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Maintaining your roof – Some essential top tips

1 Mar, 2021

Maintaining your roof – Some essential top tips

Every house owner dreads the crunch point when they need to rebuild their roof. A new roof will likely cost 10s of thousands to rebuilt if serious damage is allowed to occur. It is far better to ensure you run checks so you are maintaining your roof over time, than to wait until you need an overhaul. Here are some top tips on keep your roof in good condition with regular checks and repairs.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

maintaining your roof
Old roofs need regular maintenance

Problems with the roof are among the most serious that can occur on a property. For this reason, it is worth doing everything that you can to reduce the risk of this occurring in your own home. There is plenty that you can do, but many people simply overlook these actions, which can be enormously problematic. So, here are just a few top tips to put into practice yourself, to keep your roof in great condition:

Inspect Your Roof for Signs of Weakness or Damage

Before you head out to inspect your roof, you need to know all about the types of issues that you are looking for in the first place. First of all, you should be looking for any clear and obvious signs of leaking. You should also keep an eye out for rotting in the framework, misplaced slates or tiles, and damaged guttering. If possible, inspect the roof from the ground level. If you are planning on climbing up there yourself, you need to ensure that you do so with the highest level of care.

Maintaining your Roof – Get a Safety Survey

maintaining you roof
Get a professional to do a safety survey

If you want to secure peace of mind that nothing is wrong with your roof, you can get a safety survey. Ultimately, the professionals will give you more information than you could discover yourself. If you want to be protected, you can look into getting roof insurance. Some of the potential causes of damage can come from large trees with overhanging branches. Anything else that overhangs your property is a risk too.

Check Your Gutters for Signs of Blockages

When there is a heavy downpour outside, you will rely on your gutters to direct water away from your property. Ensuring you have gutters in good working order is essential in maintaining your roof. However, if they are all clogged up with dirt and debris, they are not going to be able to do their job effectively. Therefore, you need to check out your guttering to see if there are any blockages. You should get into the habit of making sure that they are cleared out on a regular basis. You may well end up being surprised by how quickly they can get clogged up again.


Insulate Your Roof for Even More Protection

You may be surprised by just how effective proper insulation can be when it comes to protecting and maintaining your roof. It also has the added advantage of ensuring that your home is energy efficient. It will help you to keep as much heat inside as you possibly can. So, if this is a job that you have been putting off for a while, now is the time to to get it done.

If your roof goes wrong, this can end up being a hugely costly and time-consuming task to fix. So, taking all the necessary preventative steps will certainly go a long way to preventing major issues from occurring. These are just some of the things that you could be doing to minimise issues with your roof. Keep a watchful eye and do regular checks.




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