Maintain the AC while away-7 Top Tips

30 May, 2023

Maintain the AC while away-7 Top Tips

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More and more homeowners are using air conditioning units in their homes. But the use can be occasional and the maintenance even more sporadic. In this article we offer you 7 Top Tips on how to maintain the AC even while you are away on holiday. Read on to learn more.

Maintain the AC while away or on holiday – It is really important

maintain the AC
Managing the AC while you are away helps you keep a temperature controlled environment without worries of pests or humidity and the problems they can cause

It’s vacation time! You’ve planned your travel, packed your bags, and you’re ready to relax. But, there’s one more thing that needs to be on your checklist— you need to maintain the AC (air conditioning) unit. Most people don’t think twice about their AC unit while away on vacation, but a lack of maintenance can lead to unwanted surprises upon return, such as high energy bills, reduced unit lifespan, or worse, a complete system breakdown. 

This article will explore seven reasons why it’s crucial to maintain your AC unit while you’re away.

1. Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns

In a region like Colorado Springs, where temperatures can soar, your AC unit plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable home environment. However, neglecting its maintenance can lead to unwanted and unnecessary breakdowns. So, scheduling an AC repair or a routine check-up before you leave is of paramount importance.

Companies specializing in AC repair in Colorado Springs, CO, often provide comprehensive maintenance services that ensure your unit runs efficiently, even when you’re away. This preemptive approach helps you avoid any potential mishaps and ensures a comfortable homecoming.

2. Enhance Energy Efficiency

air quality at home
An air conditioning unit can help you manage the air quality at home, if it is well maintained

Leaving your AC unit to run on full blast during your vacation isn’t the best choice for energy conservation or your utility bills. Instead, consider adjusting the thermostat a few degrees higher than usual. 

This way, your AC unit won’t work as hard, improving its energy efficiency and decreasing your electricity costs. However, it is important to maintain the AC with regular maintenance checks. They will boost energy efficiency, and AC technicians can rectify any issues that might be causing your unit to consume more power than necessary.

3. Increase Lifespan Of The Unit

Just like any other machine, your AC unit’s lifespan is significantly influenced by its maintenance routines. While it’s designed to last several years, constant usage without appropriate maintenance can lead to premature wear and tear, significantly reducing its lifespan.

By taking steps to maintain the AC, like changing filters and scheduling regular service checks, you ensure your unit functions well for a longer period.

4. Prevent Mold Growth

When you’re away on vacation, especially in humid climates, your home could become a breeding ground for mold if the AC isn’t running as it should. Some people turn off their AC because they are afraid of the ac unit maintenance cost and the running costs when they are away. Take head. Not managing your AC can lead to mold growth.

Mold growth isn’t just a nuisance—it can lead to severe health issues. By setting your thermostat to a comfortable temperature, and making sure that your AC is running optimally before you leave, you can prevent the conditions that promote mold growth.

5. Peace Of Mind

keeping cool this Summer
An air conditioner can be a good investment if you live in a warm climate, but you must maintain the AC unit

There’s a sense of peace that comes with knowing you maintain the AC unit and it is working efficiently. It means one less thing to worry about while you’re on vacation and when you return home. So, before you jet off, take the time to tick off AC maintenance from your to-do list.

6. Uphold The Warranty

Many homeowners don’t realize that regular maintenance is often required to uphold the warranty of the AC unit. AC manufacturers typically require regular maintenance as a condition of their warranties to ensure that any breakdowns are not due to neglect. 

Neglecting maintenance could mean a voided warranty, which could lead to costly repairs or replacements out of pocket if the unit fails. Thus, scheduling a check-up with your trusted local AC service provider before your vacation is a smart move to preserve the warranty.

7. Avoid Pest Infestations

Your AC unit, especially the outdoor component, can become a cozy shelter for pests. This is especially true when you don’t use it regularly. From insects to small rodents, a variety of pests can infest the unit, leading to damage that can affect its functionality. Regular maintenance ensures that the AC unit is clean and free from such unwelcome intruders. So it is important to maintain the AC even while you’re away on holiday.

Hire a professional to check and maintain your AC unit

By having a professional check your unit before you leave for vacation, and keeping up with your hvac maintenance you can help ensure that you won’t come home to an infestation that could take time, effort, and additional costs to resolve.

How to maintain the AC while you’re away in summary

Taking the time to maintain the AC unit before you go on vacation is a worthwhile endeavor. You could also learn how to how to clean air conditioner units. You might ask yourself is it necessary to service ac every year? Find out what the manufacturer’s recommended routine maintenance schedule is and certainly stick with that to maintain your warranty, just in case.

A proactive stance not only helps you avoid potential breakdowns but also ensures your home stays comfortable, increases energy efficiency, extends your AC unit’s lifespan, prevents mold growth, and provides peace of mind. 


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