send you a prompt to review your sitter on the final day of the assignment. And remember they too will review you online. So it is good to make a good effort as a host, and ensure there is good communication between you all throughout the process.
looking for housesitters
The best part about finding housesitters is that you can make new friends in the process

Dog sitter near me – Is that what you need?

Whether you need long term house sitting or short term pet sitters do some research and work out the best option. And consider the trusted house sitters cost before you make that commitment. Having free housesitters living in to care for your dog is an affordable kennel alternative.

Dog sitters that come to your house

So the idea of inviting a pet sitter into your home to care for your pets and your property becomes a good idea. And housesitting and pet sitting networks will connect you to checked sitters with reviews of previous assignments published against their profile. All you need to do is start looking for housesitters.

Do I need a professional pet sitting service?

Before you commit to paying vast sums of money to a professional pet sitting service, consider all our options. Do you need a boarding kennels or not?

Dog sitting and housesitting duties combined

If a dog sitter is living in your home and caring for your pets then they will also look after your property, keeping it clean the grass cut and similar chores.

Check out what are the responsibilities of a housesitter.

Help when looking for house sitters – In summary

So if you are planning a trip and you have started looking for housesitters to keep your home, property and pets safe and well cared for in your absence look no further. We can help you at Housesitmatch.com.

We specialise in helping homeowners when they are looking for housesitters, to find the best possible match for their needs. So join us soon and we’ll help you to get started.


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