Low maintenance landscaping – Travelling homeowners

1 Feb, 2023

Low maintenance landscaping – Travelling homeowners

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People are travelling again thirsty for new experiences and hungry for adventure. Are you one of the growing class of travelling homeowners? People who have gone through lockdown and now are now determined to see the world, enjoy travel and perhaps even take time for slow travel? If so how do you manage your home and garden? Whether you use housesitters or you want low maintenance landscaping read this blog.

Low maintenance landscaping ideas for travelling homeowners

travelling homeowners
Keep the garden maintenance to a minimum

For many people, traveling is the spice of life. Getting the chance to see new places and experience diverse cultures is truly a bucket-list item. However, there is no denying that traveling presents some challenges for the homeowner. Namely, what to do about the lawn? To help in this regard, keep reading for 7 low-maintenance landscaping ideas for the traveling homeowner!

Xeriscape the lawn

The most transformative and all-encompassing way to reduce your exterior maintenance requirements is to xeriscape the lawn. This involves replacing grass with stone landscaping. A xeriscaped lawn not only requires no water, but it is not damaged by harsh weather or foot traffic. Favored by people in the desert and low water climates for years, xeriscaping is increasing in popularity among environmentally conscious homeowners all across the country who want to reduce consumption on their properties.

Install artificial turf

If you like the idea of eliminating the watering requirements for your property but just can’t give up the green in your exterior, then a switch to artificial turf may be the ideal option. Using a system of green fibres or plastic polymers to represent grass and backed by a volume-adding infill material such as silica sand, rubber, or envirofill, artificial turf is popular among homeowners who want a consistently green appearance in their lawns without the need to constantly mow, water, and fertilize. 

travelling homeowners
Grow an easy case lawn in your garden

Upgrade to a permeable gravel driveway

Concrete driveways look stunning when new, but the lustre can wear off rather quickly. It’s worth knowing that concrete is highly porous, resulting in water absorption that will cause cracks during the freeze/thaw cycle. Concrete will also be at risk of buckling if heavy runoff washes away the substrate. Therefore, to help promote consistency of appearance and ensure an undamaged driveway when returning from a long absence, many homeowners are exploring the benefits of permeable gravel driveways.

Using innovative permeable pavers that hold gravel in place, permeable gravel driveways are not at risk of rutting or erosion concerns that plagued traditional gravel driveways. By allowing optimal drainage and reducing runoff, permeable paver grids will help keep the driveway and all surrounding landscaping pristine. 

Show some love to the sidewalks

Like the driveway, concrete sidewalks can be upgraded using permeable pavers to facilitate stone options. However, if you are not ready to give up your concrete sidewalks, there are some steps you can take to make them more durable and low maintenance. For example, you can install slot drains to ensure that runoff doesn’t wash away the substrate or adjoining lawn. You should also repair any cracks in the sidewalk before they inevitably spread and treat the sidewalk with a high-quality sealer to reduce its porosity and help it hold up in the winter. 

Plant low maintenance grasses

If moving on from natural grass is a deal breaker for you, then it is important to choose grass types that require as little attention as possible. Bermudagrass, zoysia grass, and buffalo grass are some examples of drought resistant, low-maintenance choices that will likely do okay even if you have to skip a water cycle. Another great option is fescue grass. Not only is it drought resistant, but most homeowners report only needing to mow fescue strains a couple of times a year, giving travellers the confidence that they won’t be returning to an unkempt jungle.

Implement a drip watering system

Use a watering system to keep your plants healthy in your absence, or bring in housesitters

For those intent on keeping their natural grass exteriors, watering the lawn creates a real dilemma when away. Do you pay the neighbor kid who you aren’t really sure will do it correctly? Does that one sprinkler head continue to soak the side of the house? To help alleviate these concerns, it is a great idea to consider implementing a drip irrigation system. A drip irrigation system uses a system of tubular emitters that release moisture directly to the grassroots. This can guarantee that water is being introduced directly where it is needed most and prevent overwatering, erosion, and fungal build-up when you are not there to monitor progress.

Consider the benefits of a green roof

A major concern with traditional roofs and gutter systems is that they facilitate storm water runoff, which can contaminate groundwater and cause erosion. Therefore, one of the more innovative landscaping ideas you can take is the implementation of a green roof. Using a combination of roof deck pavers and vegetation, green roofs are trendy among homeowners looking for environmentally friendly design concepts. By choosing the proper plants and pavers with the appropriate drainage, the vegetation on the roof can optimize precipitation and sun usage which keeps the home looking pristine and well insulated.

Decking areas can help to reduce garden maintenance

Minimize landscaping work for travelling homeowners

As travelling homeowners it is naturally to have one eye on what is going on back home. It is hard to enjoy your traveling adventures to the fullest when your mind is constantly on the condition of your house. From xeriscaping to drip irrigation, consider any of the 7 low maintenance landscaping ideas listed above to guarantee your exterior is taken care of while you are traveling!



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