Low maintenance pets for college students

4 Apr, 2023

Low maintenance pets for college students

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On Housesitmatch we frequently draw students as housesitters and pet sitters because housesitting offers affordable travel. We do occasionally find that students also want to have pets themselves. In this article we offer top tips on low maintenance pets for college students. Read on to learn more.

Low maintenance pets for college students

low maintenance pets
Guinea pigs make excellent pets for students, they are low maintenance and friendly

Photo by Dan Barrett

As a college student, you’re probably overwhelmed with assignments, deadlines, and the constant need to balance your social and academic life. With all these responsibilities, you may think that you don’t have time for a pet. However, owning a pet can significantly reduce stress, improve your mental health, and get something to look forward to after a long day of studying. 

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That’s why low maintenance pets can be perfect for college students who want the companionship of a pet without the added stress of high maintenance costs. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of low maintenance pets and list the top best pets for college students.

Benefits of low maintenance pets for college students

The most outstanding benefit of low maintenance pets is companionship. They can be great partners when you are a loner or looking to save on the costs of putting up with a roommate. Here are additional motivations why you should consider adopting a pet:

Improved mental health –

Having a low maintenance pet can be a comforting and uplifting experience for student pet owners

Having stable mental health is an essential requirement for high academic performance. However, the pressures that come with the need to balance school work and other life responsibilities can cause loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

These issues greatly affect a student’s mental health and ability to be productive. As a result, there comes a time when one has to find a solution, whether it is adopting emotional support animals or getting roommates.

The expenses involved in upkeep are a thing to consider. The best option is to keep low-maintenance pets, as they can provide emotional support and improve mental health. They can give a sense of purpose and are always there to listen and offer unconditional love.

Enhanced social skills –

Low maintenance pets for college students are instrumental in boosting their social skills. Pets are great conversation starters. They can help you meet new people and start conversations based on mutual interest in a specific species. For instance, you can meet new friends and build great social relationships with people having the same interest in pets, such as low maintenance dogs.

Taking them for a walk within your neighborhood is a great way to meet other pet owners. Hence, if you’re looking for a perfect way to build and maintain close social relationships, the best way would be to have a pet.

Responsibility for low maintenance pets – 

Owning low maintenance pets for students requires responsibility. You will have the duty to take care of their meals, hygiene, exercise, and health. These responsibilities will shape you for life outside living alone as you start experiencing the gist of having a family from caring for the pet.

If you need to feel the thrill, the best option would be to adopt low-maintenance pets that are easy to keep and look after. You will learn a lot of things in the process while at the same time enjoying a non-distractive company.

Reduced stress and anxiety –

College life can be stressful, and sometimes it feels like there’s no escape from the constant demands of school. However, owning a pet can be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Petting a dog or cat can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, which can help you relax and reduce your stress levels. Stress and anxiety are significant causes of poor academic performance.

Therefore, finding ways to cope with them, including adopting the easiest pets, is a welcome idea.

Lower cost –

Low-maintenance pets are often less expensive than other pets. They require less food, fewer toys, and fewer vet visits. One of the options, if you are considering operating within limited budgets, is to go for low maintenance cats, as they are the easiest pets to deal with. You will enjoy much peace with a companion who cares about you and doesn’t push you to invest much money.

The best thing is that you can use them as emotional support animals when faced with mental burdens.

Low maintenance pets are easy to care for –

Low-maintenance pets are easy to care for, which can be an excellent option for college students without much free time. You can always let me stay in your space without having to bother you much since they are generally cool and not disturbing. In addition, they don’t require daily walks or grooming and are usually happy to hang out with you while you study.

Top best low maintenance pets for college students

For college students, having low maintenance pets can provide companionship and stress relief and teach valuable life skills without too great a pressure on care and maintenance. Here below you can check the list of low maintenance pets for college students:


aquarium fish
An aquarium with easy low maintenance pets is worth considering

Fish is an excellent choice of low-maintenance pets for college students. They require small spaces and generally low finance to keep. A small aquarium with a few fish can provide a calming effect, and watching them swim can be therapeutic.

Fish are relatively inexpensive to care for and only require feeding once or twice a day and a water change once a week. Therefore, consider having a small aquarium in your room if you need a cool pet.


low maintenance pets
Hamsters are great low maintenance pets

These are small, furry creatures that are easy to care for and classic low maintenance pets. They are nocturnal animals, so they are most active at night and among the best low maintenance pets. They are a perfect choice for students who are busy during the day so they can create companions during the night.

In addition, hamsters only need to be fed once a day and require a clean cage once a week.

These requirements are cheap and can easily fit into a student’s budget. Thus, hamsters can be the best fit if you prefer working through the night and need a companion.

Guinea Pigs

low maintenance pets
Regular cleaning is essential for any pet cage

Guinea pigs are social animals that enjoy interacting with their owners. They are easy to care for and require minimal space. All you need to do is provide a clean cage and offer meals twice a day, and you’ll be good to go.

An advantage of having guinea pigs is that they aren’t noisy, so you can be sure to have partners who won’t disturb you when you want to focus on your assignments.


These are among the best pets for college students. They offer companionship without the need for constant attention. Cats are independent animals that only require feeding once or twice a day, a clean litter box, and occasional grooming. You can consider adopting one if you don’t like doing much extra work in your free time.


pet birds
Canaries are stunning birds and easy to keep

Birds are social animals that can provide companionship for college students. They require small nests for housing and food supplies to keep them going. Some popular types of birds for college students include parakeets, cockatiels, and canaries.

These species are friendly and can make the best partners if you are a loner and prefer having time away from bustling social environments.

Choosing the right pet for you

Keeping low maintenance pets has a lot of benefits for college students. Whether it’s stress relief, companionship, or learning valuable life skills, a pet can be an excellent addition to a student’s life. With the top best low-maintenance pets for college students, it’s easy to find a pet that fits a busy college lifestyle.

Therefore, it is upon you to make a choice that will give you content and allow you to focus on personal development.

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