Maintain a fish tank with these 6 easy tips and tricks

23 Jun, 2021

Maintain a fish tank with these 6 easy tips and tricks

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If you are a pet owner and in particular a fish lover you may already have fish tank maintenance routines. It is always good to learn new elements of best practice on how to maintain a fish tank.  Here are 6 easy tips and tricks to help you care for your fish and their living environment.

6 Easy tips and tricks to maintain a fish tank

maintain a fish tank
Maintain a fish tank is with carefully managed routines and care and attention to the fish support systems.

Photo by Krys Amon

Having an aquarium and fish tank full of beautiful fish is an amazing hobby! You get to watch over and take care of these different species of fish that can be very awestriking to view. Plus it gives you some great responsibility of caring for fish, without the large hassle that may come with a dog or cat.

The best part is that you can have it in an apartment without worrying. However, you must maintain a fish tank by following certain routines.

Keeping fish is a responsibility

However, if you’re a beginner saltwater fish tank owner, you may be wondering what the best way to care for and maintain your aquarium is.

You don’t want to invest a lot of money into your new hobby and new pets just to see them die or have the tank break! Keeping fish really is a responsibility.

Fish tank maintenance is essential. Luckily, there are some great and easy tips to help you maintain your tank or aquarium, here are six!

Replacing water within the tank

One of the major and easiest ways to help maintain your tank is to get into the hobby, or understanding that you will have to change out the water quite regularly. This won’t be a daily thing, but it should be conducted at least once a week, to once every other week depending on need.

The changing of the water will help to ensure that you maintain the fish tank by keeping it clean. It’s just like with your room, or home, you would want to be living in a clean area that isn’t filled with dirt or carbon or other stuff laying around. The fish feel the same way, and it will help to lessen the amount of time you will have to clean the tank itself.

Observe the aquatic life In the tank

The easiest thing to do besides change out the water now and then is to observe the fish or aquatic life in the tank. Watching the fish to check all is ok is one of the most important ways to maintain a fish tank.

This should be done as a daily activity when you are feeding the fish, as you can see different signs coming from the fish or other life depending on how they eat.

If you see them not trying to eat, or being too aggressive towards other fish, it is an obvious sign that something is wrong. You need to investigate this further. Depending on what the problem is, getting it resolved could be easy.

Maybe the chemicals are unbalanced so that the fish aren’t getting the right amount of oxygen. Or perhaps they are taking in too many chemicals. Whatever it may be, the life in the tank will show if there is a problem and then you need to act.

tropical fish
Tropical fish need particular care

Photo by Jeffry Surianto

Test the tank’s water

Another thing that should be done frequently to maintain a fish tank, at least once a week if not more, would be to test the water of the tank. Again, the tank isn’t going to have just water in it. It will most likely have other chemicals added to help keep the tank clean.

Keep out the bad chemicals or matter that may enter the tank. This will help keep the fish alive. With everything in the tank working together, it is important to ensure there is a proper balance. This matters especially with the different chemicals floating within it. A comparable situation is putting chlorine in a pool.

To maintain a fish tank properly you need to check the water regularly to ensure it is clean water and it is safe to swim in. You want to ensure the fish have safe water that is not filled with too many chemicals. An imbalance may damage the life within. 

Having a quality filter and replacing it

The filter is a major focal point when you maintain a fish tank, as it is what filters the tank to ensure that the air and water within are clean and safe for the fish. This part should always work. Because without it the tank will get damaged, dirty, and the life within would possibly die.

You should check the filter every day, or at least every other day, to maintain a fish tank and ensure it is working well. Without the filter, many other problems will arise, and you would not want that to happen to your tank. The filter is easily one of the most important parts of the tank.

Check the tubing or other mechanical parts

Depending on what kind of tank you buy, there may be extra parts that come with it. These may include mechanical, moving, or tubing parts. Similar to the filter, you should ensure these are all working properly and are not damaged. Damage could cause a leak, other technical problems or worse.

Checking the tubes should be done as often as you check the filter to maintain a fish take. If you fail to check them and damage occurs it could cause a leak, which could drain the water, or not pump the right things into the tank, eventually killing off the aquatic life, or leaking out all the water not leaving anything within it. 

tropical fish in a tank
Choose fish life carefully when combining fish types

Photo by Fahad AlAni

Ensure the tank is kept at an optimal temperature

Finally, to maintain a fish tank the water should be kept at an optimal temperature. It mustn’t be too hot or too warm. Different fish require different environments to survive in. As a result, depending on the type of life you wish to place in your tank you will adjust the temperature. 

Ideally, you’d want to have a group or assortment of species that are happy living together. This way, the temperature should be maintained at a constant level.

Once you establish an ideal temperature,  check it once a day or every other day to ensure it is kept constant. This way you will have happy fish. 

Imagine it as if you are used to your house being 76 degrees every day. Then all of a sudden your AC breaks at its 100 every day. Doubtless, you’d get upset and want it fixed immediately. You wouldn’t be able to stand the temperature. The life inside the tank feels the same way.

A final note on how to maintain a fish tank in great condition

There are many tips and tricks to keeping your fish tank in great condition. Regular checks help to maintain it without the worry of it breaking or of the life within dying. Some of these tips are quite obvious. Yet others can be challenging, especially to new aquarium caretakers. 

Keep these in mind when you buy your next tank. Get into the pet owner hobby of owning a small aquarium within your home. Be sure to check its water constantly, while making sure the life within is happy. Above all ensure all parts of the aquarium are working correctly.


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