Love houses and buildings? Become an architect

7 Jul, 2020

Love houses and buildings? Become an architect

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You don’t have to be a homeowner to appreciate the clever structures and engineering of houses and buildings. However, if the design and craft in the engineering intrigues you and you find you are fascinated by the art of property and construction, maybe a career in architecture is for you. Read on for some information on what to do next to explore this opportunity.

houses and buildings
The Cultural Centre in Beku, Azerbaijan. Architect – Zaha Hadid

Becoming an Architect

Have you ever marvelled at the intricate details of old, Gothic buildings? Or been awestruck by the simplicity and elegance of modern buildings? If a stunning architectural design always catches your eye, you might have even thought about whether you’d like to create something that amazing, too.

A career in architecture can be an exciting, challenging, and satisfying experience. And is perfect for those with a drive to create. There is a lot of work that goes into learning the trade, however, and so you must be prepared to dedicate years to achieve your goals. houses and buildings just isn’t enough. You need to study.

If this is something that sounds appealing to you, these are the things you will need to do to become an architect.


You will need to have received a college education as your first step on this career path. Enrolling in an undergraduate architecture program is a good place to start. You may want to consider continuing your studies with an architecture masters program.

However, you don’t necessarily need an undergrad degree in architecture to move onto a master’s or start your career in architecture. Regardless, you will have to take alternative training and courses to fulfil your ambition.

Casa Batllo, Barcelona in Spain. Architect – Antoni Gaudi

Architectural Experience Program

Another essential learning course you will need to embrace is the Architectural Experience Program. Enrol in this program either after you have received your degree, or as soon as you graduate from high school if you decided that college isn’t the right path for you. You will need to record your work experience as part of the requirements either in an architectural firm or with another relevant company. It will help you understand the critical areas of your role as an architect and develop your skills.

Internships – Learning about houses and buildings

Work experience is preferred for many job prospects. However, in architecture it is vital. If you’re willing and able, it might be a good idea to try to secure an internship while you study. Be mindful not to let it interfere with your schooling. You can keep researching houses and property while you study and before you start formal training in architecture.

Most architects wait until after achieving their qualifications to apply for such work experience opportunities. They help not only in learning the basics of the job but making useful contacts in the industry. If you impress the firm that you’re interning for, you may be offered an entry-level job after your internship.

House interior. Architect – Daniel Libeskind

Architectural Registration Exam

Yes, this is yet another exam to pass. But it is a necessary step towards getting your architect’s license. Throughout your studies and work experience, you will be learning all of the required information you will need to pass this exam, and it covers topics such as project management, project design and planning, and construction evaluation. You can take this exam during your time at your internships and as you’re enrolled in the Architectural Experience Program.

The Corner – Architect – Sir Edwin Lutyens

Get Your License

Finally, you will need to obtain the relevant architecture license for the state you’re living in.  The certification that qualifies you to construct and engineer houses and buildings is regionally based. Each state has its requirements. And you will need to research this before you apply. Once you have secured a license in your state, it will be easier to become a licensed architect in other parts of the US, too, and it will help with your career progression.

If you want to build incredible structures that inspire generations to come, start your journey to becoming an architect.


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