Make a bedroom comfortable and cosy – Here’s how

8 Jul, 2021

Make a bedroom comfortable and cosy – Here’s how

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As a homeowner there is nothing better than returning to a welcoming comfortable home after a hard day at work.  Even better is when your bedroom is exactly how you want it. Many people want to make a bedroom more comfortable and cosy. Here are some top tips to help you do just that.

Design tips And tricks to make a bedroom comfortable and cosy

make a bedroom more comfortable and cosy
Choose soothing calming colours when you decorate your bedroom

“Add elements that will calm your space and soothe your soul.” 

Our minds and bodies need to rest after a long day, and it is on us to create a comfortable space for the required relaxation. Your bedroom should be your cosy oasis since it is a very personal space. When you return to your room after work, you should be able to have quality rest. Our bedrooms are probably the most important places where we can recharge, reset, and get ready to face the day, and that’s one reason why it should emit a feeling of comfort, cosiness, and warmth. How can you make that happen design-wise? If you’re planning to overhaul your bedroom or simply looking to add some soothing elements to it, this article will help you discover a few design tips and tricks to make your bedroom more comfortable and cosy.

Create Magic with Lights

The way you utilize the lighting in your bedroom can change its entire vibe. There are plenty of ways to make your bedroom look super cosy just by playing with the light settings. However, not all kinds of lights will help you do so. The lighting that you use in it must not be harsh on your eyes. Many interior design experts believe that there must be at least three sources of light illuminating a space. However, the main source of light must not shine downright on you while you are preparing to sleep. After dark, it is best to incorporate low and soft light. You can easily change the ambiance of your bedroom by incorporating soft ceiling lights, footlights, and bedside lamps. With that said, the best source of light will always be natural light. If you can, try using that to your advantage.

Rugs, Pillows, and All Things Soft

Adding softness to your bedroom is probably the best way to make it feel cosy. You can also use a number of things to make your room more inviting. Having a plush rug on the sides of the bed will accentuate the welcoming texture of your bedroom. It also gives practical warmth. In addition to this, if your floor has multiple coverings, it is great to feel the soft surface touch your feet first thing in the morning or last thing at night. If laying down carpet all across the room is not suitable, you can opt for smaller rugs or small sheepskin.

You can make your bedroom look plush by changing the look and feel of the main element of the room. The more plush your bed looks, the more you’ll be inclined to dive right in its cosiness. When a cooling memory foam, according to the experts at, combines with a pocket spring system, your body receives optimal rest throughout the night. It helps redistribute heat and offers pressure relief. With that said, pillows can add cuteness to your bedroom in addition to comfort and cosiness. You can have any number of pillows on your bed because they are as decorative as much as they are comfortable.

make a bedroom more comfortable and cosy
Choose warm earthy colours to welcome you home

Natural Elements and Calm Colors 

We all feel at home when we are close to nature. Although you can’t live in the heart of a forest, you can use flowers and decorative plants to breathe life into your bedroom. In addition to this, flowers can bring synchronicity to the color scheme of your bedroom and add more flare to it. With that said, wood can be used to add a sense of warmth to your space. If you can’t do something as elaborate as board cladding or wood panelling, you can imitate true wood with wallpapers. The type, furnishing, and accents of the wood can decide the level of cosiness that can be felt in your bedroom. Add simple touches of wood wherever panelling or wallpaper cannot be used. With that said, it is best to choose calm, soothing colors and patterns in your resting space. Bold colors do not bode well in bedrooms. You should select neutral tones and incorporate intimate textures to add a welcoming feel to it. 

A final note on making a bedroom comfortable and cosy

To conclude, let’s discuss the takeaways from this article. In brief, the way to make a bedroom comfortable and cosy is to create a space that can help you rest and relax. You can experiment with the lighting in your bedroom to create a cosy environment. Try to use soft lights to help you prepare to sleep. To make it really cosy, decorate it with sheepskin, rugs, carpets, and soft surfaces that you like to touch and look at. Pillows and a comfortable mattress play an important role as well, choose the materials that best suit you. And most importantly try to choose soft colors and lighter tones for your bedroom. They are gentler on the eye and help you relax. Then add flowers to breathe life into your inner sanctum make it a lovely space.


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